Tantus Delta

Last week I fell in love with the Tantus Cush Dildo. This week I’m reviewing another Tantus product, the Tantus Delta from FunWares.

The Tantus Delta is a vibrating dildo with an unusual shape. It has an insertable portion and an external portion, like a rabbit vibrator. It’s a bit different from a traditional rabbit vibrator because neither part moves but rather transmits vibrations from the included bullet vibrator that fits into the bottom of the dildo. The Tantus Delta is definitely on the small side at 5″ long with approximately 2.5″ insertable, and a diameter of .75″. This makes it great for beginners and those who prefer smaller sex toys. As you can see in one of the images, it’s quite soft and very flexible.

Made of 100% Ultra-Premium Platinum Silicone, the Tantus Delta is latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. It is super easy to care for and clean. You can use your favorite sex toy cleaner, warm water and antibacterial soap, or a 10% bleach solution. You can also wash it in the top drawer of your dishwasher without soap or boil it for 3-5 minutes, just be sure to remove the vibrating bullet. As the Tantus Delta can be sterilized with bleach or by boiling, you can share it between non-fluid bonded partners.

It is generally best to use water-based lubricant with the Tantus Delta as silicone-based lube could have a negative chemical reaction with the silicone of the Delta and cause it to become tacky. You can always do a patch test at the base of the Tantus Delta to see how your silicone-based lubricant and the vibrating dildo will interact. I have not done so as I just prefer to use water-based lube with my silicone sex toys.

The Tantus Delta comes in the typical Tantus packaging, a flexible, see-through plastic box. This box is not at all discreet as it is see-through and says, “The World’s Best Soft Toys For Adults” on it. So, it may not be best to leave it laying around. The box is ok for storage but not great as it takes up quite a bit more room than the actual Tantus Delta and isn’t the sturdiest thing in the world. You may be better off using a toy storage pouch or plastic baggie.

You can use the Tantus Delta with or without the included vibrating bullet. The vibrating bullet is about 2.25″ long and 2.25″ in circumference. It comes with the three required LR44 batteries. I greatly appreciate this as these batteries can be a bit of a pain to find. This bullet vibrator is the exact same bullet that comes with the Tantus Zing. It can be tricky to slide the bullet in and out of the Tantus Delta so I recommend using a few drops of water-based lubricant to make the bullet easier to manage. As I always forget to do this and find myself constantly struggling to get the damn bullet out, I cannot stress this enough. The vibrating bullet is a one speed and is easily turned on and off with a small push button on the bottom of the unit. The vibrations from the bullet are high-pitched and buzzy, not my favorite type of vibration for clit stimulation.

The excellent Tantus silicone transmits the vibrations surprisingly well, though I do find them a bit too buzzy for my taste. The shape is good for g-spot stimulation though I wish the dildo was a bit firmer where it hits my g-apot. The .5″ base is great for thrusting. It is easy to hold on to and grip as well as making the Tantus Delta ideal for harness use.

I generally like Tantus sex toys so I had high hopes for the Tantus Delta, though I was uncertain about the shape. I figured it would either work really well or be a disaster. Lo and behold, it works great for me. I usually prefer toys with more girth but something about this shape just works. As I’m thrusting the Tantus Delta inside me I can feel the internal piece rubbing against my g-spot while the external piece rubs against my clit just right. The added vibrations add to these sensations and take everything to the next level. I think the vibrations might be too buzzy for constant contact with my clit but they work just fine for thrusting. There is enough vibration and rubbing stimulation to get me off without numbing my clit in the process because the contact is intermittent.

Tantus Delta Pros:
• Great silicone
• Unusual shape
• Fits my body well
• Good for those who like smaller sized toys
• Comes with vibrating bullet
• Can be used with a harness
• Not a dust magnet

Tantus Delta Cons:
• Bullet provides buzzy vibrations
• Bullet could be stronger
• Hard to find batteries

The Tantus Delta is made of a beautiful pearly pink silicone that is surprisingly not a dust magnet like some of Tantus’ silicone. Tantus makes high quality sex toys and I love that they are made in the U.S. I like the strange shape of the Tantus Delta and how it provides multiple types of stimulation by rubbing against my g-spot and my clit along with providing vibration. My biggest complaint about the Tantus Delta is the buzziness of the vibrating bullet. I’d prefer it came with a stronger bullet with deeper, rumblier vibrations. However, it does get me off and is a successful, if unusual, rabbit vibrator.

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