Bliss Massager

a few new vibrators. The Bliss Massager looked colorful and interesting, two qualities I adore in my sex toys. I really wanted to check it out and thanks to PinkCherry Sex Toys I had the opportunity to test drive the Bliss.

The Bliss Massager is a small vibrator that I would classify as a clit stimulator, meaning it is not designed to be inserted into the vagina, or anus for that matter. It measures 4.5″ in length and 2″ in diameter. It is lightweight and fits perfectly in my hand. It comes in two colors, black and burgundy, and white and pink. Both colors are attractive but I prefer my white and pink Bliss Massager. Kinda reminds me of Easter candy.

Made of ABS and silicone, the Bliss Massager is body safe and easy to clean. Most of the vibrator is made of white plastic but the tip of the Bliss is a pink, ribbed silicone and there is a pink silicone stripe that runs around its body. NS Novelties recommends using antibacterial soap and water for cleaning, but you can also use a sex toy cleaner. If you are careful you can use a 10% bleach solution on the silicone tip of the Bliss but I wouldn’t want to get bleach on the plastic body. If you want to use a bleach solution, I would suggest dabbing it on with a soft towel. There is a good amount of drag with the silicone tip, so I do recommend using lube during play. As the tip is really what touches your body, you’ll want to use a water-based lubricant. Silicone-based lubes can have a negative reaction with the silicone tip leaving it tacky. Fortunately, there isn’t too much of this silicone on the Bliss as the silicone that is on there does attract a lot of lint.

The Bliss Massager has two of my favorite features in a sex toy. It is waterproof and rechargeable. On the back of the vibrator, in the pink silicone, is the charging port. You can really tell the Bliss is waterproof by how firmly you have to push the charging pin into the port to secure it. When you pull it out, the silicone seals the hole up which is what allows it to be waterproof. As you can see from the images (or rather not see), the port is practically invisible when not in use. During charging, the control panel flashes red. The flashing stops when the Bliss is fully charged…or so it seems. There is no user manual included with the Bliss Massager so this is just what I’ve experienced. I charged my Bliss for two hours or so which seemed to fully charge it, though i don’t know if it arrived with much of a charge. I have yet to run the battery down so I really don’t know how long it will last before another charge is needed.

As I mentioned before, the Bliss Massager fits comfortably in my hand which makes it very easy to use. The control panel consists of a black silicone strip with three buttons, +, o, and -. The + button turns the Bliss on and increases the intensity of the vibrations. It also allows you to cycle up through the different patterns once you’ve changed modes. You press the o button when you want to switch from steady vibrations to patterns and back to steady vibrations again. The – button decreases the intensity of the vibrations, cycles down through the pattern modes, and turns the vibrator off. All three buttons are easy to press and have good feedback. You have to press on them firmly so you won’t change modes or intensities accidentally, just by brushing your finger across one of them.

The Bliss Massager has four levels of steady vibration and six patterns, which accounts for the 10 modes stated on the box. The different modes are as follows:
1. Steady vibration
2. Medium pulse
3. Fast pulse
4. Double pulse
5. Escalation
6. Dance Mix
7. Double pulse with escalation

The vibrations are quite strong but they are slightly buzzy; not horribly, but they are certainly not the deep, rumbly vibrations I prefer. I can feel the vibrations in my hand while using the Bliss Massager, which isn’t surprising considering its size. I don’t need to use it for very long before having an orgasm but I suspect those that do may fall prey to buzzy hand syndrome. The Bliss is on the quiet side but it has a weird high-pitched whine in certain modes and when switching between patterns that is rather annoying and louder than the vibrations themselves. I am not sure if it’s just my Bliss or if they all do this.

A totally unnecessary but fun feature of the Bliss is the LED light show it puts on during use. The LED strip down the center of the vibrator lights up when the vibe is on. It increases and decreases each time you increase/decrease the intensity. It also changes colors and flashes in time to each pattern. The only downside of this light show is that you cannot actually see it during use. Your partner might enjoy it though.

In use, the Bliss Massager is a decent vibrator, but not great. I don’t love the vibrations but I don’t hate them either. They aren’t my ideal kind of vibrations, deep and rumbly, but I still have no problem getting off with this vibrator. I enjoy using the Bliss for its shape, comfort, and ease of use but I wish it had better vibrations. They are not so buzzy my clit hurts or tingles but they’re a step in that general direction. Although the tip is ribbed, for what I assume is additional stimulation, I do not feel the ribbing against my clit or labia. The Bliss does a good job on my nipples, though it is draggy without lube, so at least it’s multifunction, which I like. One thing I love is that I can control the intensity of the vibration in each mode. I just increase to the level I want and switch to the pattern mode. A lot of vibrators don’t allow this and I think it’s a big plus.

