Adam & Eve Handmaiden Dong

I have been on something of a dildo kick lately, not exactly sure why. I suppose I have just been in a dildo state of mind. I decided to check out the Adam & Eve Handmaiden Dong from FunWares.

The Handmaiden Dong (I really hate the word “dong” but that’s what this dildo is called, so I guess I’ll have to use it. Understand, I am doing so under protest.) is made of 100% solid, platinum-cured, medical-grade silicone. It is light pink in color, so it strikes me as more of a girly girl dildo. It does not come in other colors so if you want the Handmaiden, you had better like pink. It is approximately 7 1/4″ long with 5″ being insertable, and a little more than 1 1/2″ in diameter at its widest point.

This high quality silicone is ideal for sex toys as it is latex and phthalate-free, non-porous, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. Silicone is also easy to care for and a cinch to clean. As the Handmaiden Dong has no electrical or moving parts it is totally waterproof. You can sterilize it by boiling it for 3-5 minutes, washing it in the top rack of your dishwasher (without any soap), or wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution (be sure to wash well after using bleach on any sex toys). You can also simply use anti-bacterial soap and water for a quick and easy clean. However, if you are sharing this dildo between non fluid-bonded partners or swapping from anal to vaginal use, be sure to use a method of sterilization.

Unlike most silicone, the Handmaiden Dong is not a lint magnet, which I greatly appreciate. I love silicone but I do hate is typical lint magnet properties. I can even wipe this dildo down with a towel after washing it and it doesn’t get the fuzzies. The silicone does have a a good amount of drag, however, thus it is best to use a decent amount of water-based lubricant. As the Handmaiden Dong is made from high quality pure silicone it may be possible to use it with certain pure silicone-based lubricants and hybrids, but I prefer to err on the side of caution. The packaging also recommends using water-based lube.

The Handmaiden Dong is like a modern, chic, realistic-ish dildo. Its shaft has a very slight curve, nothing that would hit my g-spot. The end has a rounded point and the “head” has three raised speed bumps (that’s what I call them anyway). The shaft thins out sightly as it comes toward the base. At the bottom of the base is a lump of silicone that reminds me of a sleek, silicone ball sack. Underneath this ball sack is a handle that allows me to hold the dildo easily and comfortably The handle is my favorite part of the Handmaiden Dong. I can slide it in between my first and second fingers and have a firm hold on the dildo for smooth stroking. The handle makes stroking easier and keeps any lube and bodily fluids from drenching my hand. This is what I was hoping for and it works perfectly.

There is a seam along the front and back of the dildo that I feel very easily with my fingers but I don’t notice this when the Handmaiden is inside me. There is also a raised Adam & Eve logo, a female silhouette, on the bottom of the handle. It is fine that it’s raised as this part of the dildo obviously does not go inside your body

Another handy dandy thing about the handle is that it makes this Handmaiden Dong safe for anal use. With the extreme and sudden curve, the ball sack, and the handle, it is very unlikely this dildo will slip up inside your butt. Of course, you want to be sure to use caution and play gently as always when sticking things up your butt. Remember to use lots of lubricant and go slowly.

The Handmaiden Dong is made in China by Topco, a California-based sex toy company. However, the package says, “Australian innovation…” So, I’m confused. Was it designed in Australia rather than at the company’s headquarters in Southern California? The other odd thing on the packaging is it says, “The Original”. I’m wondering, are there a hunch of knockoff Handmaidens out there? I mean, it’s a cool dildo, but I don’t know that it’s so awesome people are doing knockoffs.

The packaging for this dildo consists of a see-through plastic sleeve that wraps around a clamshell with a clever closure. Inside the clamshell sits the Handmaiden Dong with it’s grey satiny storage pouch. I just L O V E it when manufacturers include storage pouches with their toys. I think it is so lovely and considerate. This packaging does take up a fair amount of room and is not at all discreet. You can see the dildo right there, sitting in it’s little clamshell and it looks exactly like what it is, a sex toy. Therefore, the storage pouch is just a bit of extra awesomeness included with this dildo. Also, thanks to the Handmaiden Dong’s packaging I now know how to say silicone dildo in six languages other than English. Rock on!

I prefer my sex toys to be modern, stylized, cute, interesting, odd…pretty much anything but realistic. I don’t need to pretend it is a real penis. If i want to have sex with a real penis, I will. The Handmaiden Dong certainly fits the bill while still giving me access to a dildo with a ball sack. This stylized ball sack presses up against my labia and adds nicely to the stimulation when I’m stroking or just holding it inside me. The handle works so well and really makes this dildo a pleasure to use. It is more of a flick of the wrist than using my entire forearms. I think this dildo would be good for people with weaker upper bodies or those lazy masturbators like me.

Handmaiden Dildo Pros:
• Silicone
• Handle
• Silicone ball sack
• Storage pouch

Handmaiden Dildo Cons:
• Might be too short for some

Usually I like my dildos in glass but the Handmaiden Dong really tales the cake. (Mmmmm, cake.) It is made of perfectly body-safe silicone that is not lint magnet-y, has a lovely silicone ball sack, a rockin’ handle, and comes with a useful storage pouch. Thanks to FunWares, it comes at a very reasonable price and ships out the same day you order. FunWares also ships very discreetly so you can feel secure in ordering your sex toys without anyone being the wiser.

