Toyfriend Seti

The Seti Toyfriend comes from the second generation of Toyfriends, the Power Toyfriends. According to Toyfriend, this generation is stronger and bolder than the previous one, “part of the family, just a bit more grown up.” As I don’t have a first generation Toyfriend, I cannot provide any feedback on that statement.

Like the other Toyfriends, Seti is bright in color and funky in design. It is a vivid blue and looks like a satellite dish atop its chunky handle. It is just unusual and cute, something Toyfriend is known for. Seti is a clit vibrator, for external use only. The first thing I noticed is that it is huge, much larger than I was expecting for a clit vibe. Seti is 7″ long and 1 1/4″ in diameter. Its little pointy clit stimulator sticks out a bit more than 1/2″ from the center of its satellite dish. As you can see from the included image, Seti is actually bigger than my Curvy Yellow Toyfriend, which is an insertable. I was totally surprised by this. I expected Seti to be much smaller and more discreet. However, its size does make Seti very easy to use.

According to its packaging, Seti was designed around the world and is produced in China. Usually silicone is a total lint magnet, but Seti is made of a very slick silicone that does not collect hair, dust, or lint. Everything just slides right off. Love it! This makes Seti easier to clean than most of my other silicone vibrators. Seti’s silicone is also latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic and body-safe, which makes it a great option for most users. Seti’s design assures it truly is waterproof. Though the battery compartment is in the base of the vibe and the base screws on like many of my other vibrators, Seti has quite a few more threads to screw on making the base very secure. This is one battery run toy I don’t get paranoid about in water. Speaking of batteries, Seti runs on two AA batteries and they are included! Another thing to love about the Seti.

Tickler, the company that makes the Toyfriend line, recommends using water-based lubricant with Seti, as silicone products should not be used with silicone lubricants and oil-based lubricants can also damage the surface of the toy over time.

Seti’s packaging is a simple and attractive cardboard box with the vibrator itself held within a plastic clamshell inside the box. This does keep the packaging from being discreet as you see the toy easily, not to mention, the box says “I VIBRATE” on both sides. No matter how clueless someone is, there is a strong chance they’ll figure out Seti’s purpose if its discovered in its packaging. Seti, like all the Toyfriend vibrators, comes with a plastic mount that allows it to stand up on its own. This is a great if you want to keep Seti out on display or standing up on your bedside table. If you prefer to be more discreet, the stand would be great to store your Seti on a shelf in a cabinet. Either the box or clamshell can be used for storage as well, depending on your space requirements.

With its one push button control, using Seti is a snap. Push firmly on the button to turn Seti on and to cycle through Seti’s two levels of vibration and three pattern modes. Push and hold the button down for two seconds to turn Seti off at any point. One odd thing about the Toyfriend vibrators is that they start on the higher of the two vibration levels, which can be a bit surprising if I happen to forget. This button has great feedback and needs to be pushed firmly enough that I don’t hit it accidentally during use.

Seti’s vibrations are very similar to that of Curvy Yellow, moderate in strength and depth. They are not the rumbliest vibrations in town, nor are they terribly buzzy, but somewhere in between. Seti has two levels of steady vibration and three pulsation patterns. The pulsation patterns all run at the higher level of vibration.
1. Higher level straight vibration
2. Lower level straight vibration
3. Strong one pulse pattern buuuuzzzz buuuuzzzz
4. Faster pulsation buuzz buuzz buuzz
5. Fastest pulsation buz buz buz buz

In actual practice Seti is simple to use. The handle is easy to hold and most of the vibration is centered in the head and neck of the vibrator so my hand doesn’t go numb. The vibrations are somewhat diffused throughout the satellite dish, which can be a little frustrating at times. However, this is great for stimulating the nipples and labia. Seti’s neck is quite flexible, bending back and forth which is both good and bad. It’s great to be able to get just the right angle, but then the neck tends to bend when I want to apply pressure to my clit so the little satellite dish nose isn’t always as pinpoint as I’d like.

Toyfriend Seti Pros:
• Great looks
• Silicone
• Comes with batteries
• Flexible head

Toyfriend Seti Cons:
• Slightly diffuse vibrations
• Flexible head

While I don’t love Seti as much as I love my Curvy Toyfriend, I do like it. Seti is waterproof, made of that special Toyfriend super sleek silicone, and downright funky. After all, who doesn’t want to masturbate with a teensy satellite dish?

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