Luv Massager

A while back, Rocks Off came out with this adorable Massager called the Luv. I do love an unusually-shaped toy, especially one that is dual-purpose, so I was thrilled at the opportunity to test drive the Luv Massager.

The Luv Massager is very cute and quite a bit smaller than I expected. It is only 6.5″ long and 2.5″ in diameter. It is made of white ABS plastic and pink silicone. These materials are very easy to care for and clean. You can use a sex toy cleaner or warm water and antibacterial soap on both ABS and silicone. You can also use a 10% bleach solution on the pink silicone head to sterilize it if you so desire. As the Luv Massager is totally waterproof, you can feel free to take it in the shower or bath for some wet massage time. The cover for the battery compartment snaps on and off rather than screwing and it has a pink silicone ring to keep the water out. The four AAA batteries sit inside a little cartridge that slides in and out of the battery compartment making it easy to store your batteries outside of the Luv Massager when it’s not in use.

The Luv Massager can be used as a body massager or as an intimate massager and can you can use it on parts of the body such as the nipples, clit, or testicles. The silicone has some drag, though not a lot. Still, you may want to use some lube when using it on your clit. Be sure to use water-based lubricant as silicone-based lubes can react negatively with the silicone of the head and cause tackiness. You also may want to use some form of water-based massage lotion when using the Luv as a body massager to keep the head from dragging all over your skin. A massage lotion will make it glide more smoothly and softly and be more comfortable as you massage yourself or your partner.

Running on four AAA batteries gives the Luv Massager’s five vibration levels quite a bit of power. It’s surprising for so small a toy. It is also on the loud side for such a little massager. I can almost hear it through the closed door to my bedroom if the apartment is silent, so if you have thin walls or roommates you might need to play some quiet music to make sure no one can hear you. Of course, as the Luv is also a body massager you may not mind anyone hearing that it’s on. I find the Luv’s vibrations to be mid-range. They are deeper and rumblier on the lower levels and get slightly higher-pitched as the strength increases. That said, they are not buzzy, and as I mentioned before, they are powerful.

The control panel of the Luv Massager is clear cut and straight-forward. It consists of two buttons, the ON/OFF button and the 5X button. The control pad lights up pink when the Luv Massager is turned on. The ON/OFF button is a dedicated button that turns the massager on and off. The 5X button scrolls through the five levels. There are three levels of steady vibration and two pattern modes. They are as follows:
1. Low steady vibration
2. Medium steady vibration
3. High steady vibration
4. Fast pulsing ramp up
5. Slow pulsing ramp up

I really like the shape of the Luv Massager. The handle is quite ergonomic and it sits comfortably in my hand during use. This makes it simple to hold onto whether I’m using it on my partner or myself. The buttons are easy to reach and press with my thumb so it is effortless to use. The only real downside of the Luv’s handle is that the vibrations can be readily felt through it, so after a while my hand starts to feel a bit buzzy. The heart-shaped head provides versatility. The point of the heart allows me precise stimulation where I want it, while the broadness of the head provides a more generous stimulation for larger surfaces. So, the heart point is great for clit and nipple stimulation, as well as really pinpointing sore muscles.

The Luv Massager does a decent job at massaging my surface muscles but it really doesn’t get deep. It feels great on my neck and the base of my skull, where I carry a lot of tension, and really helps to ease the tightness of the muscles there for me. It also works decently on my clit. This is where the pointy tip really shines for me. It allows me to get pinpoint stimulation on my clit, which I really like, and it’s not easy to find a pointy vibrator. My man is sort of iffy on it. He cannot decide if he likes the vibrations on his back though he is partial to the pointy tip digging into his sore muscles. He is not a big fan of vibrations near his penis so it fails for him there.

Though the packaging is very simple, I quite like it. The Luv Masager comes in a clear lightweight plastic sleeve which is not really good for storage. However, within the flimsy plastic sleeve the Luv sits on plastic rests inside a hard plastic box that is great for storage. The downside of this box is that it doesn’t latch at all so you need to keep it in the sleeve otherwise it will just fall open if it gets tipped over. The sleeve has some very basic information in four languages and an image of the buttons and one that shows how the batteries go in. There is no additional information included with the Luv Massager which might leave some users confused, especially if they are not experienced with massagers and sex toys. The packaging is see-through, but tasteful, and I feel like I can leave it sitting around without being worried someone will see it and think the Luv Massager is a sex toy.

Luv Massager Pros:
• Powerful
• Adorable
• Versatile
• Great shape
• Small and travel-friendly
• Silicone head
• Waterproof

Luv Massager Cons:
• Handle gets buzzy
• No instructions

I know it has already passed, but with its pink heart-shaped head and white body the Luv Massager would make a great gift for Valentine’s Day. Of course, it is sweet enough to give as a gift for other occasions as well. I’m not totally blown away by the Luv. I like it but it doesn’t blow my mind. It does have a lot going for it though. The Luv Massager would be a good first toy. It’s cute, small, and non-threatening, as well as straight-forward, powerful, and easy to use. It’s also very versatile as it can be used as a body massager or a stimulator for your nipples and clit. It can also be used on the perineum or testicles.

The small size of the Luv Massager is very convenient as it fits easily in a bedside drawer and would not take up much room in your luggage if you were to travel with it. Though the Luv definitely does not take the place of something large that runs on AC power like the Hitachi Magic Wand, the power wrapped up in this small massager makes it a good option for those without a ton of room or easy to reach wall plugs. In the UK, you can purchase the Luv Massager directly from Rocks Off.

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