Tenga Flip Hole

The Tenga Flip Hole looks like a new type of electronic gadgetry rather than a pleasure object but it performs amazingly. We’ve used quite a few masturbators before – most notably the Fleshlight Lady, which felt really good and never failed to give me orgasms – but we felt that things could be soo much better… For our full opinion on this product please read our Tenga Flip Hole Review below.

Design / Shape / Size

This male sex machine looks nothing like any other sex toy I’ve used, and it seems like a lot of thought has gone into the design from the mass of different type nodules inside to the inspired way you clean it. Inside the toy are a variety of nubs, nodules, bumps and ridges the makers claim provide a better than real experience of oral sex. This is quite a claim and we’re happy to say the orgasms with the Flip Hole are amazing.

Because of the design if you ever accidentally leave the Tenga out in view of others you could easily get away with not being found out, as likely they will just think it’s a new gadget you’ve purchased. But don’t let them look too much at it though as with closer inspection they will find out!.

It looks as though male sex toys has finally entered the 20th century in design, it’s about time too as toys for females had modernized a long time ago.

The Tenga Flip Hole isn’t meant to accommodate the full length of a penis which isn’t a bad thing as 95% of the sensations you get are from the glans (head of penis). It does take around 6.5 inches of length which is around the average mans penis size however. Girth wise it seems to be able to manage most girths especially with some extra lube if needed.

Functions / Controls
There’s 3 buttons you can press on the toy which are designed to alter the suction strength at will. As the toy is not battery operated in any way I think it manages to do this by pushing out air of the toy upon pressing down on a button to increase to sucking sensation. As you press down it does in fact change the feeling it’s quite a design marvel how it does this but it does it quite well.

The Tenga Flip Hole is quite a noisy product especially compared to other male toys like the Fleshlight Alien. It’s definatly a toy you have to make sure no-one is around close by when using or even better using it with a partner! It makes a very wet slurping type sound which I must say when using adds to the feeling that you are getting a real and not a fake oral sex orgasm.

Care and Cleaning
Many blowjob machines on the market have a major flaw with how you are able to clean them after use which is a big minus for us as we like to make sure everything is nice and clean not only for hygiene reasons but also to help increase the lifespan of the toy. We see it as the better you care for your toy the longer the lifespan it has.

This is why this toy excels as it’s able to flip open completely allowing you to clean it thoroughly and then leaving it to dry on it’s supplied stand. More masturbators need to have to this feature it really is so much easier to care for your masturbator.

As this male sex machine is made of silicone always make sure you use water based lube when using as oils and silicone lube can degrade the toy.

The feel of this masturbator is absolutely amazing once you’re inside. It hugs your penis tightly and you get to feel all those amazing nodules and bumps inside the toy which are thankfully not just for show they massage your penis in such a way you feel like you are getting the blow job of your life. Also the buttons do a great job of mixing things up a bit during playing so you get a variety of sensations that really push you to the edge.

Having an orgasm with the Flip Hole is absolutely mind blowing we literally have to stop using the toy during orgasm as it lengthens orgasms to the extent that I feel I’m going to pass out from the pleasure it is giving me. The only other toy that gives me orgasms as strong as this is the Cobra Libre which we have a review of also.

You may feel like this is quite an expensive toy (which I did originally), but now I’ve tried it I know that it’s truly worth its weight in gold!

Original Venus Butterfly

This week, girls, I reviewing an oldie but goodie for you…the Original Venus Butterfly made by California Exotics.

This sex toy is made for hands free clitoral and labial stimulation and it does a grand old job! The Venus Butterfly consists of a rubber butterfly that is 3” long and 3” wide. The butterfly itself is pink, sparkly, and pretty. The rubber is strong and durable, yet soft and flexible. Tucked inside (it’s not removable) is a powerful egg vibrator. Though rubber isn’t my favorite material, it does disseminate the vibrations of the egg very well.

What makes Venus Butterfly special is the fact that it’s wearable. This unique device has soft elastic straps that fit around your waist and thighs. These stretchy straps are adjustable so almost anyone can wear them, and it’s easy to fit them so the Venus Butterfly sits tightly against your all the right places. They are simple to get on and off by use of the hook and eye closure on each one.

The Venus Butterfly has a corded remote that takes 2 AA batteries and is very easy to use. You simply dial up or down depending on how strong you or your partner wants the vibration.

I have had excellent luck with this toy. The motor on the egg vibrator just goes and goes, like the Energizer Bunny. When and if it finally dies, I may consider an upgrade to the wireless remote Venus Butterfly. My man and I love a cordless remote!

One big advantage is being able to wear this vibrator around, even in public, because you can easily wear the Venus Butterfly under your clothes. Now I know a lot of girls love to wear the Venus Butterfly out and about, and my man and I are all for super top-secret public play. However, I don’t find this the most comfortable vibrator in the world to wear while running errands. I prefer to wear the Venus Butterfly when I’m doing more sitting than walking, and when we are someplace very noisy. This baby is loud! The rubber does more to disseminate the vibrations than dissipate the noise.

It is excellent for wearing around the house. My man loves to position the remote behind my back so only he has access to the controls. It’s also great foreplay or a warm up in the car. He loves to have me put in on in the restroom before we head out. Then he gets me good and revved up for him by the time we get home.

When positioned properly, which is easy to do, the Venus Butterfly has good coverage. With its body nestled in between my labia and its nose on my clit, I am a happy, happy girl! We use the Venus Butterfly a lot during anal sex. It’s tucked up out of the way and it’s easy for him to control even when he’s pounding away inside me.

The Venus Butterfly feels great against my mound. The vibrations spread through my labia and tingle on my clit. When playing alone, I often use a dildo for penetration underneath the Venus Butterfly. With enough time and pressure, and preferably additional play, this vibrator gets me off without me having to lift a finger!

No lube is necessary as the Venus Butterfly is not an insertable toy. However, you can certainly slap on a bit to get that extra slippery feeling if you like. This makes clean up a breeze as you simply spray it with antibacterial cleaner or use an antibacterial wipe. Since rubber is porous, I prefer a serious cleaning product such as Pjur. The Venus Butterfly is not waterproof so don’t immerse it in water!