Metal Worx Slim Fave

Like shiny new sex toys? I do! A few weeks ago I reviewed the new Metal Worx Magnetic Nipple Clamps and today I have the pleasure of reviewing another product from the new Metal Worx line, the Slim Fave Dildo from FunWares.

As I mentioned previously, Metal Worx is a new line of metal sex toys put out by Pipedream Products. The Slim Fave Dildo is part of this new line. It is made of high quality nickel-free stainless steel. Stainless steel is non-porous, latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. This means you can easily clean and sterilize it to share between non-fluid bonded partners. To sterilize your Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo, wash or spray it with a 10% bleach solution (nine parts water, one part bleach). To wash it you can simply use warm water and antibacterial soap or your favorite sex toy cleaner. You can also stick it in the dishwasher. As with glass sex toys, you can use any type of lubricant with stainless steel. So feel free to use those silicone-based lubes you can’t use with your silicone dildos. The stainless steel is so smooth and slick I need very little lube, if any, with the Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo, but slick it up as much as you like.

The Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo is 9.5″ long and measures 1.25″ in diameter at the larger end, 1.5″ in the middle, and .05″ at the smaller end. It weighs almost 1.75 pounds, which makes it my heaviest dildo by far. The weight feels good in my hand but can make my wrist tired if I’m thrusting too long. I guess I’m more out of shape than I realized!

The shape of the Slim Fave Dildo is interesting. The head of the larger end of the dildo has a rather flat surface that feels great sliding against my clit. Either end is good for gripping, though I prefer to grip the end with the graduated balls, or the middle. If you do use too much lube, the Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo can get a tad slippery so remember, less is more in this case.

Stainless steel is great at retaining temperatures so the Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo is excellent for sensation play. It always starts out cold, which for me is great as I am a fan of cold play. If you want it even colder you can cool down more by soaking it in a bowl of ice water. If you prefer warm to cold play, you can heat up your Slim Fave Dildo in a bowl of hot water. Either way, eventually the stainless steel will warm up or cool down to your body temperature, but in the meantime you can have fun creating different sensations with temperature.

The stainless steel is super shiny and quite pretty. It gets fingerprinty very easily but also shines up nicely with a soft cloth.

Just like the Magnetic Nipple Clamps, the Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo comes in a very cool storage case. It is a black and silver hard case that latches closed. Inside, the Slim Fave Dildo lays in a bed of shaped hard foam. This box is perfect for storage which is obviously the point. It is a great way to keep your Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo safe and sound. It’s also good way to keep it from banging against other more delicate sex toys in your toy chest.

Though it is tempting, I have not used the Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo in my ass because even though the stainless steel is great for anal play, it has no flared base to make it anal safe. Then again, as the Slim Fave Dildo is quite long it is easy to keep a firm grip on it so it could be fine to use with a partner, but I wouldn’t recommend using it solo. If you are going to use it for anal play, please be careful and make sure you don’t just let go of it.

I really love cold play and I love how cold the Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo gets. The sensation feels wonderful against my warm skin. The smoothness of the stainless steel shape slides over my clit and labia in delightful manner and slips inside me smoothly and easily.

While I like the graduated beads on the smaller end, I like them less than the larger side simply because the of the smaller diameter. I like my dildos more filling and find the graduated beads too small to give me that feeling. The Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo is long enough that I can bruise my cervix if I get lost in the moment and thrust too intensely, but that also depends on where I hold it. I can essentially shorten the length and keep this from happening by holding it higher on the shaft.

Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo Pros:
• Stainless steel
• Good for sensation play
• Great packaging
• Nice weight

Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo Cons:
• Can get very heavy during play

If you like metal sex toys, the Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo is a great option. The high quality stainless steel will last you quite a long time and provide all sorts of temperature-based fun. The storage box should last almost as long as the dildo if you treat it nicely. The heavy weight of the dildo is both a positive and a negative. I love it but it does wear on my wrist after a while. If you like the unusual shape of the dildo and the smooth texture of the stainless steel, you’re in for a treat with the Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo.

Twister Massager

MyPleasure has recently started carrying a new line of glass sex toys called Joyful Pleasure. I really love glass toys so I was very happy to get my hands on the Twister.

The Twister is a hand blown glass massager that is designed in Europe and handmade in China, though Joyful Pleasure is based in California. It is made of clear glass with an opaque raised black swirl on the shaft and raised black bumps on the base. It also has a rather pronounced head. The Twister is 6″ in length from the bottom of the handle to the top of the scored head. Approximately 4.25″ of the Twister is insertable and it is 1.5″ in diameter. The handle is slightly over 1.5″ in length. According to my ancient little postage scale, it weighs about 10.5 ounces, so it is a hefty little thing.

Joyful Pleasure’s packaging is quite simple. The Twister comes in a cardboard box with a little window on the front through which you can see the toy. The box also has images of the Twister on both sides and text on the back with a fair amount of information. It is quite clear this box houses a sex toy so you may not want to leave it laying about where just anyone can see it.

