Seven Creations Vibrating Orgasm Balls

They arrived quickly in some super discrete packaging and are part of the great range of love balls at temptations direct

The packaging is pretty standard really, it’s not overly fussy, just a box with a clear plastic panel to see the toy through, inside the box you the balls and the power-pack are wrapped in a sealed plastic wrap.

The vibrating balls consist of 2 gold colored plastic balls that are linked together by a wire and a power pack which has a wheel operated variable speed control.

The Orgasm balls take 2AA batteries which are easily slotted into the black power pack, and once the are in you simpy click the pack closed and then you are ready to go, turning the wheel turns the vibrations on/off and increases the speed, the further you turn the wheel the stronger/faster the vibrations are.

The balls are a good size they are about an inch across, this might sound quite large but they are actually about the same as most average sized dildos in width. They are smooth and gold in colour and as they are plastic they are suitable for use with all lubricants, when they are turned on they make very little noise at all.

The orgasm balls are suitable for anal and vaginal use which makes they perfect for both men and women, I personally preferred to use them vaginally, with one ball on the outside sat against my clit and the other on the inside against my g-spot, the wire is just long enough for you to be able to position the vibrating balls in this way.

The orgasm balls can be worn internally while you go about your day to day activities as they are large enough to stay in place quite easily. However, when they are turned on they are more difficult to keep in place, as you muscles have to work harder to hold them there. These are not weighted balls they are purely vibrating balls, so wearing them like kegal balls will not really do much to improve your pelvic floor.

I personally didn’t feel that the vibrations on the balls where all that strong, they are strong enough to feel nice when they are on full but on the lower settings I just didn’t feel very much, but I guess that is why they are lower settings

Something I did like is that rather than having 2 or 3 set speeds the speed of the vibrating orgasm balls is controlled by a wheel, this means that you can set the power at the exact level that you want.

These balls are not waterproof and as such they should not be submerged in water to clean them, I found that the easiest way to clean these was to spray them with a good quality sex toy cleaner and then use some paper towels to make sure that they are super sparkly and clean, ready for the next use.

Overall I thought that these Orgasm balls where ok, I tried them in a variety of ways and found the least obvious way to be the best, with one ball on the clit and the other on the G-spot, I found them easy to use both vaginally and anally, and been able to use them will all lubes a great point, I likes how variable the speed is, shame that they can’t be submerged for washing but they are pretty easy to clean with the spray.

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