Metal Worx Slim Fave

Like shiny new sex toys? I do! A few weeks ago I reviewed the new Metal Worx Magnetic Nipple Clamps and today I have the pleasure of reviewing another product from the new Metal Worx line, the Slim Fave Dildo from FunWares.

As I mentioned previously, Metal Worx is a new line of metal sex toys put out by Pipedream Products. The Slim Fave Dildo is part of this new line. It is made of high quality nickel-free stainless steel. Stainless steel is non-porous, latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. This means you can easily clean and sterilize it to share between non-fluid bonded partners. To sterilize your Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo, wash or spray it with a 10% bleach solution (nine parts water, one part bleach). To wash it you can simply use warm water and antibacterial soap or your favorite sex toy cleaner. You can also stick it in the dishwasher. As with glass sex toys, you can use any type of lubricant with stainless steel. So feel free to use those silicone-based lubes you can’t use with your silicone dildos. The stainless steel is so smooth and slick I need very little lube, if any, with the Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo, but slick it up as much as you like.

The Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo is 9.5″ long and measures 1.25″ in diameter at the larger end, 1.5″ in the middle, and .05″ at the smaller end. It weighs almost 1.75 pounds, which makes it my heaviest dildo by far. The weight feels good in my hand but can make my wrist tired if I’m thrusting too long. I guess I’m more out of shape than I realized!

The shape of the Slim Fave Dildo is interesting. The head of the larger end of the dildo has a rather flat surface that feels great sliding against my clit. Either end is good for gripping, though I prefer to grip the end with the graduated balls, or the middle. If you do use too much lube, the Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo can get a tad slippery so remember, less is more in this case.

Stainless steel is great at retaining temperatures so the Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo is excellent for sensation play. It always starts out cold, which for me is great as I am a fan of cold play. If you want it even colder you can cool down more by soaking it in a bowl of ice water. If you prefer warm to cold play, you can heat up your Slim Fave Dildo in a bowl of hot water. Either way, eventually the stainless steel will warm up or cool down to your body temperature, but in the meantime you can have fun creating different sensations with temperature.

The stainless steel is super shiny and quite pretty. It gets fingerprinty very easily but also shines up nicely with a soft cloth.

Just like the Magnetic Nipple Clamps, the Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo comes in a very cool storage case. It is a black and silver hard case that latches closed. Inside, the Slim Fave Dildo lays in a bed of shaped hard foam. This box is perfect for storage which is obviously the point. It is a great way to keep your Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo safe and sound. It’s also good way to keep it from banging against other more delicate sex toys in your toy chest.

Though it is tempting, I have not used the Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo in my ass because even though the stainless steel is great for anal play, it has no flared base to make it anal safe. Then again, as the Slim Fave Dildo is quite long it is easy to keep a firm grip on it so it could be fine to use with a partner, but I wouldn’t recommend using it solo. If you are going to use it for anal play, please be careful and make sure you don’t just let go of it.

I really love cold play and I love how cold the Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo gets. The sensation feels wonderful against my warm skin. The smoothness of the stainless steel shape slides over my clit and labia in delightful manner and slips inside me smoothly and easily.

While I like the graduated beads on the smaller end, I like them less than the larger side simply because the of the smaller diameter. I like my dildos more filling and find the graduated beads too small to give me that feeling. The Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo is long enough that I can bruise my cervix if I get lost in the moment and thrust too intensely, but that also depends on where I hold it. I can essentially shorten the length and keep this from happening by holding it higher on the shaft.

Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo Pros:
• Stainless steel
• Good for sensation play
• Great packaging
• Nice weight

Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo Cons:
• Can get very heavy during play

If you like metal sex toys, the Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo is a great option. The high quality stainless steel will last you quite a long time and provide all sorts of temperature-based fun. The storage box should last almost as long as the dildo if you treat it nicely. The heavy weight of the dildo is both a positive and a negative. I love it but it does wear on my wrist after a while. If you like the unusual shape of the dildo and the smooth texture of the stainless steel, you’re in for a treat with the Metal Worx Slim Fave Dildo.

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