California Exotics Venus Butterfly Pros:
– Hands free use
– Can wear under clothing
– Low price

California Exotics Venus Butterfly Cons:
– Loud
– Corded remote vs. cordless

All in all, I am a big fan of the Venus Butterfly. Though it’s loud, being able to wear it around is fantastic and the price point is great. My man can do anything he wants to me while I’m squirming around with the Venus Butterfly on. After all, ya gotta love something that’s developed just for us girls!

Blue Venus Waterproof

The Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator from Good Vibrations is nothing short of fantastic!

In fact, this waterproof vibrator was far more than I expected. As soon as I took it out of its box and plastic wrapping, I realized I was in for a surprise. The Blue Venus is so soft and silky smooth. The site says it has a “velvety-smooth” texture and I’m not saying I didn’t believe it. I just didn’t know how pleasantly smooth the Blue Venus could be.

I may be weird (ok, I know I’m weird), but I really love the Blue Venus’ bright turquoise color. It totally beats black or some boring old white plastic, and it matches my duvet cover perfectly. 🙂 Hey, I like my toys to stand out in a crowd…or at least in my toy box!

The Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator is truly waterproof as it has a rubber O-ring underneath the cap and the bottom cap itself locks into place. Of course, I had to test it out just to be sure. So Blue Venus and I have enjoyed some very happy shower time and several delicious baths. The only downside is that I end up splashing water all over the floor each time we bathe together! Good times with Good Vibrations’ Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator!

Under the Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator’s twisty bottom cap is the battery compartment. It comes with a little instruction paper that shows you how to insert the batteries; they both go in plus side pointing toward the tip of the vibrator. I found this helpful because I didn’t have to try multiple combinations to fire the Blue Venus right up.

The shape of the Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator is delightful. I really enjoy running my hands up and down its undulating, wavy shaft. I didn’t think the shape of the shaft would make much difference inside me but it sure does!

The Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator is made of ABS, a hard thermoplastic that has good resistance to heat and chemicals, which makes it an ideal choice for sex toys. Did you know Legos are made out of ABS? Interesting factoid! Of course, I have never run across a Lego as soft and silky as the Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator. I know, I’ve raved about the softness already. I just truly can’t get over it!

ABS is very easy to care for and clean. You simply wash it with warm water and a mild antibacterial soap. You can also use a specific antibacterial toy cleaner, either a spray or wipes. Soap and water are certainly more economical, but I do often think it’s worth the splurge on the sex toy wipes. Especially when I don’t feel like getting out of bed, or I’m somewhere without handy water. You can use any type of lubricant with it, which makes it flexible for many people. Of course, you all know I use only water-based lubes.

I find the Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator very easy to keep clean. It almost seems to repel dust and cat hair, of which I have plenty. That junk just slides right of its smooth exterior. Of course, the Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator lives in (a pineapple under the sea!) my toy box rather than laying out and about, which I highly recommend. Then again, it would make an interesting coffee table conversation piece.

The Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator has no discernible smell, which is very important to me as I’m quite sensitive to scent and cannot use smelly toys. Not that this is a toy you want to put in your mouth, but I tasted it just for you, dear readers! Not much taste either. It feels solid and substantial in my hand, the and Blue Venus looks and feels far more expensive than it is…always an impressive accomplishment. Go Good Vibrations!

As I previously mentioned, the Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator has a twisty cap on the bottom, which controls the speed. The intensity goes from mild to wild! I was surprised at how much power those 2 AA batteries provide in the Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator. I was also very impressed with how quiet this vibrator is. Even at the wildest speed, the Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator can’t be heard through the covers let alone a door. It is by far the one of my quietest vibrators, another wow factor. When it’s inside me I can’t hear it all! Unlike my Vibratex Rabbit Pearl…

I love the vibrations from the Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator. I find them lower pitched and more rumbly than your average buzzy vibrator. It makes for deeper orgasms for me and doesn’t make my clit go numb quickly. Unless, of course, I overdo it which I have a tendency to do! 😉

The first time I actually used the Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator was on the phone with my man. It arrived when he was away so he had me fire it up and describe everything over the phone. I’m usually so focused on what I’m doing I’m not paying attention to how I’m doing it. He’s always so helpful on these test runs and he loves to listen to me play with toys.

The Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator is approximately 7 ½” long, with 6 ½” being insertable (if you care to insert, which I do), and 1 ¼” in diameter. On one side it has an oval shaped cup to nestle your clit and on the other side a rounded point for direct clit stimulation. I was slightly concerned about the pointy nub until I used it. Wowsa!

The cup and the nub have quite different functions and feelings as far as I’m concerned. Both are good for nipple play. I use the nub to trace around my nipples while I use the cup for direct nipple contact. The cup is great for teasing my way down my body, stomach, inner thighs. Then I like to switch to the nub to play with my labia. The cup disseminates vibrations all over and around my clit, while the nub is super focused and gets right up under the hood. It’s like having two sex toys in one!

Now on the Blue Venus’ box, it does say “external vibrator” but if the material is safe, I’ll stick almost anything inside me just to see how it feels. I’m like a little kid who sticks everything in her mouth. Actually, when it comes to clean sex toys, that’s pretty much true too. 😉

Let me be very clear that insertion with this toy may not be for everyone. The first time, I inserted it with the nub facing down. It caught on my labia going in, which was a bit uncomfortable. It works much better for me with the nub facing up. In the beginning it was slightly uncomfortable. Due to the nub, I suggest a slow in and out motion rather than hard thrusting. You could injure yourself, girls! When I slowly and gently move the Blue Venus Waterproo Vibrator inside me, I can really feel the waves caressing my insides. Yummmy! After playing with it for a while I realized I can also rub it against my g spot for further stimulation. Bonus!

I do notice the Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator seems to heat up somewhat quickly and the base gets uncomfortably warm in my hand. I hold it by the bottom of the shaft and that helps. After a while the entire shaft heats up which is an interesting sensation. My hand also has a tendency to unintentionally twist the cap and turn the vibrations down, especially when things get super slippery. This can be kind of a drag.

Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator Pros:
– Nub and cup, 2 toys in one
– Rumbly vibration
– Soft and smooth in hand
– Price

Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator Cons:
– Base heats up, makes my hand sweat
– Twisty cap is easily turned, dimming the vibrations, during play

All in all, I am loving my Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator! I adore a double duty, multi-tasking sex toy. It’s so efficient! While it does get a bit toasty warm and I tend to turn it down at inopportune moments, the Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator is constantly reminding me it’s so much more that I expect it to be and the price point for the function and quality can’t be beat. I highly recommend heading on over to Good Vibrations Sex Toys and checking out the Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator for yourself!

