Tantus Cush

For a while now I’ve been hearing all about dual density silicone and I have been very curious. So when the opportunity to review the Tantus Cush from Babeland came up, I jumped at it.

Amongst my dildos, the Tantus Cush is fast becoming a favorite. It is one of Tantus’ O2 dildos, which means it is dual density. There is a soft, squishy, plush layer of silicone over a firm inner core, giving the Cush a very different feel from other dildos. This top layer, which is a milky white, is extremely giving and squashable. The inner purple core is very firm Tantus silicone. It really does make the Cush feel unusual. It is giving to a point and then it just stops. This is meant to make it feel more like a real, live penis. The color is also quite fun with the dark purple silicone showing through the milky outer layer.

The Tantus Cush is 7″ long with a diameter of 1.75″. It has a pronounced coronal ridge and a significant ridge about midway down on the shaft. The head is slightly pointy but mostly made of the soft, squishy silicone so it’s not at all sharp. I just love how the soft silicone squashes in my hand. It’s like one of those squishy stress dolls. It’s just fun. The Tantus Cush has a thick and solid base making it perfect to use with a harness. This base also makes anal play possible as it will keep the dildo from slipping too far into the anus. Always be sure to sterilize the Cush when switching from anal to vaginal play.

The Tantus Cush comes in the typical Tantus packaging, a clear lightweight plastic box. You can easily see the dildo inside the box so it’s really not good for hiding it away. It isn’t the most sturdy box in the world and it does take up quite a bit more room than a storage bag or plastic baggie so it’s not the greatest box for storage, but it also isn’t the worst. Inside the box the Cush Dildo sits in a plastic clamshell. The clamshell in my box is obviously for a smaller dildo and also has a little place for a bullet vibrator. This is apparently a standard clamshell used for other Tantus products as well. I am not a huge fan of Tantus packaging, but I am a big fan of their sex toys, which is what’s important.

While this is an O2 dual density dildo, the Tantus Cush is still made of Tantus Ultra-Premium Platinum silicone. This high quality silicone is latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. The Tantus Cush is completely odorless and tasteless and can be easily cared for and cleaned. Like other silicone products you can wash it with warm water and antibacterial soap, your favorite sex toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution. As the Cush has no moving parts, you can also boil it for three to five minutes and wash it in the top drawer of your dishwasher (without soap). This makes the Cush very versatile and easy to use between partners, as well as both vaginally and anally.

I use water-based lubricant with the Tantus Cush as it is 100% silicone and therefore can react with the silicone-based lube. However, you can always do a patch test at the base of the dildo to determine if your silicone-based lubricant is compatible. If the Cush gets sticky or tacky, wash the lube off right away and stick with water-based. I find less drag with this dual density silicone than with traditional Tantus silicone, but I do still require lubrication. It just makes the Cush all slippery and slidey which generally feels better.

I love how this dildo feels inside me. As I slowly thrust, I can feel the girth of the Tantus Cush gently spreading me and I really like this feeling. I feel the give of the top layer of squashy silicone and the firmness of the core beneath it. To me, sex toys always feel significantly different than a live penis but there is something more similar about the Tantus Cush. It doesn’t feel the same but it is definitely closer. I like to use the Tantus Cush inside me with a vibe on my clit, like the We-Vibe Touch, which is one of my favorite clit vibes. The fullness of the dildo inside me is a wonderful added sensation to the clit stimulation.

I know the coronal ridge on this dildo is designed for g-spot stimulation and I get quite a good amount considering the Tantus Cush is not a curved sex toy. However, I don’t get the same kind of stimulation I do from other toys that are curved. The mild g-spot stimulation I get when using the Tantus Cush is an added bonus but it’s not the primary sensation. Nonetheless, it does add to the overall greatness of this dildo. The squashy firmness, the fullness, and the g-spot stimulation all together create a variety of sensations that I really enjoy.

Tantus Cush Pros:
• Awesome dual density silicone
• Feels great inside me
• Girthy
• Mild g-spot stimulation
• Fun color and design

Tantus Cush Cons:
• Might be too girthy for some

Overall, the Tantus Cush is just a great dildo for me. I love the dual density silicone. The soft giving layer over the firm core feels wonderful and is quite different from my other dildos. I really am looking forward to trying more dildos like the Cush. Due to the girth of this dildo, the Tantus Cush is not for beginners and may require some warm up with a smaller dildo or vibrator. Even more advanced users may require some warm up if you are not accustomed to thicker sex toys. I do not need to warm up with something else first, I can go straight to the Cush as I do not find it too large and I enjoy the stretching feeling.

Pick up your own Tantus Cush at Babeland. If the you like the sound of the Cush but aren’t into the purple color and want something more realistic, try the Tantus Luke or the Tantus Adam. Both are from the Tantus O2 line with the amazing dual density silicone but are less fantastical in looks.

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