The packaging of the Bliss Massager is very secure but indiscreet. The outer box has images of the vibrator on the front and back with a list of attributes. There is another box that slides out of this external box. This box has a lid with a plastic window that shows the Bliss. The lid lifts off to reveal the Bliss sitting in a foam cutout. There is a paper flap that hides the charger in its own foam cutout next to the Bliss. The only instructions are on the side of both boxes that tell you how to wash the Bliss and suggest using lubricant, as well as a little blurb on the back of outer box which shows you how to use the control panel. While these directions are sufficient for me, I would like a little booklet to be included. Not only would it be helpful for novice users, but I have no idea how long to charge the vibrator or how long the charge lasts because this information is nowhere to be found. I would applaud NS Novelties for not using the extra paper and going more green by printing everything on the boxes if there weren’t two of them.

Bliss Massager Pros:
• Comfortable in hand
• Can control strength of vibration in every mode
• Strong vibrations
• Easy to use control panel
• Lightweight
• Rechargeable
• Waterproof

Bliss Massager Cons:
• Slightly buzzy vibrations
• Weird high-pitched whine

There are some great things about the Bliss Massager that I expected to like and do. I always love a waterproof and rechargeable vibrator. I love that I can control the intensity of the vibrations in every mode, though it is slightly awkward to have to set the strength first then go into pattern modes. The comfort of the shape in my hand and the ease of use of the control panel make it a pleasure to use the Bliss. What dampens that pleasure is the buzzyishness of the vibrations and the annoying high-pitched whine of the motor. Even though the size might make the Bliss a good travel vibrator, the lack of a travel lock would make me hesitant to toss it into my luggage. Who wants to deal with a vibrating bag in the middle of a crowded airport or jump in the bath with your vibrator at the end of a long journey only to discover it has accidentally been drained of all its power? Head on over to PinkCherry Sex Toys to check out the Bliss Massager, and remember, they offer Free Shipping on your $49+ order.

Crave Duet Vibrator

The Crave Duet is a small, stylish clit vibrator. It measures 4.55″ long, 1.08″ wide, and .47″ thick and fits in the palm of my hand. Its attractive body is made of electroplated metal while its black or cerise tips are made of a very silky smooth silicone. Unlike many other silicone sex toys, this particular silicone does not seem to attract much lint. It also has almost no drag and slides smoothly along my skin. This means it requires only a small amount of lube during play, if any at all. I find my natural fluids are generally sufficient, though adding a drop or two of lube can create a much more slippery feeling, if that is something you enjoy. If you do decide to use lube with the Crave Duet, stick with water-based lubricant. Silicone-based lubricants can cause a negative reaction when combined with silicone sex toys, causing the silicone of the toy to become tacky. One thing I’d like to mention is that there is a thin seam all along the edges of the silicone tips. I can feel this seam with my fingers but I do not feel it against my body.

I have a ton of silicone sex toys, including many clit vibrators, but not all of my toys have such lovely silicone. The Crave Duet’s silicone reminds me of LELO’s in its soft silkiness. Of course, it is latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body safe. The silicone tips, as well as the metal body, are very easy to care for and clean, especially as the Crave Duet is waterproof. You can wash it with warm water and antibacterial soap, use a sex toy cleaner, or wipe the silicone tips down with a 10% bleach solution to disinfect them. Disinfecting the tips allows you to share your Duet amongst non-fluid bonded partners. Keep in mind that though it is waterproof, the Crave Duet is not mean to be inserted into any part of the body. It is for external use only. Not only is the Duet waterproof, but it’s been tested down to 100′. I’ve never used a vibrator while SCUBA diving but I guess it’s good to know I can.

Oh, and did I mention that for a small fee you can have your Crave Duet engraved? So. Freaking. Awesome. The Duet wins me over on its own merits, but the fact that it has my name engraved on it makes me love it that much more. I know, I’m weird. But, seriously, how cool is that?!

I really appreciate products made in the U.S. so I am happy to tell you that although the Crave Duet contains parts from Japan and China, it is assembled in San Francisco. Though it is more cost-effective to make sex toys overseas, assembling them locally allows Crave to keep an eye on quality control and gives me greater confidence in their product.

So, let’s discuss some of the changes Crave has made to the second generation Duet. First is power. In a surprising and unusual move, Crave actually decreased the intensity of the lowest setting on the Duet. Turns out that enough women found the pinpoint stimulation of the Duet too powerful, so Crave responded. At the same time, they increased the highest level of intensity by 25% so they can meet the needs of women on both ends of the spectrum. In addition to the increase and decrease in overall power, Crave added a turbo boost to its steady vibration mode, providing you with a little extra vroom when you need it.

