Lovehoney Tapered Prober Orgasmic

As you know, right now we have a super fun giveaway going on for a Lovehoney Realistic Oh! Rabbit Vibrator that I reviewed a while back. I enjoyed that vibrator quite a lot and was thrilled when Lovehoney sent me another of their products to review. This time, I have the pleasure of reviewing the Lovehoney Tapered Prober Orgasmic Glass Dildo. Whew, that’s a mouthful.

The Lovehoney Tapered Prober Orgasmic Glass Dildo, which I will refer to simply as the Orgasmic Glass Dildo from now on, is made of borosilicate glass. This is the same kind of glass as your Pyrex baking dishes. Borosilicate glass is more resistant to extreme temperatures, such as ovens and refrigerators. If it breaks, which is rare, it cracks into large pieces rather than shattering or splintering. I know some people worry about glass sex toys breaking but I have a good amount of experience with them (I’ve even dropped them, which I obviously don’t recommend) and have never had a single issue. That being said, it always important to inspect your glass sex toys before use to make sure there are no cracks or breaks.

Glass is one of my favorite materials for sex toys because it has so many great properties. Cleaning is simple. You can use water and antibacterial soap, a sex toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution. This bleach solution will actually sanitize the glass for sharing between partners or anal to vaginal use. Just as an aside, you really don’t want to use the Orgasmic Glass Dildo anally as it does not have a flared based and could easily slip up inside you. You can use any type of lube with glass toys, so both water-based and silicone-based lubricants are a thumbs up. Glass is also great for temperature play. You can make it warm or cold by soaking it a bowl of ice or hot water for a few minutes, until it reaches the desired temperature. The glass will retain this temperature for a good while allowing you to enjoy the different sensations cause by the heat/cold. Do not microwave your Orgasmic Glass Dildo or put it in the freezer. These temperature changes are too abrupt and extreme for the glass and could damage it.

The Orgasmic Glass Dildo is a lovely light pink color and aside from the ridges, the shape reminds me a bit of drumsticks. As you might guess from the full name, this dildo has a tapered shape with the small end measuring approximately 1.6″ in diameter and the larger end measuring approximately 2.1″ in diameter, which is a great range. The length of the Orgasmic Glass dildo is 7″ and you can insert as much of it as you want. Technically you can insert the entire 7″, you just want to be sure you can remove it easily.

As I mentioned before, I really like glass sex toys. I love the hardness and the lack of give the Lovehoney Orgasmic Glass Dildo provides. If you’re not experienced with glass dildos keep in mind that this dildo will feel larger than a silicone or similar material dildo of the same size. This is due to that lack of give I love so much. While materials like silicone and TPR have some give and provide a more realistic feel, the firmness of the glass really adds to the experience for me. I also enjoy sensation play, though I prefer to play with cold rather heat.

In use, I very much like the Lovehoney Orgasmic Glass Dildo. I like that it offers two different diameters. This allows me to warm up with the smaller end before moving on to the larger end, if necessary. It also gives me both options if it happens to be a day where the ridged side is too large. Yes, this does happen. A woman’s body changes throughout the month and I can handle different things at different times during this cycle. I can feel the ridges as I slowly work the dildo in and out and this adds some nice texture to my play. I find the smooth side a bit more comfortable to hold onto during play but it’s not as if the ridged end is unpleasant. Another great way to use this dildo is as a kegel exerciser. Start off with the large end and when you have mastered that, move on to the smaller end. I love toys that multitask. My only real complaint about the Orgasmic Glass Dildo is the length. I would like it to be a few inches longer to make it easier to manipulate. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great dildo and the length is not a huge issue. I’m just saying if it were possible I’d add a few inches in length. It sometimes feels a little short when I’m thrusting in and out.

The packaging of the Lovehoney Orgasmic Glass Dildo is simple and plain. The dildo comes in a box with a plastic window that shows the toy. It says “Orgasmic Glass Dildo” on it in huge letters so it’s not discreet. You may not want to leave it laying around for people to see. Inside the box, the dildo rests in a block of Styrofoam. I don’t like this at all because bits of the Styrofoam crumble off when I pull it out of the box. However, it does keep the dildo safe and secure during shipping. Also included in the box is a black velvet storage bag. This storage bag is great for protecting the glass from clanging against other toys in your toy box, but it doesn’t provide any cushioning so the protection is moderate. Still, I’d rather have this storage bag than no bag at all, so I do appreciate Lovehoney including it.

Lovehoney Tapered Prober Orgasmic Glass Dildo Pros:
• Borosilicate glass (and all the added perks of glass toys)
• Two options in thickness
• Ridges for texture
• Storage bag

Lovehoney Tapered Prober Orgasmic Glass Dildo Cons:
• Could be longer

The Orgasmic Glass Dildo is a pretty in pink dildo with much going for it and not a lot to argue against it. Being made of borosilicate glass, it is strong and not likely to crack or break. It offers a different girth on each end making it a good option for many people. Though it’s not curved, many women will like the firmness of the glass for g-spot stimulation, it is simply a matter of angle. The fact that I can use it as a kegel exerciser as well is an added bonus. The 7″ length is really the only thing keeping this dildo from a higher rating. It is a good, solid (pun intended) dildo that will please many people on multiple levels. Check out the Lovehoney Tapered Prober Orgasmic Glass Dildo at Lovehoney and remember, they offer free shipping which is not something to sniff at!

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