According to the back of the Joyful Pleasure box, the Twister is fracture-resistant. I assume this is due to type of glass from which it is made. However, there is no further information on the box or the website for me to share with you.

Glass is a really awesome material for sex toys for so many reasons. It is latex and phthalate-free, non-porous, body-safe, and hypoallergenic. While people can develop allergies to some of the materials used to make sex toys, I have yet to run across someone who is allergic to glass. Glass is super easy to clean as well. You can simply wash it with antibacterial soap and warm water, your favorite sex toy cleaner, a 10% bleach solution, or wash it in the dishwasher. Just be careful when handling it as you don’t want to bang it against hard objects, like sinks or counters. I know the Twister is supposed to be fracture-resistant but that doesn’t mean you want to go around banging it against things. Another wonderful thing about glass is that is it compatible with all lubricants so you can use whatever type of lube you want with your Twister.

Glass is also great for sensation play, something that I really enjoy. You can quickly and easily change the temperature of your Twister by running it under hot or cold water or soaking it in a bowl of either. The glass will hold the temperature for a good while before it slowly adjusts to your body temperature.

The biggest issue with glass is that it needs to be stored carefully. I prefer padded storage bags and I wish the Twister came with one. Right now, I am storing it inside its box and that has been fine. You just want to make sure you are careful with your Twister when storing it. Also be sure to look it over carefully before and after use. If you do find any cracks or chips, dispose of it. Do not use a glass sex toy that shows any sort of damage. Having said this, I own quite a few glass sex toys and I have never damaged a single one.

One of the main reasons I was interested in this particular piece from Joyful Pleasure was the handle. The Twister has a small off-center handle which is designed to allow you to twist the Massager inside of you. This seems good in theory and was the entire reason I wanted to try out this Massager. The Twister looks like other glass dildos I’ve seen that are often called “juicers”. I had always assumed this was because you would twist them around like you would a juicer. Unfortunately, the handle does not work well for twisting or “juicing” for me at all. Trying to twist the massager is just too awkward and I cannot get any motion going in this manner. The motion just ends up being very jerky and not at all smooth. In fact, I get really frustrated every time I try to spin the Twister inside me. I can’t make it work and it drives me crazy. I’m not sure if I am just too uncoordinated to make this work right or if the Twister really is meant to be used with a partner. The handle is super awesome for thrusting though, which I hadn’t bothered considering before using it. I was just so excited about the juicing aspect.

Some people may consider 4.25″ too short to mbe a good dildo. It is short, but what is great about this length is that I can thrust the Twister as hard as I want without coming close to hitting my cervix.

As it has a flared base, the Twister can also be used anally. The short length makes it good to use as a plug but it will probably be to short to stimulate a man’s prostate if you were to want to use it that way. You can sterilize your Twister with the previously mentioned 10% bleach solution which make switching between anal and vaginal use easy as pie. Of course, using a condom anally will also make this very easy to do. Using condoms with your Twister or sterilizing it will also allow you to use it between partners.

Twister Pros:
• Glass
• Handle
• Pronounced head
• Good for sensation play
• Can be used vaginally and anally

Twister Cons:
• Doesn’t twist for me
• No storage bag

While I was disappointed with the lack of actual twisting, the handle on the Twister is pretty great for thrusting, and my issues may be user error. The handle makes a short dildo seem not so short in use. As I have mentioned, glass is excellent for a variety reasons and I love sensation play. I’m particularly fond of cold play. The Twister is attractive and seems well-made. The shape works well for me, especially the pronounced head of the massager. I’m disappointed there is no storage bag included. I know, I always say that, but it’s even more important when the sex toy is made of glass. Overall, the Twister is a nice little massager that can be used either vaginally or anally which makes it quite versatile.

I am a bit conflicted on how to rate the Twister. An important part of this type of toy is the twisting motion which was a total failure for me. However, it does end up working well in other ways. If it weren’t for the twisting fail I’d give the Twister four stars, but it loses one star due to that disappointment.

You can pick up your own Twister as well as check out the other Joyful Pleasure massagers at MyPleasure. Plus, right now you will receive a free Sensual Essence Silk Lubricant with your Joyful Pleasures purchase!

Tantus Cush

For a while now I’ve been hearing all about dual density silicone and I have been very curious. So when the opportunity to review the Tantus Cush from Babeland came up, I jumped at it.

Amongst my dildos, the Tantus Cush is fast becoming a favorite. It is one of Tantus’ O2 dildos, which means it is dual density. There is a soft, squishy, plush layer of silicone over a firm inner core, giving the Cush a very different feel from other dildos. This top layer, which is a milky white, is extremely giving and squashable. The inner purple core is very firm Tantus silicone. It really does make the Cush feel unusual. It is giving to a point and then it just stops. This is meant to make it feel more like a real, live penis. The color is also quite fun with the dark purple silicone showing through the milky outer layer.

The Tantus Cush is 7″ long with a diameter of 1.75″. It has a pronounced coronal ridge and a significant ridge about midway down on the shaft. The head is slightly pointy but mostly made of the soft, squishy silicone so it’s not at all sharp. I just love how the soft silicone squashes in my hand. It’s like one of those squishy stress dolls. It’s just fun. The Tantus Cush has a thick and solid base making it perfect to use with a harness. This base also makes anal play possible as it will keep the dildo from slipping too far into the anus. Always be sure to sterilize the Cush when switching from anal to vaginal play.

