Nomi Tang Getaway Wild G-Spot

Now this is what I call a Getaway! The Nomi Tang Getaway Wild Vibrator from EdenFantasys makes for an interesting and delightful time in the bedroom, bath, or anywhere else you may want to get away with her.

Yes Ladies, the Getaway Wild Vibrator is a “her”. Most of my sex toys are “him”s but the Getaway Wild is just so feminine. Maybe it’s her raspberry color (not pink, but raspberry!), maybe it’s her curves. Whatever it is, she just screams “girly” to me.

So the Getaway Wild Vibrator is my first Nomi Tang product, and when it comes to the packaging, may I just say, “Wow!” Talk about aesthetically pleasing! The first layer is the hard paper sleeve with the Nomi Tang logo, an image of the Getaway Wild, and a handful of icons that give you basic info about the vibrator. It’s very tasteful and relatively discreet until you notice “designer vibrator” printed on the two sides of the sleeve and the cat’s out of the bag. Oh well. You can always ditch the sleeve and just store her in the pretty white padded cardboard box.

I’m a sucker for luxurious packaging and Nomi Tang definitely provides it. My Getaway Wild Vibrator lounges in a bed of white satin designed to fit her shape perfectly. Now, I love the hinged box but what if you don’t have room for it? Nomi Tang has thoughtfully provided a white satin bag as an additional storage option.

Also included in the box is a user manual in nine languages. The User Manual informs us the Getaway Wild is waterproof up to one meter and provides helpful directions on how to use the touch sensor control panel. The User Manual also includes amusing tips on how to enjoy yourself using your new vibrator, such as, “make sure that you and your vibe are warm…switch off your phone and simply relax…” Thanks Nomi Tang! 😉

The only thing not included in Nomi Tang’s packaging is the two AA batteries required to operate the Getaway Wild. Be sure to stock up and remember to remove them if you’re not going to be using your Wild frequently.

The Nomi Tang Getaway Wild Vibrator is made of incredibly velvety silicone over a hard internal core. Silicone is phthalate and latex free, hypoallergenic, non-porous, and body-safe. It can be sterilized to share between partners by spraying or wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution (9 parts water to 1 part bleach). If you’re not sharing, you can also simply wash it with antibacterial soap and warm warm water or use your favorite sex toy cleaner. However, do not boil your Wild. Remember, she has a motor which would probably not take kindly to boiling water.

I find very little drag with my Getaway Wild’s silicone. However, as she is silicone, be sure to use water-based lubricant only with her. Both silicone and oil-based lubes can break down silicone.

The Getaway Wild Vibrator is 8 1/2″ long, with 6″ insertable, and 1 1/8″ in diameter. So if you’re looking for girth, look elsewhere. She is a thin vibrator, but she has her strengths. The Getaway Wild has a nice weight to her but is not heavy enough to make my wrist sore when using her for an extended period of time.

While the Getaway Wild is made of some of the softest, silkiest silicone around, there is no give to this vibrator at all. She will not bend or adjust to your body. So keep this in mind when looking at her feminine curves. My Wild has a small seam running lengthwise on each side that i clearly feel with my fingers but can’t feel when she’s inside me. The shape of the Getaway Wild is clearly one attribute that makes her stand out from other vibrators. With her hooking curve and flat head, she reminds me of the LELO Gigi and the LELO Ella, neither of which I own. This unusual shape is designed to target g-spot stimulation.

Depending on her position she can be very good for insertion and thrusting. At the right angle the Wild really hits my g-spot and feels amazing when I thrust her in and out. At the wrong angle, she gets stuck on my pubic bone and is uncomfortable. However, when I insert the Wild without thrusting, she hooks around pubic bone and stays inside me pulsating against my g-spot.

The Nomi Tang Getaway Wild Vibrator’s flat head feels great basically everywhere… on my labia, my breasts, my clit. My Man keeps trying to use her as a body massager!

The Getaway Wild Vibrator has five levels of straight vibration and four pulsation patterns. The lowest level is barely there and is whisper quiet. As you move up in power, you also move up slightly in noise. However, my Wild is the quietest vibrator I own. Even at her highest level, she can’t be heard through a closed door in a silent room.

The pulsation patterns feel something like this-
1. Buuuuzzzzz buuuuzzzzz buuuuzzzzz buuuuzzzzz
2. Buuuzzz buuuzzz buuuzzz buuuzzz
2. Buuzz buuzz buuzz buuzz
3. Buz buz buz buz buz

The other area in which the Nomi Tang Getaway Wild Vibrator really stands out is her control panel. Turning her on and off is easy with her dedicated on/off button. Controlling her vibration levels and patterns is done through the use of her touch sensor, which is about 1 1/2″ long and 1/2″ wide, and has a flashing “NT” logo at the bottom. To increase the Getaway’s vibration level, simply slide your finger up along the sensor, from bottom to top. Each swipe of your finger increases the power by one level. To decrease power, slide your finger down, from top to bottom. To switch to a pulsation pattern, hold your finger over the NT logo for 2 seconds. Change the pulsation speed by swiping your finger and down the sensor, just like you do with the vibration levels. This control system is unique and responsive, and works remarkably well.

One of my favorite features is the touch sensor’s lock. At any time, simply hold your finger at the top of the touch sensor for 2 seconds and you lock in that particular power level and pattern. This keeps you from accidentally changing the program during play. The NT logo glows blue while on steady vibration, flashes blue while on pulsation pattern, and glows red when the sensor is locked.

The Nomi Tang Getaway Wild’s vibrations are on the weaker side, but they are lower pitched and more rumbly than buzzy. It turns me on like nobody’s business but sometimes it feels like I have to fight for my orgasms. So the Wild is great as a warm up and she does often get me there, but she won’t do it for everyone. Power queens look elsewhere. However, if you have a sensitive clit or like a long, slow build-up, you will be a happy camper with this vibrator. I’m no power queen, but I want a stronger vibration from my Getaway Wild. I’m laying there arguing with her, begging her for more power and all I get back is, “I’ve given her all she’s got, Captain!”

Nomi Tang Getaway Wild Vibrator Pros:
– Touch sensor
– Waterproof
– Aesthetically pleasing
– Soft, sleek silicone
– Great storage options

Nomi Tang Getaway Wild Vibrator Cons:
– Weak Vibrations
– May catch on pubic bone

I absolutely love the look and feel of my Nomi Tang Getaway Wild Vibrator. She’s so very modern looking and feels super soft against my body. I want to love her as a primary vibe as well, but she falls slightly short. For me, the Getaway WIld is a better foreplay than finishing toy. She is good at revving my engine, I just may need a bit more (most of time) to bring it home.

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