Can the Realistic Vagina Take the Place of a Woman?

This has got to be a tough question. For one, a fake pussy isn’t natural. It does feel like real skin, but it’s still not the real thing. This means that the answer to this question will be different for every man who chooses to use a fake pussy.

If you’re a married man or someone who has a sexual partner, a vagina toy won’t take the place or be better than your woman. But it can enhance your sexual experience. How? You and your ladylove can use it to make ejaculation easier by stimulating your package first before doing the deed. This means that you’ll be as hard as a brick when you do your woman. The good thing about it is that you or your wife or girlfriend won’t need to exert too much effort because you have the realistic vagina to help you.

Now, if you’re single or you’re just too shy to get a woman, then a silicone vagina can take the place of a sexual partner. You can just whip out your fake pussy and get the best blowjob every night. If you’re asking if it’s better than a woman, then the answer is: it can. How? If you use the right rubber vagina, it can you won’t need to spend your nights lonely and straining your hands. This is because a male masturbator like the Autoblow 2 can give you more than 500 hours of nonstop stroking action.

A realistic vagina can be better than a woman because you can get total satisfaction every night without risking getting it pregnant. You can use whenever you want, whenever you want to. You can also control the intensity of the pleasure it gives you. You can use it all night every night. Yet, unlike a woman, it wouldn’t complain.

You can also choose the kind of orifice you want to use. Tonight, you might want to use a vagina toy to experience the sheer pleasure of making love to a woman. The following night, you might fancy doing it in a woman’s behind, so you’ll need a male masturbator with an anus orifice. Then, on weekends, you might want to have a nice and invigorating blowjob using a stimulator.

To really know whether a realistic vagina can be better than a woman, you need to try one yourself. Here are some of the best pocket pussies in the market nowadays (more here):

This is the maker of the best vagina toys in the world. They have lots of pocket pussies to choose from, including:

– Stamina Training Unit (STU) – it lets you practice till you become the best partner in bed. It can also help with premature ejaculation and boost confidence during performance.
– Original Fleshlight Toy – the perfect realistic vagina for first-timers. Yet, it can keep you happy for as long as you want.
– Flight – its adapter lets you use it both as a shower mount and as virtual reality. The best thing about it is its subtle and aerodynamic design, making it less obtrusive and easier to travel with.
– Build Your Own Fleshlight – a DIY rubber vagina that offers the same sensation of female genitalia.
– Fleshlight Vibro – it has everything you want in a Fleshlight but offers new levels of sensual satisfaction.
– Fleshlight Ice – a Fleshlight made of a clear case and transparent sleeve so you can watch all the action as it unfolds.
– Fleshlight Blade – it has a squeezable hilt-shaped case with new intense textures to give you a blowjob that’s totally out of this world.

Autoblow 2
This crowdfunded male masturbator machine is the future of realistic vaginas. It needs to be plugged in to get over 500 hours of intense and life-changing pleasure. The Autoblow 2 is so good many people consider it the best pocket pussy in the history of pocket pussies. Click here for a more detailed Autoblow 2 review.

This prostrate stimulator is not a vagina toy but is designed to stimulate the prostate. It stimulates your male G-spot to deliver a mind-boggling kind of sexual satisfaction and explosion, sending you to an intensely good night.

Try a realistic vagina yourself today to get firsthand experience of the pleasures it can offer you. Then, go back to the question: is it better than a woman? Surely, you’ll have a slightly different answer to what you might have now.

Death By Orgasm Scorpion

I’m not usually a big fan of bullet vibrators, but show me one with 10 different functions that’s also waterproof and my nose starts twitching. Show me a Scorpion and I’ll jump up on a chair and try not to scream. However, mix a 10 function waterproof bullet with a body-safe elastomer sleeve shaped like a Scorpion and I’ll to take it for a test drive!

The Death By Orgasm Scorpion Bullet Vibrator (now that’s a mouthful!) is made by Love Honey, a British sex toy manufacturer, and can be found at Good Vibrations. What is the Love Honey Death By Orgasm Scorpion Bullet Vibrator? So glad you asked! He, my man calls him Mr. Scorpion, is a small black bullet vibrator who lives in a black elastomer Scorpion shaped sleeve. I’ll say it; he’s kinda creepy looking. In fact, I was hesitant about him at first. I don’t really like bugs. He looks real enough to ick me out a little bit…until I started playing with him. However, if you have a serious fear of bugs, you may want to steer clear of the Death By Orgasm Scorpion Vibrator and try another vibrator in the series. There is a Death By Orgasm Vampire, a Death By Orgasm Mummy, even a Death By Orgasm Zombie. I happen to like the Scorpion, but the other vibrators in the Death By Orgasm series are totally normal bullets, just different colors, and not at all creepalicious.

Mr. Scorpion comes in the most fabulous packaging! He sleeps in a little metal coffin! Love it!! How can you not want this vibrator for Halloween?

The Death By Orgasm Scorpion Vibrating Bullet is made of smooth black ABS plastic. ABS is phthalate-free, latex-free, non-porous, and body safe. It can easily be cleaned with antibacterial soap and water, your favorite sex toy cleaner, and isopropyl alcohol. If you do use alcohol, remember to wash your Scorpion afterward. Alcohol can be harsh and drying on sensitive skin.

The Scorpion Vibrating Waterproof Bullet is 2 ¼” long and ¾” in diameter. The Scorpion sleeve is made of squishy black elastomer, which is somewhat porous so I don’t recommend sharing between partners. It is 5” long, 2” wide, and 1 ½” tall. Did I mention both pieces are waterproof? Mr. Scorpion, the Death By Orgasm Vibrator, and I have enjoyed ourselves immensely in the bath! The adorable coffin tin 5 ½” long, 2” wide, and 1 ½” deep. It has instructions on the back and markings that just crack me up. According to Love Honey, the Death By Orgasm Scorpion Vibrator is “Holy Waterproof” and the “Batt-eries” are included.