The Tantus Cush comes in the typical Tantus packaging, a clear lightweight plastic box. You can easily see the dildo inside the box so it’s really not good for hiding it away. It isn’t the most sturdy box in the world and it does take up quite a bit more room than a storage bag or plastic baggie so it’s not the greatest box for storage, but it also isn’t the worst. Inside the box the Cush Dildo sits in a plastic clamshell. The clamshell in my box is obviously for a smaller dildo and also has a little place for a bullet vibrator. This is apparently a standard clamshell used for other Tantus products as well. I am not a huge fan of Tantus packaging, but I am a big fan of their sex toys, which is what’s important.

While this is an O2 dual density dildo, the Tantus Cush is still made of Tantus Ultra-Premium Platinum silicone. This high quality silicone is latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. The Tantus Cush is completely odorless and tasteless and can be easily cared for and cleaned. Like other silicone products you can wash it with warm water and antibacterial soap, your favorite sex toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution. As the Cush has no moving parts, you can also boil it for three to five minutes and wash it in the top drawer of your dishwasher (without soap). This makes the Cush very versatile and easy to use between partners, as well as both vaginally and anally.

I use water-based lubricant with the Tantus Cush as it is 100% silicone and therefore can react with the silicone-based lube. However, you can always do a patch test at the base of the dildo to determine if your silicone-based lubricant is compatible. If the Cush gets sticky or tacky, wash the lube off right away and stick with water-based. I find less drag with this dual density silicone than with traditional Tantus silicone, but I do still require lubrication. It just makes the Cush all slippery and slidey which generally feels better.

I love how this dildo feels inside me. As I slowly thrust, I can feel the girth of the Tantus Cush gently spreading me and I really like this feeling. I feel the give of the top layer of squashy silicone and the firmness of the core beneath it. To me, sex toys always feel significantly different than a live penis but there is something more similar about the Tantus Cush. It doesn’t feel the same but it is definitely closer. I like to use the Tantus Cush inside me with a vibe on my clit, like the We-Vibe Touch, which is one of my favorite clit vibes. The fullness of the dildo inside me is a wonderful added sensation to the clit stimulation.

I know the coronal ridge on this dildo is designed for g-spot stimulation and I get quite a good amount considering the Tantus Cush is not a curved sex toy. However, I don’t get the same kind of stimulation I do from other toys that are curved. The mild g-spot stimulation I get when using the Tantus Cush is an added bonus but it’s not the primary sensation. Nonetheless, it does add to the overall greatness of this dildo. The squashy firmness, the fullness, and the g-spot stimulation all together create a variety of sensations that I really enjoy.

Tantus Cush Pros:
• Awesome dual density silicone
• Feels great inside me
• Girthy
• Mild g-spot stimulation
• Fun color and design

Tantus Cush Cons:
• Might be too girthy for some

Overall, the Tantus Cush is just a great dildo for me. I love the dual density silicone. The soft giving layer over the firm core feels wonderful and is quite different from my other dildos. I really am looking forward to trying more dildos like the Cush. Due to the girth of this dildo, the Tantus Cush is not for beginners and may require some warm up with a smaller dildo or vibrator. Even more advanced users may require some warm up if you are not accustomed to thicker sex toys. I do not need to warm up with something else first, I can go straight to the Cush as I do not find it too large and I enjoy the stretching feeling.

Pick up your own Tantus Cush at Babeland. If the you like the sound of the Cush but aren’t into the purple color and want something more realistic, try the Tantus Luke or the Tantus Adam. Both are from the Tantus O2 line with the amazing dual density silicone but are less fantastical in looks.

Tantus Delta

Last week I fell in love with the Tantus Cush Dildo. This week I’m reviewing another Tantus product, the Tantus Delta from FunWares.

The Tantus Delta is a vibrating dildo with an unusual shape. It has an insertable portion and an external portion, like a rabbit vibrator. It’s a bit different from a traditional rabbit vibrator because neither part moves but rather transmits vibrations from the included bullet vibrator that fits into the bottom of the dildo. The Tantus Delta is definitely on the small side at 5″ long with approximately 2.5″ insertable, and a diameter of .75″. This makes it great for beginners and those who prefer smaller sex toys. As you can see in one of the images, it’s quite soft and very flexible.

Made of 100% Ultra-Premium Platinum Silicone, the Tantus Delta is latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. It is super easy to care for and clean. You can use your favorite sex toy cleaner, warm water and antibacterial soap, or a 10% bleach solution. You can also wash it in the top drawer of your dishwasher without soap or boil it for 3-5 minutes, just be sure to remove the vibrating bullet. As the Tantus Delta can be sterilized with bleach or by boiling, you can share it between non-fluid bonded partners.

It is generally best to use water-based lubricant with the Tantus Delta as silicone-based lube could have a negative chemical reaction with the silicone of the Delta and cause it to become tacky. You can always do a patch test at the base of the Tantus Delta to see how your silicone-based lubricant and the vibrating dildo will interact. I have not done so as I just prefer to use water-based lube with my silicone sex toys.

