Original Venus Butterfly

This week, girls, I reviewing an oldie but goodie for you…the Original Venus Butterfly made by California Exotics.

This sex toy is made for hands free clitoral and labial stimulation and it does a grand old job! The Venus Butterfly consists of a rubber butterfly that is 3” long and 3” wide. The butterfly itself is pink, sparkly, and pretty. The rubber is strong and durable, yet soft and flexible. Tucked inside (it’s not removable) is a powerful egg vibrator. Though rubber isn’t my favorite material, it does disseminate the vibrations of the egg very well.

What makes Venus Butterfly special is the fact that it’s wearable. This unique device has soft elastic straps that fit around your waist and thighs. These stretchy straps are adjustable so almost anyone can wear them, and it’s easy to fit them so the Venus Butterfly sits tightly against your all the right places. They are simple to get on and off by use of the hook and eye closure on each one.

The Venus Butterfly has a corded remote that takes 2 AA batteries and is very easy to use. You simply dial up or down depending on how strong you or your partner wants the vibration.

I have had excellent luck with this toy. The motor on the egg vibrator just goes and goes, like the Energizer Bunny. When and if it finally dies, I may consider an upgrade to the wireless remote Venus Butterfly. My man and I love a cordless remote!

One big advantage is being able to wear this vibrator around, even in public, because you can easily wear the Venus Butterfly under your clothes. Now I know a lot of girls love to wear the Venus Butterfly out and about, and my man and I are all for super top-secret public play. However, I don’t find this the most comfortable vibrator in the world to wear while running errands. I prefer to wear the Venus Butterfly when I’m doing more sitting than walking, and when we are someplace very noisy. This baby is loud! The rubber does more to disseminate the vibrations than dissipate the noise.

It is excellent for wearing around the house. My man loves to position the remote behind my back so only he has access to the controls. It’s also great foreplay or a warm up in the car. He loves to have me put in on in the restroom before we head out. Then he gets me good and revved up for him by the time we get home.

When positioned properly, which is easy to do, the Venus Butterfly has good coverage. With its body nestled in between my labia and its nose on my clit, I am a happy, happy girl! We use the Venus Butterfly a lot during anal sex. It’s tucked up out of the way and it’s easy for him to control even when he’s pounding away inside me.

The Venus Butterfly feels great against my mound. The vibrations spread through my labia and tingle on my clit. When playing alone, I often use a dildo for penetration underneath the Venus Butterfly. With enough time and pressure, and preferably additional play, this vibrator gets me off without me having to lift a finger!

No lube is necessary as the Venus Butterfly is not an insertable toy. However, you can certainly slap on a bit to get that extra slippery feeling if you like. This makes clean up a breeze as you simply spray it with antibacterial cleaner or use an antibacterial wipe. Since rubber is porous, I prefer a serious cleaning product such as Pjur. The Venus Butterfly is not waterproof so don’t immerse it in water!

California Exotics Venus Butterfly Pros:
– Hands free use
– Can wear under clothing
– Low price

California Exotics Venus Butterfly Cons:
– Loud
– Corded remote vs. cordless

All in all, I am a big fan of the Venus Butterfly. Though it’s loud, being able to wear it around is fantastic and the price point is great. My man can do anything he wants to me while I’m squirming around with the Venus Butterfly on. After all, ya gotta love something that’s developed just for us girls!

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