One of the reasons I tend not to find bullet vibrators very useful as often seem to break immediately on me. My Scorpion is as hardy as his namesake. I’ve put him through some rigorous usage and he just keeps plugging along. Another reason I veer away from bullets is they either tend to have weak vibrations or eat batteries. Mr. Scorpion, comes with his 3 little watch batteries and I cannot seem to run them down. Not only that, but this little humdinger of a vibrating bullet is stronger than some of my standard size vibrators! Even the lowest setting is enough to drive me crazy as I feel Mr. Scorpion’s soft little Scorpion feet tap tap tapping along my body. I can feel the vibrations all along the bullet, throughout the body of Mr. Scorpion, even in his little pincers, legs, tail, and precision tip. Mr. Scorpion is so strong my hand continues to buzz after I’ve turned the Death By Orgasm Scorpion Vibrator off! This is definitely a vibrator for power queens. I’ve also never before run across a vibrating bullet with so many functions. The Scorpion’s 10 power options are as follows:

1. Low vibration
2. Medium vibration
3. High vibration
4. Fast, short bursts
5. Four short bursts (similar to Level 4) and one long burst, repeating
6. Ramps up and down (not as strong as Level 5) in five bursts, 2.5 seconds in each direction
7. Ramps up in short bursts for 8 seconds, then restarts
8. Medium strong pulse for seven seconds, shoots up to Level 4 4.5 seconds, then restart
9. 3.5 seconds of steady vibration, then nine short bursts
10. 6 seconds of steady vibration, then 2.5 seconds of short pulses

*Please note these times are approximations.

To turn on the Death By Orgasm Scorpion Vibrator simply press the push button located on the base of the vibrating bullet. To cycle through the 10 options simply press the button once for each pattern. Pressing the button after the 10th option will shut the Scorpion Vibrator off. If you want to turn off the vibrator at any point in the cycle, hold the button down for 2 seconds.

My Mr. Scorpion has two downsides. All that power brings with it noise. He’s on the loud side at his highest speed and is even louder on some of the pattern modes. I can definitely hear him while he’s under the covers, however, I can’t hear him through a closed door. Mr. Scorpion’s elastomer body gets awfully slippery when he’s…..ahem….wet. It may just be the position the way I place him in his sleeve, but I have his button positioned under his tail and, well, he can be tricky to work when I get very excited. The squishy, slipperyness of his body that I like so much can make it difficult to change the speed or pattern during play. Ah, the price of pleasure!

Death By Orgasm Scorpion Vibrator Pros:
– Strong vibrations
– Waterproof
– Multifunction

Death By Orgasm Scorpion Vibrator Cons:
– Loud
– Slippery

Though the Death By Orgasm Scorpion Vibrator creeped me at first, this is one happy, friendly bug! With his strong and multiple vibration patterns, the ability to use him with his soft squishy sleeve on or just as a straight bullet vibrator, and his waterproofness, the Scorpion is a winner in my book. His adorable coffin also makes him easy to store and a great gift for friends for Halloween.

Fun Factory Little Paul G-Spot Vibrator

Lately I’ve had a thing for bugs. I don’t know why. I don’t like bugs. In fact, I’m very girly about bugs. Nonetheless, I’m in love my new best friend, Fun Factory’s Little Paul, the caterpillar. He, yes I did say “he,” is just so adorable! He’s more than your average vibrator.

Little Paul has 8 levels of straight vibration and three pulsation patterns. His vibrations start out soooo mildly I can hardly tell he’s on. While his vibrations don’t quite hit wild for me, they do get me off. They are also more surfacey and buzzy than deep and throbby, but not as buzzy as my other AAA battery vibrators. His pulsation patterns start at long, slow pulses and continue through short and fast, to shorter and faster pulses. These I love! The first pulse setting is what did me in on my first go round.

Little Paul’s three pulsation patterns feel something like this-
1. Buuuuzzzzz buuuuzzzzz buuuuzzzzz buuuuzzzzz
2. Buuzz buuzz buuzz buuzz
3. Buz buz buz buz buz

I really like the placement of Little Paul’s buttons on his stomach rather than the traditional twisty bottom of many vibrators. He has two buttons, + and -. The + button is above the – button and slightly extended which makes it easy to tell the difference even in my excited haze. The push button technology works very well and truly makes Little Paul a one-handed vibrator. However, the base and buttons can get slippery the wetter I get, which can be a bit distracting.

It’s very simple to navigate Little Paul’s settings. To turn him on you simply press down on the + button, then use the same button to increase the vibration level. Once you’ve hit the highest level, hold the button down for 2 seconds for pulsation pattern #1. The + button then cycles you through the pulsation patterns. To return to straight vibrations, press once on the – button and you are instantly at the highest vibration. To scroll down through the vibrations and to turn Little Paul off keep pressing the – button.

Little Paul runs on 2 AAA batteries. (Please provide your own; they are not included.) This may be part of the reason I have mixed feelings about his vibrations. On the one hand, they are somewhat weaker than I’d like them to be. On the other hand, his highest levels are high enough to get me off and I love the pulsation patterns. Fun Factory does suggest you use rechargeable batteries but also states the 1.2 V rechargeables result in a “slight decrease in maximum motor performance.” I’m using non-rechargeable 1.5 V batteries (bad girl!) and I’ve given Little Paul a number of serious workouts. After several hours of use, I have seen no impact on his batteries. Remember, to extend the life of your batteries and Little Paul’s motor it’s important to remove them when Little Paul is not in use.

Little Paul is made by Fun Factory in all his 100% plushiest-silicone-ever glory. I love silicone because it is phthalate-free, latex-free, and body-safe. Little Paul’s plush silicone feels good everywhere! He is great on my nipples and labia as well as fun to trace down my body. There is a slight drag with the silicone so, as always, be sure to use lubricant. Speaking of lube, remember to use water-based lube only with Little Paul. Silicone-based lubricants can break down the silicone of his body and melt him, which would be oh so sad. Just to be safe, remember to keep your silicone toys from touching in storage as the same thing can happen.

All sex toys should be cleaned before and after each use. Silicone is very easy to clean and share between partners. Simply wash with soap and water (Which you can easily do because Little Paul is waterproof- it shows him swimming right on the package!) or use your favorite sex toy cleaner. You can completely sterilize silicone with a 10% bleach solution; 9 parts water, 1 part bleach. Of course, you may prefer to cover Little Paul with a condom to make switching between partners a breeze. While you actually can boil silicone and wash it with no soap in the top drawer of your dishwasher, do not do this with Little Paul. He does have a motor after all, and I, for one, would like to keep it in excellent working order! Little Paul is only as waterproof as you treat him, so be sure his cap is screwed on tightly before washing.

