Red Remote Control Egg

I was excited to try my first remote control sex toy from MyPleasure, the Red Remote Control Egg.

The Red Remote Control Egg is somewhat large compared to my other corded eggs. Measuring in at 3 1/2″ long and 1 1/4″ in diameter, with the receiver cord adding an additional 2 1/2″, the egg is actually larger than the remote control. The remote is 3 1/4″ long, almost 1 3/4″ wide, and a little over 1/2″ thick. Both are a metallic ruby red plastic with silver accents.

The cute little remote has an LCD backlit display screen, black and silver heart details, and three buttons. There is an on/off button, a + button, and a – button which make the remote control very easy to use. Simply press the on/off button to turn on the vibrating egg. Use the + button to scroll up through the vibrational patterns and the – button to scroll down. Press the on/off button again to turn the egg off. The backlight remains on for approximately three seconds after one of the buttons is pressed. The LCD screen has a small image of a satellite dish to show you are transmitting, as well as a very simplistic dot-based animation to indicate the pattern. It also displays the level number.

The Red Remote Control Egg did not come with any instructions, though both pieces are simple, self-explanatory and easy to clean.

Simply wash the egg gently with antibacterial soap and water or use your favorite toy cleaner. If you need to clean the remote control, best wipe it down with a damp cloth as it is definitely not waterproof. It’s not entirely clear if the egg is meant to be waterproof or simply water-resistant. It has a small O-ring that provides a good seal and I have washed it under running water. However, I would not trust the seal to keep out water if the egg were submerged but I’m cautious like that, even with some waterproof vibrators. It does come with batteries, which is a big plus as the remote takes a 23A 12V battery that may be tricky to find at your average drugstore. The egg itself runs on two AAA batteries, which are also included. Inside the egg, the batteries fit into a shaped cartridge attached to the top. I know I’ve said this before but I think all non-rechargeable vibrating sex toys ought to come with batteries.

The vibrating egg has 10 functions, three levels of straight vibration and seven patterns. Some of these patterns are a bit tricky to describe so here’s my best shot:
1. Straight vibration, low
2. Straight vibration, medium
3. Straight vibration, high
4. Pulse- single and fast: buuzz buuzz buuzz
5. Escalation- up and down
6. Pulse- 5 fast, 2 long: buuzz buuzzz buuuuuzzzzz buuuuuzzzzz
7. Pulse- 15 fast, 4 long: buuzz buuzz buuuuzzzz buuuuzzzz
8. Pulse- 4 faster, 1 long: buz buz buuuuuzzzzz
9. Escalation- up
10. Pulse- 1 long, 15 very fast: buuuuzzzz bz bz

MyPleasure’s website says the Red Remote Control Egg has a range of 25 feet. My Man and I found my vibrating egg to have a range of just over 27 feet while in direct line of sight. It works through a hollow core door; it works through a wall. However, it will not work through two walls or the door and a wall. When the egg is on and I go out of range it remains on. My Man cannot turn it off or change the pattern. Though he’d like more control (always), he likes that it doesn’t just switch off.

So, the other night we went to our favorite Szechuan restaurant with me wearing the Red Remote Control Egg. My Man thought it was terribly amusing to turn it on suddenly while I was driving, walking down the street, trying to decide what to eat. He was especially entertained by my little jumps and gasps while the waitress was present.

Needless to say, I find the egg very…ummm…distracting, in a good way. I’ve tried wearing it internally and externally, and I prefer it internally. The vibrations of the Red Remote Control Egg are very buzzy and surfacey. When I wear it in my panties and it gets In the wrong position it can become slightly irritating after a while, and it’s awfully embarrassing to have to adjust myself like a man! When wearing it internally, be careful as you remove it. Remember, the cord is not a retrieval cord but used to receive the remote signal so treat it gently.

The Red Remote Control Egg is slightly loud and very noticeable in a quiet room. However, it is discreet as long as there is some sort of background noise. Even worn in my panties it can not be heard in the car, at a restaurant, or walking down the street. I have not tried it in a library, but I’m thinking it would be just fine.

The biggest downside according to My Man is that the light goes out quickly and the only way to turn it back on is by cycling up or down to another level or turning the egg off and on again. He likes to know what level it’s on so he can torture me with the levels I like best. He’d prefer a button that would simply turn the light back on without changing the vibration pattern.

Red Remote Control Egg Pros:
• Hands and cord-free
• Easy to use
• Discreet

Red Remote Control Egg Cons:
• Buzzy vibrations
• Weird battery for remote
• Light goes off quickly

The Red Remote Control Egg does it’s job and does it well. Though it is a buzzy vibrator, it is discreet, hands-free, and easy to use. It works well for me as a warm up most of the time, though it doesn’t come close taking me over the edge. Thus destroying My Man’s fantasies about remotely controlling me to orgasm in some public and embarrassing way. I’m still unsure how I feel about that… I probably won’t play with the egg on my own. However, it is a fun couples vibrator and does some spice up otherwise standard events.

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