Shag Factory Flower Power

I’m not a huge fan of the traditional silver bullet. I find them boring and uninspired. However, I do like clever sex toys and bullets that are more unique interest me. I had seen these really cute Shag Factory Flower Power Bullets at ANE last year and have been curious about them ever since. PinkCherry Sex Toys was kind enough to send one to me for review.

The Shag Factory Flower Power Bullet is made by Lovehoney, a British sex toy company, and comes in three colors, pink, yellow, and purple. I have the pink one, which is called Love. The Flower Power is made up of two pieces. On the inside is a pink three speed waterproof bullet. On the outside is a pink silicone sleeve, which is covered in cute little raised hearts and flowers. I love that the sleeve is silicone because silicone is latex and phthalate-free, mostly non-porous, and hypoallergenic. As the three speed bullet is waterproof, it is quite easy to care for and clean. I find the easiest thing is to simply wash it with anti-bacterial soap under warm water. Of course, you can always use a sex toy cleaner if you prefer, or spray it down with a 10% bleach solution. You can even remove the sleeve and boil it for three to five minutes or wash it in the top drawer of your dishwasher with no soap.

This is assuming you can actually get the sleeve off, which seems almost impossible to me. The Shag Factory Flower Power Bullet comes with the required three LR44 batteries which are already in the pink bullet. The bullet also has a a piece of paper in it which keeps the vibrator from turning on until you remove it. It is insanely hard to even fold the sleeve up to unscrew the bottom of the bullet. The sleeve is super thick and sturdy, which is a good thing until you want to manipulate it. Once I finally got the sleeve partially up so I could unscrew the bullet and remove the paper, I had the hardest time sliding it back down, especially because I kept accidentally turning the vibrator on. I never got it as snugly on as it was when I opened the package, but there is only so much tugging and pulling one can do.

The Shag Factory Flower Power Bullet is 2.6″ in length and 1″ in diameter. I suppose you could insert it if you want but that seems just pointless to me. This vibrator is best used to stimulate the nipples, labia, and clit. For me, it is just not an insertable. The small size of the Flower Power Bullet also makes it possible to use during penetrative sex with a partner.

As I mentioned before, the Flower Power Bullet requires three LR44 batteries, which are included. These are not my favorite batteries because I don’t have them laying about the house and they can be difficult to find. Nonetheless, they will last for about 80 minutes of use before needing to be replaced. If you ever burn out this bullet you might be able to use the sleeve on another one of the same elongated shape, but good luck getting the sleeve on!

There really isn’t a ton of drag with the silicone of the Shag Factory Flower Power’s sleeve and since I’m not using internally I really don’t need lube, my own lubrication is sufficient. Still, if you’d like it to easily slip and slide over your body, you might want to use a bit of lube. As the sleeve is silicone, be sure to use a water-based lubricant with the Flower Power rather than silicone-based lube.

The vibrations of the Shag Factory Flower Power Bullet are extremely buzzy and surfacey, not my favorite kind of vibration at all. I find these vibrations common with sex toys that use these little watch batteries. I find the first level too light to bother with, the second level is a lovely tease that I really enjoy, and the third level is so buzzy it almost hurts my nipples and clit. However, on the plus side it is easy to operate the Flower Power Bullet. The vibrator has a simple black push button on the bottom. You push the button to turn the vibrator on and off and to cycle through the three levels of vibration.

I really love the look of the Shag Factory Flower Power Bullet. It’s just adorable. It’s great that it’s waterproof and that it comes with batteries. I really like the texture of the silicone sleeve, especially the flower at the tip, which feels good against my clit. I appreciate the silicone of the sleeve and love that it is so easy to clean. What I don’t love are the vibrations. They are far too buzzy which makes it difficult for me to orgasm. My expectations of the Flower Power Bullet were probably too high, it is a bullet after all.

The packaging of the Shag Factory Flower Power is very cute and appropriate to the bullet. The vibrator comes in a small plastic pouch with decorations that remind me of the Austin Powers movie. I expect it’s supposed to make people of the sixties and it does a good job at doing so for me.

Shag Factory Flower Power Bullet Pros:
• Good texture
• Small enough to use during penetration
• Silicone sleeve
• Cute design

Shag Factory Flower Power Bullet Cons:
• Buzzy vibrations
• Sleeve is really hard to get off and on
• Hard to find batteries

The Lovehoney Shag Factory Flower Power Love Bullet is fun and cute. It’s compact so it’s easy to transport and use during sex. The silicone sleeve is easy to care for and is body-safe. The packaging is colorful and recyclable. The bullet is waterproof, which is always a good thing. Unfortunately, I just can’t get past the buzzy vibrations. I don’t enjoy them at all. I can’t imagine I’ll even use this little vibrator for 80 minutes, let alone replace the batteries. Still, it doesn’t take up much room and I like the looks so much I’ll hang on to it for now. If you like buzzy vibrations and bullets, the Flower Power is hard to beat when it comes to looks. You can find the Shag Factory Flower Power Love Bullet at PinkCherry Sex Toys. If you really like it be sure to collect all three colors as each one is slightly different.

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