Tantus Little Secret Touch

So Tantus recently put out the their Little Secret line, five adorable little vibrators in cute colors. These vibes are made up of two parts. They each have a rather large vibrating bullet and a squishable silicone sleeve that fits tightly over the bullet. Essentially, you get two toys for the price of one.

The Tantus Little Secret Touch, with the sleeve on, is 4 1/4″ in length, with 3 1/4″ being insertable, and 7/8″ in diameter. The vibrating bullet is quite a bit larger than a typical bullet, as you can see from the pictures. I like the larger size because I find it easier to hold and maneuver than smaller bullets. It also does not numb my hand like some bullets I have. It is one speed that is operated by a soft purple push button, one click for on, one click for off. The button requires some serious pressure to turn the vibrator on and off, which works well during play. The Little Secret Touch bullet runs on one LR1, 1,5 volt battery. I believe it is an N battery. Then you’ve got the sleeve which is made from Tantus’ typical shiny, plush silicone in a shimmery peacock blue. It easily picks up lint but feels so good against my clit. Approximately 3/4 of the sleeve is hollow, allowing you to insert the bullet, while the tip is solid silicone. This solidness carries the vibrations very well through the flat tip of the Little Secret Touch to my body.

Tantus’ soft silicone is a great material for sex toys because it is super easy to care for and clean. You can easily, well somewhat easily, strip the sleeve from the bullet and wash it with soap and water, use your favorite toy cleaner, spritz it with a 10% bleach solution, or pop it in boiling water for three to five minutes. The bullet itself has an O-ring and is water resistant, so it is fine being washed in the sink or cleaned with toy cleaner. However, I would not submerge it completely because it really isn’t waterproof. Also, it is plastic, not silicone, so it cannot be boiled or cleaned with bleach. You can wipe it down with rubbing alcohol to kill off any itty bitty germs, but it cannot be sterilized like the silicone sleeve can, so if you are going to be sharing your Touch, you may want to slip it inside a condom.

Be sure to keep your Little Secret Touch out of your bottom. Tantus makes many great butt toys, such as the Ryder, the Ripple, and the Zing, but the Little Secret Touch is not one of them and there is nothing to keep it from slipping away and disappearing inside your bottom.

The lush silicone of the Little Secret Touch has a fair amount of drag so you may want to use lubricant with it. Remember to use water-based lube as silicone-based lubricant can react with silicone toys and cause the silicone to break down. I find my own lubricant is more than sufficient to create the slippery slidey wonderfulness that goes with Tantus silicone. While you can insert the Little Secret Touch, it just doesn’t do much for me internally. I prefer more length and girth for an internal sex toy. However, it is just perfect for use on my nipples, labia, and clit, and the solid head of the tip feels luxurious against my skin.

The only problem with this vibrator is that I have had a difficult time getting off with the Little Secret Touch. Lately, however, I have been having some health issues and my sex drive has been unusually low, so maybe it is just me. One of the reasons I wanted this particular Little Secret was I thought it would be good for headaches, The Tantus site even agreed with me! The soft, flat head looked perfect to use against my temples and the back of my neck. With all the headaches I have been having, I thought this little vibrator could serve a dual purpose. I was right. It fits nicely against my temples and the vibrations are so quiet I can use it during a headache.

As for the vibes on my clit, they are on the buzzier side but not super buzzy. In fact they are far less buzzy than any other bullet I own. They are also surprisingly strong considering the size of the Little Secret Touch. As I mentioned above, the vibrations are very quiet. In fact I can use this vibrator under the covers and My Man doesn’t hear a thing while he’s laying next to me.

The packaging of the Little Secret Touch is the traditional Tantus plastic packaging, with a feminine black, white, and silver design on the sides. It is cute and secure. I damn near broke a nail trying to free the vibrator! The vibe comes in a plastic clamshell inside the box and one battery is provided. It is already inside the bullet with a piece of paper you must remove before being able to turn the Little Secret Touch on. Thanks, Tantus!

Tantus Little Touch Secret Pros:
• Quiet
• Discreet
• Cute
• Good for headaches

Tantus Little Touch Secret Cons:
• Difficult to find battery
• Doesn’t quite do it for me

All in all, the Tantus Little Secret Touch is a sweet little bullet. I love the cute silicone sleeve, from the peacock blue color to the firm yet squishy head. It makes this little guy a cut above the others. Would I like the vibrations to be more powerful? You betcha. Would I like them to be more rumbly and deep? Sure. However, considering their quietness and the size of this vibrator, am I going to complain? Nope. I am just going to enjoy the relaxing vibrations to tease my clit and ease my headaches, and if they don’t get me off so much, doesn’t mean they won’t work for you. I do recommend this vibe to all you lovers of bullets out there.

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