Speaking both of motors and being waterproof, Little Paul holds up very well in the bath and the shower. I don’t feel really confident submerging him, but that is my paranoia and not a reflection on his ability to dive, dive, dive! Little Paul’s cap closes very securely and Fun Factory touts him as being waterproof. My experience supports this claim. After using Little Paul in the shower or tub, unscrew his cap, remove his batteries, and let him air dry completely.

Little Paul is part of Fun Factory’s miniVIBES line and when you slip him inside, you’ll know it. He is 5 ½” long, with 4 ¼” being insertable, and 1 ¼” in diameter. Although he may be small, he gets the job done! Part of the reason for this is that Little Paul is textured, which I love. In fact his ribbing was one of the reasons I was attracted to him in the first place! The ribbing definitely adds to the sensation for me, but is also mild enough not to distract most users. As Little Paul is not very long or wide, those looking for a more filling vibe might be disappointed. If this is the case, consider Little Paul’s uncle, the Fun Factory Patchy Paul II, also carried by EdenFantasys. I haven’t used Patchy Paul but he has been recommended to me.

Little Paul comes in the traditional Fun Factory packaging, a small cardboard box with a plastic clamshell. The original packaging is great for storage if you’ve got the space. If you don’t, I suggest a small lint-free bag or wrapping him in a lint-free cloth. Little Paul isn’t quite a lint magnet like some of my other silicone sex toys, but he does attract those little particles that happen to be floating around.

While the packaging is cute, space saving, and recyclable, it is not terribly discreet. As you can see from the included images, there is a little window in front showing off Little Paul’s adorable little nose, mouth, and eye. You can also see how the back opens and closes, with a very cool magnetic closure, to show you Little Paul’s butt! Ok, he doesn’t actually have a butt… My point is, you can clearly see Little Paul in his little house. So if the cleaning lady finds him lying around, you may be a tad embarrassed. Unless you’re awfully close to her, that is! Little Paul comes with a small instruction booklet in six different languages, a brochure showing all Fun Factory products (which will only serve to make you covet all the more), and a sample size packet of Fun Factory’s water-based lubricant, Toy Fluid.

Fun Factory Little Paul Pros:
– Adorableness!
– Great combination of firmness and give
– Patterns are fabulous
– Plushest silicone ever
– Waterproof

Fun Factory Little Paul Cons:
– Vibrations are on the weaker side
– Difficult to tell if he’s totally off

Fleshlight Freaks Drac

A while back I did a Spotlight on the new Fleshlight Freaks. I thought some of them were well, freaky, and some were cool and I was really into the Cyborg and the Drac dildos. I had long given up hope of getting my hands on one of these cool dildos when lo and behold I won the Drac from the very cool Kara_Sutra and SheVibe.

I realize these Freaks may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and as I said, I’m not into all of them. However, I do like unusual sex toys and the Drac is definitely that. While it may just be a standard dildo, it certainly doesn’t look like one.

The Fleshlight Freaks Dildos are Fleshlight’s first foray into the dildo market and I think they’ve done a great job. The Drac is made of high-grade platinum cured silicone that feels just awesome. It is both firm and squashy at the same time, and is a pleasure to have inside my body. Like most silicone, it does have a tendency to pick up dust and lint here and there but it is not as bad some of my other dildos and vibrators. Silicone is a great material for sex toys because it is latex and phthalate-free, non-porous, hypoallergenic, and body-safe.

The silicone is super easy to care for and clean, especially as there are no moving parts in the Drac, which makes it waterproof. You can wash it with antibacterial soap and warm water, use your favorite sex toy cleaner, wash it in the top drawer of your dishwasher without soap, or sterilize it with a 10% bleach solution or by boiling it for 3-5 minutes. The fact that you can sterilize it makes it a great option for sharing between partners, as well using it both vaginally and anally.

Remember, as the Drac is made of 100% silicone it is a good idea to use it with water-based lubricant rather than with silicone-based. The silicone in the lube can react with the silicone of the dildo and cause a nasty chemical reaction that will melt your Drac and make the surface tacky. If you’re really keen on using the Drac with silicone-based lubricant, be sure to do a spot test before slathering it up. Also keep this silicone issue in mind when storing your Drac dildo as you don’t want it pressed up against other silicone toys thus causing the same kind of chemical reaction. It’s best to store it in its box, a toy bag, or even a ziploc baggie.

The Drac comes in a fairly large box with a plastic window so you can clearly see the dildo inside. It also has an image of the Drac on the side and the back of the box. It is in no way discreet, so while it might be ok for storage you may not want to leave it laying about. The dildo itself sits inside a plastic clamshell within the box that is pretty flimsy and not good for storage all on its own.

At 7.5″ long and 1.75″ in diameter, the Drac is not quite as large as it looks or feels in my hand. I think it seems bigger because of the color and the detailing. It is a lovely marbled red color with a fair amount of texture on the shaft and balls. The head has a pronounced coronal ridge and is somewhat life-like. Well, as life-like as a red cock with bat wings can be. The texture on the sides of the shaft is in the shape of bat wings and looks oh so cool. The balls and underside of the shaft are slightly bumpy as if it is made of real skin. Overall, it looks and feels great in my hand.

What’s more important is that the Drac dildo feels great inside me. The silicone has enough squish to it to make it comfortable but is also firm enough to clench down on in a lovely way. The shaft is quite straight and does not hit my g-spot, which is fine with me as I don’t need every toy to be a g-spot toy. The balls are good for gripping and make thrusting very easy. At just over one pound (17 ounces to be exact) the Drac is a bit hefty for a silicone dildo but I don’t really notice it during play. I also don’t notice the texture much when the dildo is inside me though it is very noticeable in my hand.

As I mentioned earlier, you can use the Drac both vaginally and anally and I have tried both. The length is such that if I lose focus and thrust too deeply in the heat of the moment, I can hit my cervix which I generally find unpleasant. Due to the balls at the base of the dildo, the Drac is also safe for anal play. It is quite comfortable to use anally as long as I go slowly at first to warm up, which is always important in anal play.

It is important to note that on their site Fleshlight states the Drac dildo is not intended for internal use. Their explanation is that the dildo is intended as a novelty, like almost all sex toys, and this warning is intended to protect their liability.

While how well this dildo performs is obviously one of the most important factors, I simply cannot stress enough how amazingly cool looking I find the Drac. The paint job and details are just incredible. The Drac really is a must have for collectors and people who would display a vampire cock on a shelf. The craftsmanship is truly impressive.

