Vibratex Classic Rabbit Pearl

The Vibratex Classic Rabbit Pearl is made from elastomer, which is hypoallergenic and phthalate-free. It has a bit of a smell, not bad, just interesting. The soft Barbie pink material is pleasant to touch and easy to clean. Bonus! With about 5” of insertable length and a diameter of 1.125”, the Rabbit Pearl is 7¾” long.

The Rabbit Pearl uses three C batteries, so off the bat I knew I was dealing with some serious juice compared to the AA and AAA’s of your standard vibrator. That was definitely exciting.

Well, I couldn’t wait for the Rabbit Pearl to come…so to speak. My man was out of town when it arrived, but we fired that baby up over the phone. Make sure your roommate isn’t home as this toy is noisier than the average bear, though perhaps not the average rabbit. I could barely hear him over the motor! However, all he heard were my moans and gasps of pleasure.

Inserting the Rabbit Pearl was a pleasurable experience. The shaft has a firm, yet giving feel and the head is nicely shaped. I immediately loved the corded remote. I was able to insert the Rabbit Pearl then just lay back, relax and enjoy. (Not to mention how much fun my man has when he takes the controls and enjoys the show!)

The corded remote on the Rabbit Pearl has two separate dials, one for the gyration of the shaft and one for the clit stimulator. The dials are side-by-side and raised. The controls slide smoothly back and forth, which makes them very easy to work. The cord is 23” long, so it gives you or your partner plenty of room for play. The remote itself is 7” long and round, and with the batteries inside it sits nicely and heavily in your hand.

It takes some time to figure out the right position for the best internal and external movement, so be patient. Once you sort it out you can really appreciate the power settings from mild to earth-shattering orgasm!

When I first put the Rabbit Pearl inside me and switched it on, I was quite surprised by the gyration motion compared to the typical vibration. I could feel the shaft moving around inside me like a very long, very thick finger. Every time it pressed up against my G-spot I was in heaven. I couldn’t stop squirming around on the bed. The rotating pearls at the base automatically caused my muscles to clench down, which made my orgasm more intense. The sensation was amazing.

The ears on the Rabbit Pearl are so soft and pliable, I was doubtful they could do much…until I turned them on. Wow! The super fast light flicking motion drove me crazy. I practically lost control.

Just writing this review makes me want to grab my Rabbit Pearl out of my toy box and go to town. While I’m not new to the world of vibrators, I was a Rabbit Pearl virgin. I’m so glad I’m not anymore. The Rabbit Pearl is an entirely new experience. It knocked my socks off!

Rabbit Pearl Pros:
– Corded remote
– Dual Stimulation

Rabbit Pearl Cons:
– Takes some practice
– Loud

To sum up, I really love the Rabbit Pearl. I love the corded remote for ease of use. I love that I can adjust the intensity of the clitoral stimulating ears independently from the gyrating shaft. It is a bit on the loud side but the sensations it creates far outweigh the loudness of it.

The Rabbit Pearl is the right size for beginner and advanced users alike and with the multi-function use of dildo, shaft gyration, and clit vibrator; you get a big bang for your buck. I highly recommend it!

Get your Vibratex Rabbit Pearl today!

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