The Tantus Delta comes in the typical Tantus packaging, a flexible, see-through plastic box. This box is not at all discreet as it is see-through and says, “The World’s Best Soft Toys For Adults” on it. So, it may not be best to leave it laying around. The box is ok for storage but not great as it takes up quite a bit more room than the actual Tantus Delta and isn’t the sturdiest thing in the world. You may be better off using a toy storage pouch or plastic baggie.

You can use the Tantus Delta with or without the included vibrating bullet. The vibrating bullet is about 2.25″ long and 2.25″ in circumference. It comes with the three required LR44 batteries. I greatly appreciate this as these batteries can be a bit of a pain to find. This bullet vibrator is the exact same bullet that comes with the Tantus Zing. It can be tricky to slide the bullet in and out of the Tantus Delta so I recommend using a few drops of water-based lubricant to make the bullet easier to manage. As I always forget to do this and find myself constantly struggling to get the damn bullet out, I cannot stress this enough. The vibrating bullet is a one speed and is easily turned on and off with a small push button on the bottom of the unit. The vibrations from the bullet are high-pitched and buzzy, not my favorite type of vibration for clit stimulation.

The excellent Tantus silicone transmits the vibrations surprisingly well, though I do find them a bit too buzzy for my taste. The shape is good for g-spot stimulation though I wish the dildo was a bit firmer where it hits my g-apot. The .5″ base is great for thrusting. It is easy to hold on to and grip as well as making the Tantus Delta ideal for harness use.

I generally like Tantus sex toys so I had high hopes for the Tantus Delta, though I was uncertain about the shape. I figured it would either work really well or be a disaster. Lo and behold, it works great for me. I usually prefer toys with more girth but something about this shape just works. As I’m thrusting the Tantus Delta inside me I can feel the internal piece rubbing against my g-spot while the external piece rubs against my clit just right. The added vibrations add to these sensations and take everything to the next level. I think the vibrations might be too buzzy for constant contact with my clit but they work just fine for thrusting. There is enough vibration and rubbing stimulation to get me off without numbing my clit in the process because the contact is intermittent.

Tantus Delta Pros:
• Great silicone
• Unusual shape
• Fits my body well
• Good for those who like smaller sized toys
• Comes with vibrating bullet
• Can be used with a harness
• Not a dust magnet

Tantus Delta Cons:
• Bullet provides buzzy vibrations
• Bullet could be stronger
• Hard to find batteries

The Tantus Delta is made of a beautiful pearly pink silicone that is surprisingly not a dust magnet like some of Tantus’ silicone. Tantus makes high quality sex toys and I love that they are made in the U.S. I like the strange shape of the Tantus Delta and how it provides multiple types of stimulation by rubbing against my g-spot and my clit along with providing vibration. My biggest complaint about the Tantus Delta is the buzziness of the vibrating bullet. I’d prefer it came with a stronger bullet with deeper, rumblier vibrations. However, it does get me off and is a successful, if unusual, rabbit vibrator.

Smooth Lover

I’m the first to admit, when it comes to sex toys I tend to prefer vibrators over dildos. That’s what really gets me off. However, I do love the feeling of being filled and thrusting something (or having something thrust) inside me. When I want that feeling I will often use one toy inside me and one on my clit. That’s where a good dildo comes in, like the Smooth Lover from MyPleasure.

The Smooth Lover is a 100% Japanese platinum silicone dildo made by Ophoria. Ophoria calls it the Pleasure No. 6 which is a pretty lame name, though I’m not sure Smooth Lover is totally appropriate as it isn’t completely smooth. This pretty in pink dildo has some lovely scroll work on the sides as well as a pearl detail underneath the head and at its base. In fact, it looks to me like a dildo wearing a pearl choker. I’ve never had a dildo that wears jewelry before but the Smooth Lover is quite fetching with its decorative sides and pearl necklace.

As I mentioned, the Smooth Lover is made of 100% silicone which means it is latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. This makes the Smooth Lover good for most people unless you’ve specifically got a silicone allergy. The silicone is very easy to care for and clean. You can wash it with warm water and antibacterial soap, use your favorite toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution to sterilize it. As an added bonus, because there are no electrical parts, you can boil the Smooth Lover for 3-5 minutes to sterilize it as well. Doing this will allow you to safely and responsibly share your Smooth Lover with a non-fluid bonded partner. It will also allow you to go from anal to vaginal play if you so desire. However, if you are going to use the Smooth Lover anally, be very careful and keep a firm grip as there is not much of a flange to keep it from slipping inside your anus completely. Due to this, I do not use it anally.

As the Smooth Lover is silicone, you want to use water-based lubricant with it. Silicone-based lubes can react with the silicone of the dildo leaving it tacky which would be most unpleasant. If you have your heart set on using a silicone-based lubricant with this dildo, use a high quality silicone lube and do a test patch at the base of the dildo to make sure there is no negative reaction.

