Mystic Mini

The Mystic Mini Massager from Good Vibrations is adorable. It’s like wand for a really large Barbie. I know, again with Barbie references. I think it’s the pink.

The Mystic Mini Vibrating Massager is rechargeable, and oh how I love rechargeable vibrators! What makes it unique amongst other rechargeables is that it charges via USB. Talk about travel friendly. I can carry it in my computer bag. Yes, I know there are other products out there that also charge through a USB port, but this is my first. The charger is quite useful as it also has iPhone/iPod Touch, mini and micro USB, 3.5, and 2.5 DC inputs. It’s almost cooler than the vibrator itself. The directions do caution not to plug in more than one charger at a time as damage will occur. Still, I can now charge my Mystic Mini and my cell phone off the same charger on my computer. I can even use my cell phone charger to charge the Mystic Mini off the AC power. I love the flexibility!

The Mystic Mini does not come with any instructions other than a brief insert for the charger. Unfortunately, the insert does not explain how long to charge the vibrator or how long a charge will hold. There is a red light on the charger that goes on to let you know it’s charging, and the plug insert and control button glow blue. However, these indicators don’t change to give me any clue as to when to remove the Mystic Mini from the charger. It easily charges up within an hour, though I really don’t know if that’s a full charge. However, charging it for approximately two hours seems to give me about one hour’s worth of charge. The vibrations get slightly weaker as the charge runs out. However, the massager gives no warning when it’s about to die, as I discovered mid-play.

It’s manufactured by Vibratex, so I am guessing it is made in Japan. Vibratex is the maker of the Classic Rabbit Pearl, and makes solid, good quality toys. The Mystic Mini is 6″ long with a 1 1/4″ wide head. The handle of the Mystic Mini Vibrating Massager is made of hard plastic with a velvety top coat, while the head, neck, and control button are silicone. The neck is ribbed and quite flexible, so it’s easy to get the exact angle I want. The handle is very ergonomic and fits comfortably in my hand. It’s also lightweight so I can easily hold it as long as necessary to get the job done.

As the Mystic Mini is made of silicone and ABS plastic, and is waterproof, cleaning is easy peasy. I haven’t submerged my Mystic Mini in water and don’t plan to even though it is waterproof. I’d be a bit concerned about the plug input, though it is tightly covered. I’m just paranoid that way. The head is ridged which gives it some nice texture, but can collect fluids. You can gently use a your fingernail and a paper towel or toy wipe to clean between the ridges.

The Mystic Mini is really not insertable beyond the head and is not meant to be used anally. It’s great to vibrate against a butt plug or the base of anal beads but no insertion, please. There is no drag with the silicone of the Mystic Mini so I often find my own lubrication sufficient. However, if you do want some more slippery and slidey goodness, be sure to use a water-based lubricant as silicone-based lube can react negatively with silicone toys.

The vibrations of the Mystic Mini remind me of the Buzzlet, which is a favorite of mine when I want something convenient and easy to use. The vibrations aren’t the strongest in the world, but because they are thuddy, they do an excellent job of getting me off. My orgasm may take longer with the Mystic Mini than some of my other vibrators but it’s much more satisfying.

The Mystic Mini Massager has three levels of steady vibration and three pulsations patterns.
1. Low steady vibration
2. Medium steady vibration
3. High steady vibration
4. Steady 2 pulse pulsation pattern; buzz buzz, pause, buzz buzz, pause
5. Escalation pattern: 5 pulses from lowest to highest vibration
6. Escalation +pulsation pattern: 8 second escalation, 2 pulses

Mystic Mini Massager Pros:
– Small and portable
– Can charge off USB or AC power
– Deep, thuddy vibrations
– Storage bag
– High quality

Mystic Mini Massager Cons:
– Lack of charging information

I really like my Mystic Mini Massager. I also really like alliteration. Aside from being cute, it’s terribly convenient. I love its multipurpose charger and its little storage bag. I can easily tuck it in my purse and no one is the wiser. It’s quiet enough under blankets that it doesn’t wake My Man if he’s already nodded off. Though I wouldn’t mind a smidge more power from the vibrations, it’s quite impressive for the small size. My Mystic Mini gets me nice and worked up and gives me some very intense orgasms. Though it’s really not a super quickie, the Mystic Mini has been my go to vibrator of late.

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