Recently I reviewed the LELO Nea, a small clit stimulator that I liked very much. So I decided it was time to review another LELO clit stimulator that I bought a while ago and have had laying around the house, the LELO SIRI.

As I mentioned before, the LELO SIRI is a small clitoral massager, though it’s quite a bit bigger than the LELO Nea, as you can see. Though bigger than the Nea, the LELO SIRI is still on the small side and fits easily in the palm of my hand. It is 3.75″ long and 1.75″ wide. It is made of ABS and silicone, both of which are great materials for sex toys. The silicone of the LELO SIRI is very soft and smooth, like most of LELO’s toys. It is also latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. These materials can easily be cleaned with antibacterial soap and warm water or your favorite sex toy cleaner. The SIRI is not waterproof, so be careful when washing not to get any fluid in the charging port. You can use a 10% bleach solution on the silicone part of the SIRI, which is the colorful portion. This will sterilize the silicone so you can share your SIRI with non-fluid bonded partners.

As the SIRI is part silicone, and this is the portion you use against the body, you want to use water-based lubricant with it. Silicone-based lube can cause a negative chemical reaction in the silicone of the LELO SIRI. Though the silicone is very smooth without much drag, you might want to use a small amount of water-based lube. This way it will be nice and slippery and slidey against your clit and labia. I generally find my own lubrication sufficient, but I tend toward getting quite wet.

Like all LELO sex toys, the SIRI is rechargeable. You simply plug the charging cord into the port on the back of the vibrator. Charging takes about two hours and while charging the LED will flash white. When the charging is complete, the LED will glow steadily. When the battery is running low, SIRI will let you know with a red glow from the LED. Your two hour charge will provide you with up to four hours of play time, depending on how you use the vibrator.

The design of the LELO SIRI is simple. There are four buttons on the front of the SIRI, +, -, up arrow, and down arrow. To turn the SIRI on and increase intensity, press the + button. To turn decrease intensity and turn the SIRI off, press the – button. You can also hold the – button down for several seconds wherever you are in the stimulation modes to turn the SIRI off. The up and down arrows scroll through the pulsation patterns. When pressing a button, the white LEDs on all the buttons light up. The buttons can also be used to lock the SIRI during travel or storage so that it does not turn on accidentally. Hold down on the + and – buttons for five seconds and watch the LED light up, then turn off. When they turn off, the SIRI is locked. To unlock just do the same thing until the buttons light up again, indicating the SIRI is unlocked.

Be sure to press down firmly on the up and down arrows when scrolling through the pulsation patterns. The stimulation modes on the LELO SIRI are as follows:
1. Steady vibration
2. Slow pulse
3. Fast pulse
4. Long, slow pulse
5. Roller coaster
6. All over the place

The vibrations of the LELO SIRI are nice and deep, and relatively strong, especially for a clit vibrator. The SIRI is not terribly loud, though the person next to you might hear it if they are awake. I don’t know that it would wake anyone from a deep sleep. It certainly cannot be heard through my closed bedroom door.

I really love how the smooth silicone of the LELO SIRI feels against my skin, and I find the control panel very easy to use, even with my long nails. I find the SIRI comfortable to hold. It doesn’t make my hand cramp up or go numb from buzzy vibrations. I like the pulsation patterns quite a bit, especially number six. It’s odd but it does it for me. The SIRI easily brings me to orgasm with its strong, deep vibrations. Granted, the vibrations are not the most powerful in the world, but I find them very satisfying. The SIRI also works nicely at stimulating the nipples and labia, and the soft silicone really feels good against the skin. One thing I really love about the SIRI is that I can scroll up and down through the patterns. I don’t have to go through everything and start all over. If I skip the pattern that I want, I can just hit the down arrow and go right back to it. Overall, it’s a great little vibrator that comes in red, pink, and purple.

The packaging of the LELO SIRI is similar to the other LELO packaging I’ve seen. As I have the red SIRI, the outer box is red, with an image of the SIRI on the back. The inner box is the same hard, black box I’ve seen before. It is very sturdy and great for storage. If you don’t want to use the box you can always use the satin storage pouch included by LELO. The SIRI comes in a big plastic bubble sealed inside a cardboard envelope. Also in the box are the charger, a sample of LELO’s water-based lubricant, the one year warranty, and the user manual. The LELO SIRI also comes with a 10 year quality guarantee. If your SIRI breaks any time after the one year warranty has expired, this allows you to purchase a new LELO Pleasure Object at a 50% discount.

• Deep vibrations
• Low battery indicator
• Can scroll up and down through pulsation patterns
• Travel lock
• Soft silicone
• Rechargeable

• Not waterproof

The LELO SIRI is both pretty and functional, and it functions pretty damn well. The vibrations are deep and moderately strong. The silicone is smooth and soft. The buttons are easy to manipulate. The shape is great. It is rechargeable. There are just so many things to love about the LELO SIRI. In fact, I would give it five stars if it was waterproof. Alas, it’s not so I am subtracting one half star. I love the travel lock, not so much because I travel frequently, but because I can lock the SIRI while I’m storing it. The SIRI comes in attractive colors. It’s one of only a few red vibrators I own as they are hard to come by. If you’re looking for a solid clit vibrator that combines form and function, I highly recommend the LELO SIRI.

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