Crave also listened to feedback about the design of the original Duet and has changed the tips on the second generation. The new tips are further apart at 4mm, compared to the original tips which had a 1mm gap. The tips also have rounder edges and a different shape on each side so they are asymmetrical. The front side of the tips is flat to “hug” the clit, while the back side is beveled to surround it. This gives you options for different sensations during play. I am always impressed when sex toy manufacturers seek out and listen to feedback from the end user and Crave seems to really have gone the extra mile. To see some of the other options they tested, check out the Crave blog.

Back to the power of the Crave Duet. It has dual motors, one in each tip. While I do have some other dual motor vibrators, most of them are rabbits, not clit vibrators. In this case, the Duet is somewhat reminiscent of the Jimmyjane Form 2. The main issue I have with the Form 2 is the annoying high-pitched whine that occurs when too much pressure is applied to its legs. I never understood there was an actual mechanical reason for this and that it really isn’t a glitch in the toy. I was fortunate enough to have a lovely conversation with Ti Chang, the co-founder and designer at Crave. Ti explained how dual motors actually work and how applying pressure constricts the motors, which is what causes that increase in sound. It simply is the nature of the beast. Constricting the motors can also cause them to run out of sync so it can feel as if you’re in a pattern mode when you’re actually not. I was so pleased to broaden my understanding of why these things happen.

Ti assured me that Crave has invested time and effort into minimizing this issue and alleviating the sound increase, and they’ve done a very good job. While the vibration does get louder when I apply pressure to the tips, this increase is far less significant than with the Form 2 and there is no change in pitch or an added whine. It just gets slightly louder. However, it’s still not loud enough to hear through a closed a door no matter how hard I squeeze on the tips. In fact, the dual motors of the Crave Duet are very quiet. I can use it under the covers without disturbing my partner next to me.

Since we’re discussing the motors, it seems like a good time to let you know the Crave Duet is powerful, surprisingly so for a vibrator of its small stature. I can easily get off without using it on its highest setting, and while I do appreciate the turbo boost and use it now and then, I don’t need it. Another thing Ti explained is that at times the steady vibration mode can feel more like a pulse mode because of the dual motors, especially if they get out sync. I was glad she pointed that out because it has confused me with other dual motor vibrators.

I have a handful of clit vibrators that have rumbly vibrations, so obviously it’s possible. Nevertheless, I am often surprised when I run across them because they are few and far between. I am happy to report the Crave Duet joins this elite group. Its vibrations are both deep and rumbly, not a buzz to be found. While I do feel the vibrations somewhat in my hand during play, practically unavoidable in a vibrator of this size, it is not uncomfortable or numbing like buzzy vibes can be.

The control panel is located on the bottom of the Crave Duet and consists of three buttons, +, -, and O. The buttons are pretty self-explanatory. The + button increases the intensity level while the – button decreases it. The O turns the Duet on and off and changes vibration modes. The Duet turns on right away when you press the O button, but you must press and hold to turn it off. To enter turbo boost, make sure you are on the highest level of intensity in the steady vibration mode and press and hold the + button for three seconds. To exit, press any button. The Crave Duet has a memory chip so it will start on the same mode it was on when you last turned it off.

The Crave Duet has four modes and four levels of intensity in each mode (five if you count the turbo boost). The modes are as follows:
1. Back and forth (alternating pulsation)
2. Dual pulsating (intermittent pulsation)
3. Wave (similar to roller coaster)
4. Steady vibration*
*turbo boost available on the highest intensity level of this mode only

The Crave Duet is a rechargeable vibrator, which I love. On top of that, it charges via USB which I find extra cool. I realize that some people may not feel comfortable having a sex toy plugged into their computer. What’s great about the Duet is that the metal body separates from the silicone tips and this is what plugs into your USB port, so it looks just like an overly large thumb drive. Nary a hint of a sex toy in sight. The pieces come apart very easily, you simply give a light tug. You just want to be very sure you reattach the two pieces tightly to maintain the integrity of the waterproof seal. I have also found that if I don’t reattach the pieces properly, they have a tendency to vibrate apart, which does not happen when they are snugly attached. If they do vibrate apart during play, the Duet will stop vibrating. The Duet’s LED will blink while charging and glow steadily when charging is complete. One important note- you must press the O button after plugging the Duet into your USB port to begin charging. Otherwise, it’s just sitting there looking pretty.

My Crave Duet arrived with a charge but I wasn’t sure how much it had and I was so overly excited to use it I didn’t read the info before plugging it straight into the computer. This will teach me to read instructions first. Ok, it probably won’t. Anyway, there is a little guide on the box that shows you how to determine the battery level. When you turn on the Duet, it will pulse to indicate how much battery life remains. Four pulses means it is fully charged, three means 75% full, two is 50% full, and one means 25%. A 1.5 hour charge should provide approximately two hours of play time. Of course, this will depend on what intensity level you’re using and how often you use the turbo boost.