Fleshlight Freaks Drac Dildo Pros:
• Great squashy silicone
• Fun color
• Fabulous design

Fleshlight Freaks Drac Dildo Cons:
• No storage bag

The Fleshlight Freaks Drac is a fun and unusual dildo to have around. Before I had a chance to play with it, I loved the look of it and now that I have it in my possession, I am so enjoying it. It’s much more realistic than most of my dildos. That is, if you can call a red vampire cock realistic. I like the size, shape, and color, and just everything about the way it looks. The details are just great. The silicone is delightful both inside and outside of my body. Overall, it is just a lovely dildo and piques my interest in the other Fleshlight Freaks.

Fun Factory Bubbles

So I’m back with another Fun Factory review. This time it’s the Bubbles Vibrator from Babeland. Yay, Fun Factory and yay, Babeland!

The Fun Factory Bubbles Vibrator is another adorable little guy from the miniVIBES line. Yep, I called it a guy. I don’t know what it is about Fun Factory products, but I have to personify them! So my little guy, Bubbles, is 5 ½” long, with 3 ¼” insertable, and 1 5/8” in diameter. He looks like someone took four bulgy balls and haphazardly stacked them on top of one another. Bubbles has a hard plastic base that extends inside upward through the third bubble, so he’s quite firm but still has give. He looks like he’s about to lose his fourth ball, as it falls forward and creates a great little curve for g-spotting. Bubbles’ top ball has no hard plastic inside so it’s definitely squishier and I can bend it slightly. However, it still provides the firm pressure most of us want in our g-spotting toys. Due to his mini stature, I expected the Fun Factory Bubbles Vibrator to feel small in my hand. He actually feels quite solid, and though he is a lighter weight vibrator, he’s got a nice heft to him.

The Fun Factory Bubbles Vibrator is made of 100% of the plushest, most delightful silicone. It’s firm, yet giving, soft, and supple. I’m a huge fan of silicone because it’s hypoallergenic, non-porous, phthalate-free, latex-free, odorless, and tasteless. As usual with Fun Factory sex toys, I love just holding him in my hands and playing with his yummy silicone. While Bubbles is soft, he does have some drag, so you’ll probably want to use a bit of lubricant. Remember, because Bubbles is silicone, use only water-based lube with him. Silicone-based lubricant can chemically bond with his little body and melt him. That would be ever so sad! Oil-based lubricant can also break down silicone over time.

As silicone is very easy to care for, the Bubbles Vibrator is a cinch to clean! Simply use warm water and antibacterial soap (Bubbles is 100% waterproof so feel to completely submerege him) or your favorite sex toy cleaner. Silicone is also sterilizable, so feel free to use a 10% bleach solution (9 parts water to 1 part bleach) as a spray or wipe down to sterilize Bubbles. Some silicone sex toys can washed in the top drawer of your dishwasher without soap or be boiled as a way to sterilize them, but please don’t do this to Bubbles. He has a motor and electrical components that could be destroyed. I bet you would cry if that happened! I know I would!

The Bubbles Vibrator is part of Fun Factory’s Click ‘N’ Charge line, which is made up of, yep, you guessed it, rechargeable vibrators! And the crowd goes wild… May I just say…AWESOME! How cool is it to get off while being green?? Some people may complain about the higher price point on Bubbles compared to the battery consumers in the miniVIBES line. However, if you look at the long-term cost of buying batteries, rechargeable sex toys are a steal!

Fun Factory has been very clever in their design of a universal charger that works with all the vibrators in the Click ‘N’ Charge line. So you can use the same charger with multiple toys! Again, AWESOME! Now, according to the Fun Factory directions, you’ll need to charge Bubbles for up to six hours before using him for the first time. My Bubbles was pretty charged up, so it took less than one hour of charging before he was ready to go.

The Fun Factory universal charger is both an upside and a teeny bit of a downside. It is magnetic, which is what allows Bubbles to be 100% waterproof. There are no plugs or sockets. You simply line up the Fun logo on the charger with the Fun logo on the base of Bubbles and attach magnetically. The two will only stick together if correctly aligned. The trick is to get and keep them correctly aligned while charging. As the head of the charger is magnetic, it has some weight to it. So if my Bubbles isn’t propped up in just the right position, charging stops. Now that I know the correct positioning for my Bubbles and his charger, it takes just a little fiddling to set them up to charge so it’s really not a big deal for me, but it could be frustrating for some.

Fun Factory’s directions tell me that when Bubbles is charging, the FUN logo on the magnetic charger will pulsate red. When he’s done, it’ll glow with a steady red light. My charger works differently. When my Bubbles is charging, the FUN logo glows red steadily. When the charging process is complete, the red light goes off. I mention this in case you get a charger that works like mine.

Fun Factory states the operating time for a battery that is 100% charged is approximately one hour and I have found that to be true. I seem to get anywhere from about 55 to 75 minutes on a single charge. Charging only seems to take 2-3 hours for me.

Per Fun Factory (and they would know!) be sure to always store Bubbles with his lithium polymer battery charged.

Bubbles comes in the typical Fun Factory packaging, which I use to store him. He comes with directions in five languages, a brochure of other Fun Factory products, and a sample of Toy Fluid, Fun Factory’s water-based lubricant.

The Fun Factory Bubbles Vibrator is a delight to use! Being soft yet firm, he feels yummy everywhere. He’s great for external as well as internal stimulation. He’s really good on my nipples and labia, as well as on my clit. No matter how tempted you may be, Bubbles is not intended for anal play. Without a flared base, he could disappear inside you, which would be a most unpleasant experience. Do you really want to end up the butt (pun intended) of a joke in your local ER?

I think some girls probably look at Bubbles’ size and consider him mostly an external vibrator. I get that. However, Bubbles has a few tricks up his sleeve. Ok, Bubbles doesn’t have sleeves, but he has tricks, and if he had sleeves he would hide his tricks up there!

I’m sure you all remember my Fun Factory Little Paul review, right? After all it was only a few weeks ago. What do you mean you didn’t read it?? It’s ok; I forgive you. 😉 Well, Little Paul, like many vibrators, is 1 ½” in diameter. Bubbles is 1 5/8”. This may not seem like a big difference but I really feel it. Not everyone likes girthy sex toys, but I do. That extra 1/8” seems to make quite a difference. There is also something about Bubbles’ shape. I really feel his balls (hehe) popping in and out of me in such a good way and they seem to provide more surface area than a standard non-bubbly vibrator. The other really neato trick is how Bubbles’ curve hooks him inside me and hangs on. I can let go of him and he doesn’t go anywhere! I love this! Usually my vibes slip right out as soon as I let go, but Bubbles stays in place vibrating away.

