Pretty Love Bunny

There are a good number of sex toy manufacturers out there, and as a reviewer, I try to gain some experience with a wide variety of them. Having not run across Great Kingsland before, I was curious what their toys might be like. Having nothing else really new on my radar, it seemed like a good time to try out the Pretty Love Bunny carried by We Love Toys.

You know how you order something and even though you know what the measurements are before it arrives you are somehow surprised by the size anyway? That’s what happened with the Pretty Love Bunny. I pulled the box out of the padded envelope and thought, “How can the vibrator possibly fit in a box so small?” Yet it does, and do you know why? Because the Pretty Love Bunny is kinda tiny.

The Pretty Love Bunny is only 5″ from its base to the tips of its ears. It is made mostly of burgundy silicone and has an adorable little face with eyes and a nose. The silicone has a lovely silky feel to it and it does not attract lint like most silicone. The top half of the Pretty Love Bunny is bendy, while the bottom half, with the motor, is made of ABS. It has three ridges across its front that make gripping it easier and more comfortable.

The Pretty Love Bunny is waterproof which makes cleaning easy. I just wash it in the sink with antibacterial soap and water, but you can also use a sex toy cleaner. The silicone portion can be disinfected with a 10% bleach solution.

As there is very little drag with this smooth silicone I don’t require much, if any, lubricant. However, if you do use lube, be sure to use water-based lubricant rather than silicone-based. Silicone-based lubricant can cause a chemical reaction with the silicone of the Pretty Love Bunny damaging it and causing it to become tacky.

I prefer rechargeable vibrators because, in the long run, they are less expensive and better for the environment. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on batteries and find ways to dispose of them. Therefore, the fact that the Pretty Love Bunny is rechargeable makes me happy. It has a small charging port on its bottom that is covered by a removable silicone plug. This plug comes off completely. I don’t like this at all because it is very small and easy to lose. I discovered this because it popped off during my first charge. Losing this silicone plug would not exactly kill the waterproof factor of the Pretty Love Bunny but I would certainly not want to take it into the bath or shower with the port completely open.

As the Pretty Love Bunny does not come with a user manual, I really don’t know how long it takes to get fully charged. During charging, both the charger and the Pretty Love Bunny glow red and the Love Bunny goes dark when charging is complete. I charged mine for a few hours which did the trick. I have not run down the battery yet, so I’m not sure how long that takes. It will run down more quickly if you use it on the higher intensity levels.

The control panel is on the back of the Pretty Love Bunny and blends in well with the body. It is an oval shape with four button areas. These are not distinct buttons but is easy to press the control you want without hitting something else. The trick is getting the vibrator to do what you want. You actually have to press these buttons with such force to change settings, that I don’t think it’s possible to turn the vibrator off accidentally. You also may have issues with the force required to push the buttons during play. I have a very difficult time changing modes and intensity while I’m using the Pretty Love Bunny.

There are + and – buttons as well as up and down arrows. It took a few minutes to figure out how it works as there are no instructions. The up arrow turns the Pretty Love Bunny on and the down arrow turns it off. The plus and minus buttons scroll through the five levels of intensity. What’s weird is that when I turn the vibrator on it seems to be on the third level of intensity. I’ve never run across this before. Most vibrators start at the lowest level of intensity and I have a few that start on the highest, but the middle is just strange. I wouldn’t have thought to try to scroll down after turning the Pretty Love Bunny on, but it just seemed awfully strong for a low setting so I gave it a try.

If the website hadn’t mentioned that there are seven vibration modes, I would have totally missed the patterns. This is why we need manuals, people. Once you’ve set the Pretty Love Bunny on the level of intensity you want, you hit the up arrow to scroll through the seven pattern modes. To turn the vibrator off when you are in the pattern modes, press and hold the – button for a few seconds.
1. Long , slow pulse
2. 2 short then one long pulse
3. Medium pulse
4. Sets of 3 fast pulses
5. 3 short and 3 long pulses
6. Fastest pulses
7. Fast pulses

Just like with the weirdness of turning on at level three intensity, the Pretty Love Bunny’s pattern modes are in a kinda wacky order. I generally find similar patterns are grouped together and arranged by speed, which is not the case here. The order just seems wrong. I suppose this isn’t necessarily a problem, but I find it annoying anyway. Of course, I have more sex toys than any one person needs so I am getting pickier and pickier.

I find the Pretty Love Bunny to be loud for a vibrator of its size. This is not an issue for me, but I know it is for some. The frequency of the vibrations are not deep and rumbly, but they’re not really buzzy either. They feel sort of…light. I think this is partly because the little flexible ears are flicking against my clit as opposed to something solid being pressed against my body. Still, the vibrations are powerful, unexpectedly so. Without having a lot of pressure against my clit I need this added power and I think it will make many people happy.

How do I like the Pretty Love Bunny in use? I love the silky smoothness of the silicone against my skin. It’s versatile because I can use the ears to tickle and tease my clit and if I want more pressure, I can use the nose. The ears also feel great against my nipples and labia. They flick back and forth so quickly I can get pinpoint precision on my clit if I want. While I like the way the Pretty Love Bunny feels on my body, I don’t like actually using it that much because of the control panel. The layout is fine but you have to press so hard on the buttons to make a change that half the time I have to stop what I’m doing to hold it with both hands so I can get enough pressure on the buttons. Granted, I do have long nails and it’s possible this is part of the problem.

The packaging of the Pretty Love Bunny is simple and sweet. It comes in a very hard and sturdy small black box, which unfortunately is not discreet. It doesn’t say vibrator on it but it has an image of the Love Bunny on the front that sort of screams sex toy to me. Inside the box, the Pretty Love Bunny sits in a bed of molded foam and underneath this foam is the charger. I think the funniest part of this toy is the included storage bag. It’s a rough sheer black material that feels low end and it closes with a ribbon that says “sex toys” on it. Hilarious. I usually don’t single out the storage bag but this just cracked me up so much. What this packaging lacks is a user manual and I always find this irritating. I’m plenty experienced with sex toys and can figure out how they work pretty easily, but what about someone who is purchasing this as their first vibrator? Granted, it’s not rocket science, but why make it more difficult and uncomfortable for someone? Nonetheless, this box is really great for storage because it doesn’t take up a huge amount of space. You can also remove the foam and use it to store other things, multiple chargers (labeled), batteries, condoms, etc.

Pretty Love Bunny Pros:
• Strong
• Versatile
• Good shape
• Rechargeable
• Waterproof
• Very silky silicone
• Not a lint magnet

Pretty Love Bunny Cons:
• Difficult to change modes during use
• Loud
• Charging port cover comes off easily
• Starts on level 3 intensity
• Weird order on patterns
• No user manual

The Pretty Love Bunny has me conflicted. I like the way it feels but I don’t like the actual process of using it. I think the Pretty Love Bunny has some flaws with how its vibration modes are set up, but as I admitted, I am picky. I would prefer it start on the lowest level and ramp up from there and I would like the patterns to be more orderly. However, that’s really not a make it or break it issue. I also kinda hate the control panel. It’s just very difficult for me to press the buttons firmly enough.One of the big issues for me is that the charging port cover comes off so easily. That is a big no no. I know I’ve complained more than ever before about the lack of user manual, but I really think this vibrator needs one. Even if I like the vibrator, I’m not sure what good that is if it’s a pain in the butt to use. Still, it does have redeeming qualities, hence my indecisiveness. To a certain degree, the pros and cons cancel each other out leaving me to go with a middle of the road rating. You can find the Pretty Love Bunny at We Love Toys.

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