After all of this information, you’re probably wondering how the Crave Duet is in use. It is fabulous. The vibrations are perfect for me, as is the power. In fact, I rarely use the Duet at its full capacity because the dual motors and shape of the tips provides such pinpoint stimulation. I think this will please many women, even those who require a significant amount of power to orgasm. The design of the tips is pretty brilliant and though I never tried the original ones, I am thrilled Crave went back to the drawing board. I really do feel a difference between the flat and beveled sides of the tips, though I cannot decide if I prefer one over the other. Both offer good sensations, just slightly different. I love this because it makes the Duet even more versatile. Sometimes I need different types of stimulation than other times and the different sides of the tips gives me more options than a regular old vibrator. My clit really does slip in between the tips which is quite intense.

I don’t notice a big difference between the two shapes on my labia. However, skimming the tips along my labia is a good way to warm up, or cool down if I’m getting overly excited too quickly, which happens easily with the Crave Duet. The tips are also wonderful on my nipples. I can drag it along them, allowing the beveled side of the tips to cup them or the straight side to slightly bump them. The different sides of the tips really do create different sensations on my nipples and clit. When I want to feel filled up or thrust with something, I can easily use a dildo alongside of the Duet.

I really like the packaging of the Crave Duet. The box is small and in the shape of a trapezoid. If it didn’t say “vibe” on the front it would be completely discreet. On the inside flaps of the box is information and images on how to use the vibrator along with some basic and useful information. Inside the box is a product safety card with some additional info. I really love that Crave is able to provide all the necessary information while keeping the packaging small and recyclable. Inside the box is a black leather, zippered pouch that stores the Duet. Inside the pouch is the Duet in a plastic sleeve and a little card with a small metal charm that has the website address engraved on it. The charm is a cute idea but I’m not really sure what I will do with it other than keep it in the storage pouch. I just don’t see myself wearing, but you never know. The storage pouch itself is great. It is good quality, solid, sturdy, and the perfect size for the Duet. It is way classier than any other storage pouch I have and I love that it zips securely.

My Crave Duet arrived wrapped in paper and ribbon, which I am happy to report is standard. No, it’s not necessary, but it’s a lovely touch that reminds me I’m dealing with a small, local company who does everything in-house. It feels like a little gift from someone with a personal interest in how I will respond to it, and based on the effort Crave puts into their testing and relationships with their users, I think they do have this interest.

Crave Duet Vibrator Pros:
• Great shape
• Dual motors
• Powerful
• Rumbly vibrations
• Quiet
• Turbo boost
• Rechargeable
• Can be engraved
• Silky silicone
• Easy to use
• Not a lint magnet

Crave Duet Vibrator Cons:
• Metal body gets fingerprinty

It has been a long time since I have loved a vibrator enough to give it 5 stars, since 2011 in fact. Congratulations to the Crave Duet for earning the first 5 star rating for a vibrator in over one year. What can I say? I love this vibrator. It has even replaced my previous favorite go to clit vibe, the We-Vibe Touch, which has been my fave for over 1 1/2 years.

There are just so many things I like. The Duet has a nice weight to it so it doesn’t feel flimsy, yet it’s not heavy in my hand. It is comfortable to hold and the control panel is easy to use and reach during play. This particular silicone is very silky and smooth against the skin and is not a lint magnet. It has a memory chip and lets you know how much charge is left when you turn it on so you don’t have to worry about it dying during play.

I really like the dual motors because even the steady vibration mode feels different from a single motor vibrator. There is a slight pulse underneath the steady vibration that feels extra good and creates a sensation I just don’t get with single motor vibes. The vibrations are not only deep and rumbly, they are also powerful. The Crave Duet provides such pinpoint stimulation that I rarely turn it up to the highest level of intensity. As I mentioned previously, I don’t need the turbo boost to get off but it is fun to have.

I don’t have the original Duet but I am thrilled Crave changed the tips because I love, love, love them. They really do cup and hug my clit to provide very precise stimulation. I think the Duet is the only vibrator I have that I can use on such low levels of intensity while still being able to get off. It really works well on my labia and nipples, as well as my clit, and I like that it provides different sensations depending upon which side I use.

I have tried and tried and really cannot come up with any negatives. The only thing I can find to complain about is that the metal body gets all fingerprinty very easily, which is just being nitpicky. It shines right up when rubbed with a towel or a t-shirt (I totally wipe my vibrators and glasses on my clothes).

If you happen to have the original Crave Duet with the original tips, you can upgrade to the new tips for free. Crave is offering free upgrades for early supporters of the Duet. All you have to do is fill out a form and wait for your fabulous new tips to arrive in the mail.