Speaking of vibrations, Bubbles has a whopping 8 levels of steady vibration and 3 different pulsation patterns. The vibration levels start at “I can barely tell you’re on” and go up to “decently strong”. Bubbles is not the strongest vibrator I have but he does get the job done. However, keep an eye on that lowest level. I’ve left him on accidentally, thinking I’d turned him off, and run out the battery!

The 3 pulsation patterns feel something like this-
1. Buuuuzzzzz buuuuzzzzz buuuuzzzzz buuuuzzzzz
2. Buuzz buuzz buuzz buuzz
3. Buz buz buz buz buz

I admit it. I stole the pulsation description from my review of Fun Factory’s Little Paul Vibrator. I’m plagiarizing myself, but it’s ok. I gave myself permission. Reason being, both vibrators have the same pulsation patterns. Not to mention, I was pretty happy with that description and don’t think I can come up with anything better! :p

Bubbles also has the same control panel and functions as Little Paul, which is a plus. He has a + and – button to control his power and vibration levels. To turn Bubbles on, press his + button once and you are at the lowest, barely there, vibration. A single push on the + button cycles you up to the next level, and so on. Once you hit the 8th level of vibration, hold the + button down for 2 seconds to get to pulsation pattern #1. You cycle through the pulsation patterns using the + button. Use the – button to get back to the highest level of steady vibration. To turn Bubbles off, simply cycle down through the vibration levels using the – button. At the lowest level, hold for 2 seconds to make sure Bubbles is completely off. Bubbles’ controls are very easy to use, and make him a truly one-handed vibrator, which I love! However, his buttons do get a little slippery if you get lubricant or your own juices on them.

While I find Bubbles’ vibrations to be on the weaker end of the spectrum, I do find them stronger than Fun Factory’s Little Paul, which may be related to the rechargeable battery. I also find Bubbles to be on the quieter end of the spectrum. On his lower levels he can’t be heard under the covers, and on his highest level he certainly can’t be heard through my bedroom door.

Fun Factory Bubbles Pros:
– Super lush silicone
– Rechargeable
– Bubble design
– Curve keeps him inside

Fun Factory Bubbles Cons:
– Buttons can get slippery
– Vibrations on the weak side

Overall, the Fun Factory Bubbles Vibrator is an excellent choice in a smaller vibe. With his unique shape, he is fun for insertion as well as clit stimulation. His rechargeable battery helps me feel green and makes using him easy as pie. Mmmmm, pie… Anywho, some of you will want stronger vibrations, while others like me, may think fondly of such vibrations while being perfectly content to take a little longer enjoying getting off.

Nomi Tang Getaway Wild G-Spot

Now this is what I call a Getaway! The Nomi Tang Getaway Wild Vibrator from EdenFantasys makes for an interesting and delightful time in the bedroom, bath, or anywhere else you may want to get away with her.

Yes Ladies, the Getaway Wild Vibrator is a “her”. Most of my sex toys are “him”s but the Getaway Wild is just so feminine. Maybe it’s her raspberry color (not pink, but raspberry!), maybe it’s her curves. Whatever it is, she just screams “girly” to me.

So the Getaway Wild Vibrator is my first Nomi Tang product, and when it comes to the packaging, may I just say, “Wow!” Talk about aesthetically pleasing! The first layer is the hard paper sleeve with the Nomi Tang logo, an image of the Getaway Wild, and a handful of icons that give you basic info about the vibrator. It’s very tasteful and relatively discreet until you notice “designer vibrator” printed on the two sides of the sleeve and the cat’s out of the bag. Oh well. You can always ditch the sleeve and just store her in the pretty white padded cardboard box.

I’m a sucker for luxurious packaging and Nomi Tang definitely provides it. My Getaway Wild Vibrator lounges in a bed of white satin designed to fit her shape perfectly. Now, I love the hinged box but what if you don’t have room for it? Nomi Tang has thoughtfully provided a white satin bag as an additional storage option.

Also included in the box is a user manual in nine languages. The User Manual informs us the Getaway Wild is waterproof up to one meter and provides helpful directions on how to use the touch sensor control panel. The User Manual also includes amusing tips on how to enjoy yourself using your new vibrator, such as, “make sure that you and your vibe are warm…switch off your phone and simply relax…” Thanks Nomi Tang! 😉

The only thing not included in Nomi Tang’s packaging is the two AA batteries required to operate the Getaway Wild. Be sure to stock up and remember to remove them if you’re not going to be using your Wild frequently.

The Nomi Tang Getaway Wild Vibrator is made of incredibly velvety silicone over a hard internal core. Silicone is phthalate and latex free, hypoallergenic, non-porous, and body-safe. It can be sterilized to share between partners by spraying or wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution (9 parts water to 1 part bleach). If you’re not sharing, you can also simply wash it with antibacterial soap and warm warm water or use your favorite sex toy cleaner. However, do not boil your Wild. Remember, she has a motor which would probably not take kindly to boiling water.

I find very little drag with my Getaway Wild’s silicone. However, as she is silicone, be sure to use water-based lubricant only with her. Both silicone and oil-based lubes can break down silicone.

The Getaway Wild Vibrator is 8 1/2″ long, with 6″ insertable, and 1 1/8″ in diameter. So if you’re looking for girth, look elsewhere. She is a thin vibrator, but she has her strengths. The Getaway Wild has a nice weight to her but is not heavy enough to make my wrist sore when using her for an extended period of time.

While the Getaway Wild is made of some of the softest, silkiest silicone around, there is no give to this vibrator at all. She will not bend or adjust to your body. So keep this in mind when looking at her feminine curves. My Wild has a small seam running lengthwise on each side that i clearly feel with my fingers but can’t feel when she’s inside me. The shape of the Getaway Wild is clearly one attribute that makes her stand out from other vibrators. With her hooking curve and flat head, she reminds me of the LELO Gigi and the LELO Ella, neither of which I own. This unusual shape is designed to target g-spot stimulation.