One cool thing about the Smooth Lover is that is has a suction cup at its base. This is my first suction cup dildo and I am thoroughly impressed. It sticks to everything, the shower wall, my bedside table, my MacBook Pro, even my forehead. That’s right, I can be a dildo unicorn if I want. This suction cup will allow you to ride the Smooth Lover basically anywhere you can stick it. Granted, I’m probably a bit tame in the way I use it and I do tend to use it more for thrusting, but you can be as creative as you like.

Where there is no design the Smooth Lover is very smooth and soft. The solid silicone is firm with little give and has no scent or taste. There is a seam down the front and back of the dildo that I can easily feel with my fingers. However, I do not feel this seam with the Smooth Lover inside me. Nor do I feel the scroll work which is raised. It’s just not enough of a difference in texture for me to feel it. The Smooth Lover is a straight dildo and as such really does not hit my g-spot. As I mentioned above, I mostly use this dildo for thrusting as I’m not much of a ride ‘em cowgirl type. There is a little drag with the Smooth Lover but it doesn’t require a huge amount of lubricant.

The Smooth Lover is 6″ long, with almost all of that being insertable, and 1.25″ in diameter. I find it to be on the smaller side girth-wise. I tend to prefer thicker dildos most of the time, but at times during my cycle a thick toy can be too much. This dildo is comfortable during those times. It also does not require warm up and needs less lube than my thicker dildos.

The packaging of the Smooth Lover is quite simple. It comes in a box with a cutout on the front that shows the dildo. There is some very basic information on the back in six languages. Inside the box the Smooth Lover rests in a plastic clam shell. There is small instruction manual that also displays Ophoria’s line of sex toys. It is very basic and gives directions for their vibrating toys as well. The packaging is recyclable and definitely takes up more room than the dildo so you’re probably better off storing it in some sort of toy bag or ziploc bag. You want to keep your toys from touching so there are no negative chemical reactions.

Smooth Lover Pros:
• Silicone
• Suction cup
• Comfortable
• Requires minimum lubricant
• Not a lint magnet
• Pretty

Smooth Lover Cons:
• Not very girthy

The Smooth Lover is a pretty little dildo that appeals to me aesthetically. I’m not a huge fan of realistic dildos so I like the color and the designs. I especially like that pearl choker. I like the feel of the Ophoria silicone. It has little drag, is nice and smooth, and does not attract lint and dust, which is always a bonus with silicone. I like the suction cup. It’s just fun to stick the Smooth Lover to things. However, it really is useful if you are a rider because it sticks and stays very well. I do tend to prefer my dildos be girthier, but it’s nice to have a dildo that is less girthy once in a while and I think the Smooth Lover will definitely be good for those who don’t like their dildos so thick. Overall, this is a solid dildo that I can strongly recommend. You can check out the Smooth Lover at MyPleasure.

Seven Creations Vibrating Orgasm Balls

They arrived quickly in some super discrete packaging and are part of the great range of love balls at temptations direct

The packaging is pretty standard really, it’s not overly fussy, just a box with a clear plastic panel to see the toy through, inside the box you the balls and the power-pack are wrapped in a sealed plastic wrap.

The vibrating balls consist of 2 gold colored plastic balls that are linked together by a wire and a power pack which has a wheel operated variable speed control.

The Orgasm balls take 2AA batteries which are easily slotted into the black power pack, and once the are in you simpy click the pack closed and then you are ready to go, turning the wheel turns the vibrations on/off and increases the speed, the further you turn the wheel the stronger/faster the vibrations are.

The balls are a good size they are about an inch across, this might sound quite large but they are actually about the same as most average sized dildos in width. They are smooth and gold in colour and as they are plastic they are suitable for use with all lubricants, when they are turned on they make very little noise at all.

The orgasm balls are suitable for anal and vaginal use which makes they perfect for both men and women, I personally preferred to use them vaginally, with one ball on the outside sat against my clit and the other on the inside against my g-spot, the wire is just long enough for you to be able to position the vibrating balls in this way.

The orgasm balls can be worn internally while you go about your day to day activities as they are large enough to stay in place quite easily. However, when they are turned on they are more difficult to keep in place, as you muscles have to work harder to hold them there. These are not weighted balls they are purely vibrating balls, so wearing them like kegal balls will not really do much to improve your pelvic floor.

I personally didn’t feel that the vibrations on the balls where all that strong, they are strong enough to feel nice when they are on full but on the lower settings I just didn’t feel very much, but I guess that is why they are lower settings

Something I did like is that rather than having 2 or 3 set speeds the speed of the vibrating orgasm balls is controlled by a wheel, this means that you can set the power at the exact level that you want.

These balls are not waterproof and as such they should not be submerged in water to clean them, I found that the easiest way to clean these was to spray them with a good quality sex toy cleaner and then use some paper towels to make sure that they are super sparkly and clean, ready for the next use.

Overall I thought that these Orgasm balls where ok, I tried them in a variety of ways and found the least obvious way to be the best, with one ball on the clit and the other on the G-spot, I found them easy to use both vaginally and anally, and been able to use them will all lubes a great point, I likes how variable the speed is, shame that they can’t be submerged for washing but they are pretty easy to clean with the spray.

Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish

For my first review of 2013 I decided I wanted to go with something unusual and special, something I had my eye on for a long time, something to set the tone of the new year. I headed over to EdenFantasys and picked up a dildo I had wanted for quite a while but hadn’t been able to justify purchasing. A new year is a good reason to buy a new dildo, isn’t it? Of course it is. So without further ado, meet the amazing Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo. Readers, Jellyfish. Jellyfish, Readers.

Now that we’re all acquainted, let’s get down to business. The Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo is made by a small company based in Maine called, you guessed it, Whipspider Rubberworks. The included insert, as well as the Whipspider Rubberworks website, informs me that this little company is owned by three friends who pass their time hand casting each sculpture in silicone and non-toxic pigments. It is always great to see such high quality sex toys from a small American company, especially when said toys are manufactured in the United States.

The high-quality silicone of the Whispider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo is soft and smooth and squashy. It has a significant amount of drag so definitely use a good water-based lubricant. Stay away from silicone-based lubes as they can cause a negative chemical interaction with the silicone of the dildo making it tacky. I always warn about this because I think it would be awful to ruin a perfectly good silicone sex toy this way. In the case of the Whipspider Jellyfish, it would be an an absolute travesty.

As the Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo is made of this squashy silicone, it is super easy to care for and clean. You can wash it with warm water and antibacterial soap, use a sex toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution. With no moving parts in the Jellyfish, you can also wash it in the top drawer of your dishwasher with no soap or boil it for three to five minutes to sterilize it. Boiling it and cleaning it with a 10% bleach solution disinfects the Jellyfish so it can be shared with non-fluid bonded partners. It also allows the Jellyfish go from anal to vaginal use. The Jellyfish has a large, flared based that makes it safe to be used anally and permits it to be used in a strap-on harness.

Now, onto the Jellyfish Dildo itself. Let me just start by saying that this is absolutely the most beautiful dildo I have ever seen. The colors are impressive and the detail is simply extraordinary. The workmanship is astonishing. I have a fair amount of sex toys in my collection and I have nothing that impresses me as much as the Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo. I expected it to be pretty cool, I mean, it looks cool online. I just could not have imagined how striking it would be in person. I am not sure it is possible to appreciate the Jellyfish as much online as when you are actually holding it in your hand, which is something I rarely say about sex toys. Most of them do a decent job of translating in pictures but images of the Jellyfish fall short of the real life experience, and I’m just talking looks, not use.

The colors of the Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo are bright and vivid. There is blue, pink, purple, and white, and each melts into the other while still standing out on its own. There is an amazing amount of texture provided by the detailing along the shaft of the Jellyfish. There is also a fair amount of detailing carved into the base of the Jellyfish Dildo, along with a cool carving on the top of the head. The head of the Jellyfish is large and bulbous and shaped like the body of…well..a Jellyfish. The tentacles drape down the shaft, which is slightly curved in a very aesthetically pleasing way. Underneath the base of the Jellyfish is a carved out Whipspider, or a tailless whip-scorpion, which is the logo of the company.

At 7″ long, with 6″ being insertable, the Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo is about average in length. However, it is on the larger side girthwise, at 1.75″. I enjoy girthy toys so this width works for me. As I mentioned before, the silicone is super squashy, even bendy. The Jellyfish Dildo is pure silicone with no hard inner core so it really doesn’t feel quite as large as 1.75″. It’s so soft, in fact, I can bend it in half. I thought this would make the Jellyfish too bendy for thrusting but it doesn’t at all. It’s actually very easy to thrust with and the base is comfortable to hold during play.

In use, the Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo is as good as it looks. It is very easy to hold and thrust with and the silicone is super soft and luxurious. The Jellyfish is so thoroughly textured that I feel the tentacles against my labia with each thrust. I feel the larger texture of the shaft inside me as well. I happen to really like textured sex toys but if you don’t or are on the fence, avoid the Jellyfish at all costs. I am not sure if the slight curve to the shaft is supposed to help the Jellyfish Dildo hit my g-spot, but it does not, which is fine with me. I am getting plenty of stimulation from the texture. I don’t expect it do everything possible, that’s asking an awful lot from one little (well, not so little) dildo.

The packaging of the Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo is minimal. It comes in a plastic bag with a card that has very basic information on it. It gives you a blurb about the company, tells you how to clean the Jellyfish, and warns you to keep it away from sharp objects. This is excellent advice considering how soft the Jellyfish Dildo is. Normally I like my fancy packaging, especially with more luxurious products, but I actually find this next to nothing packaging totally acceptable. As Whipspider Rubberworks is such a small company it makes sense and I’d rather them invest the time and money in making their phenomenal toys rather than on packaging that just gets recycled anyway. At least there is a bag I can use to store my Jellyfish Dildo in so it doesn’t smush up against other silicone sex toys or get dusty.

Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo Pros:
• Great texture
• Good size
• Gorgeous colors
• Amazing details
• Squashy silicone
• Not a lint magnet

Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo Cons:
• Umm…might be too textured for some?

I have mentioned before that I prefer my sex toys to be colorful, fun, and unusual. The Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo fits the bill on all levels. There is nothing about this dildo that says penis, other than the general shape, which makes me very happy. I really cannot say enough about the high quality of this dildo. The detail is amazing, the colors are fantastic, and I love using it. Overall, the Jellyfish is the most awesome dildo I’ve ever seen. If I could only have one dildo in my entire collection, it would be the Whipspider Jellyfish. Now I totally want to try out more Whipspider Rubberworks products.