Depending on her position she can be very good for insertion and thrusting. At the right angle the Wild really hits my g-spot and feels amazing when I thrust her in and out. At the wrong angle, she gets stuck on my pubic bone and is uncomfortable. However, when I insert the Wild without thrusting, she hooks around pubic bone and stays inside me pulsating against my g-spot.

The Nomi Tang Getaway Wild Vibrator’s flat head feels great basically everywhere… on my labia, my breasts, my clit. My Man keeps trying to use her as a body massager!

The Getaway Wild Vibrator has five levels of straight vibration and four pulsation patterns. The lowest level is barely there and is whisper quiet. As you move up in power, you also move up slightly in noise. However, my Wild is the quietest vibrator I own. Even at her highest level, she can’t be heard through a closed door in a silent room.

The pulsation patterns feel something like this-
1. Buuuuzzzzz buuuuzzzzz buuuuzzzzz buuuuzzzzz
2. Buuuzzz buuuzzz buuuzzz buuuzzz
2. Buuzz buuzz buuzz buuzz
3. Buz buz buz buz buz

The other area in which the Nomi Tang Getaway Wild Vibrator really stands out is her control panel. Turning her on and off is easy with her dedicated on/off button. Controlling her vibration levels and patterns is done through the use of her touch sensor, which is about 1 1/2″ long and 1/2″ wide, and has a flashing “NT” logo at the bottom. To increase the Getaway’s vibration level, simply slide your finger up along the sensor, from bottom to top. Each swipe of your finger increases the power by one level. To decrease power, slide your finger down, from top to bottom. To switch to a pulsation pattern, hold your finger over the NT logo for 2 seconds. Change the pulsation speed by swiping your finger and down the sensor, just like you do with the vibration levels. This control system is unique and responsive, and works remarkably well.

One of my favorite features is the touch sensor’s lock. At any time, simply hold your finger at the top of the touch sensor for 2 seconds and you lock in that particular power level and pattern. This keeps you from accidentally changing the program during play. The NT logo glows blue while on steady vibration, flashes blue while on pulsation pattern, and glows red when the sensor is locked.

The Nomi Tang Getaway Wild’s vibrations are on the weaker side, but they are lower pitched and more rumbly than buzzy. It turns me on like nobody’s business but sometimes it feels like I have to fight for my orgasms. So the Wild is great as a warm up and she does often get me there, but she won’t do it for everyone. Power queens look elsewhere. However, if you have a sensitive clit or like a long, slow build-up, you will be a happy camper with this vibrator. I’m no power queen, but I want a stronger vibration from my Getaway Wild. I’m laying there arguing with her, begging her for more power and all I get back is, “I’ve given her all she’s got, Captain!”

Nomi Tang Getaway Wild Vibrator Pros:
– Touch sensor
– Waterproof
– Aesthetically pleasing
– Soft, sleek silicone
– Great storage options

Nomi Tang Getaway Wild Vibrator Cons:
– Weak Vibrations
– May catch on pubic bone

I absolutely love the look and feel of my Nomi Tang Getaway Wild Vibrator. She’s so very modern looking and feels super soft against my body. I want to love her as a primary vibe as well, but she falls slightly short. For me, the Getaway WIld is a better foreplay than finishing toy. She is good at revving my engine, I just may need a bit more (most of time) to bring it home.

Vibrating Pleasure Pump

The Vibrating Pleasure Pump from Good Vibrations is combination suction and vibration toy.

The Vibrating Pleasure Pump is made from a combination of plastic, TPR, and rubber. Fortunately, the only rubber is the bulb you use to pump the suction. The body is hard plastic with a flexible rubber neck and power button. It’s 7 1/2″ long and 1 3/4″ in diameter. It comes with two TPR suction sleeves that are 2″ long and 1 1/2″ wide. One sleeve has “titillating pleasure nubs” and the other is plain. The plastic tubing is about 15″ long. The rubber bulb is 3 1/4″ long, 1 1/2″ in diameter, and has raised hearts on it. The colors and design of the Pleasure Pump are cute and feminine without being overly girly. The materials used are phthalate-free and body safe, and the rubber should cause no problems for people without sensitivities as this is not an insertable sex toy. The box states that the Vibrating Pleasure Pump is waterproof. However, I think it’s more water-safe for cleaning. The little scrap of directions it comes with clearly show you should dip the the TPR sleeve in water rather than stick it under running water. I suggest removing the sleeve, which is very easy to do, and washing it under water. Then just wipe down the handle with a damp cloth or a sex toy wipe.

The Vibrating Pleasure Pump is easy to use once you get the hang of the suction, which is mostly placement. Place the suction sleeve firmly over the area you to suck and squeeze the ball to pump the air. It’s a bit like a a blood pressure cuff. I feel the suction immediately. I get about three pumps in before the bulb can’t suck anymore air into the tubing. When you want to release the air, you can press the little plastic heart button or simply pull the suction sleeve away from your body.

This is the first time I’ve used a pump and it’s an interesting experience. I find I get more suction from the pleasure nub sleeve than I do from the flat sleeve. I also find I get more suction on my nipples than on my clit. I’m sure that’s just the way I’m built. It could very likely be different for someone else. The suction feels like someone sucking on my nipple or clitoral area without the slimy wetness. I’ve discovered I really enjoy the suction but I wish I could get a stronger sensation with this this pump. The suction hasn’t really been enough to create increased sensitivity, as I was hoping, but perhaps I am impatient. I may need to use the suction for longer periods of time before the sensitivity kicks in.

One downside is that I really need to hold the suction cup in place even after suction has been achieved. I’d like to be able to let go but as soon as I do, it falls off…which is one of the reasons I’d prefer a stronger suction. I also find the Vibrating Pleasure Pump to be a rather weak vibrator. As it is a rather buzzy, high-pitched vibrator, the lack of strength is good. It doesn’t numb me out and makes for a good warm up. I find myself returning to the Vibrating Pleasure Pump for my nipples rather than my clit, so having two heads would be an added bonus.

Vibrating Pleasure Pump Pros:
– Both vibration and suction
– Quiet

Vibrating Pleasure Pump Cons:
– Not the strongest suction or vibration
– Not hands-free

I really enjoy the combination of suction and vibration on my nipples. However, I wish I could let go once the suction is in place and I’d really like more power from this toy. This would work well for someone who is looking for softer suction with a vibration component. I love the idea of this sex toy, but it doesn’t work as well for me in practice. It just sort of misses the mark.