Screaming Ovation Kit

This is the screaming Ovation Intimacy Kit from Temptations Direct, it includes 2 vibrating cock rings, lube, condoms and mints and a couple of other bits as seen in the diagram below.

In the Screaming O Ovation intimacy kit you get two of everything which means that this kit is perfect for a romantic weekend away with your partner.

But are the contents any good? You wonder, well let’s start with the mints, when my partner first saw the mints his comment was ‘I don’t understand what the mints are for?’ so I explained that minty breathe brings a whole new dimension to oral sex, for both men and women. We tried them and to be completely honest I was very underwhelmed by the mints, they’re not minty enough to be able to use the effect of the menthol in your mouth as an enhancer for oral sex, you would be better buying a packet of polo’s for this from the store.

The wipes, this, I thought was a great idea, they are handy to have with you, meaning that you can always be clean and fresh and ready for action, a much better option than baby wipes.

Warming Lube, This is a nice little plastic sachet of warming lube, perfect to pop in your bag just snap the seal and your ready to go, no messing about with packaging. The warming lube might not be good for people who are especially sensitive but if you’re lucky enough to not have that problem, you should feel a lovely warming sensation when you’re having sex, it’s not good for anal though – you have been warned.

Lubricated condoms, well there isn’t really much I can say about these, they are bog standard lubricated condoms not to thick but not especially thin either.  We don’t usually use condoms but if you do it is great to have them included in this little set.

Water-based Lube, this comes in a similar packaging to the warming lube, unlike the warming lube as this is not warming or cooling it is safe to use for anal sex, the packaging really is easy to open in the heat of the moment, just snap off the top and your away.

The booklet is interesting and entertaining more than it is useful; it has some pictures of various positions which could be fun or interesting to try if you haven’t tried them already. To be honest the pictures gave us more of a laugh than anything else.

And finally what was for us the main part of the kit, 2 vibrating cock rings, these have a stretchy jelly type band that stretched around the penis and a single use vibrator which lasts approx 20 mins, it has a simple button on the side of the vibrating part to turn it on and off and is single speed.

They are safe to use with either of the lubes that are included as well as the condoms. The vibrations can be felt right down the penis during sex and have the effect of turning your partner’s cock into a vibrator. As there are single use single speed cock rings they are not super powerful, but they are pretty good all things considered. My partner said that the vibrations felt nice to him to but nothing special.

So what do I think of the kit as a whole? I think that it is perfect for a weekend away with your partner, it will easily pop into your handbag and has everything that you might need for that saucy weekend of fun, and as it is all disposable you don’t need to worry about cleaning it up afterwards, they have even thought about you by even including hygiene wipes.

The Adult Board Game for Couples and Groups

It arrived really fast, and was sent in some nice discrete packaging, when I removed it from the packaging I could see that they had put a lot of thought into the design if the game, the picture on the box is very retro, kind of 50’s sexy/cartoony but not slutty.

Playing Pieces and Dice

When I opened the box, I saw that the same amount of thought had gone into the design of the board and the cards. There are allot of cards with this game, at first it seemed a bit daunting working out which cards go where and what they are all for, but once we had read the rules it was all pretty straight forward really.

What’s in the box

The main cards that you use during the game are reward/forfeit cards which are numbered 1-5 with the idea been that they get more risqué as the game goes on. There are also Massage and Fantasy cards, the Fantasy cards are for the end of the game and are set up as Voyeur, Threesome, Fetish and Role-play, we really liked that a blank fantasy card was left for the game players to add their own fantasies to the game if they wish.

We played the game as a couple, but the game is unique as it is aimed at both couples and groups, this is the first adult board game that I have come across that is aimed at groups, but as a couple we found that we were able to play just as well.


The cards do indicate on them how many people that they are aimed at, be it for a group or a couple, meaning that if you are playing as a couple you just take out the ones that won’t work, if you are playing as a group I would think that all the cards are usable.

The Cards

The level 5 cards are quite risqué, so I would advise that you sit and read through them and maybe remove any cards which would make you feel too uncomfortable before you play, or if you are really new to things, maybe take out the level 5 card the first time you play the game, you can always add them in again later if you want.


As you make your way around the board you land on squares including ones for massage, kiss, strip, forfeit cards, reward cards and drink. At first working out what all the different squares meant was a little confusing as every square seems to mean something different, but the rules are pretty clear and after playing for a short while it soon becomes easy to work out.

As it doesn’t say how many times you should go around the board we went round the board a few times before going into the middle and finishing the game, as we wanted to use all the cards and try everything out, I guess the number of times you go round would really depend on how much time you have and how quickly you work your way through the cards.

The Board all set up and ready to play

Overall I can honestly say that we have not had as much fun together or laughed so much for a long while. I would recommend this to anyone who wants something to spice up their lives or to groups of people who want to play together.

This game left us wanting more afterwards and the final fantasy that we chose helped us along, so when they named the game Tease they got it right.

Been able to choose your levels and leave out the cards that are too much for you or not to your taste make it potentially fun for all.