Je Joue Uma

Je Joue, the manufacturer of my lovely Ami, recently came out with a new vibrator, the Uma. Being a fan of Je Joue, I decided to review this little beauty.

Unlike the Ami, which is a set of kegelcisors, the Je Joue Uma is a g-spot and clit vibrator. Like the Ami, the Uma is covered in soft, silky silicone. I love this particular silicone because it doesn’t attract lint and dust like most silicone does. It is also very smooth with less drag than most of my other silicone sex toys. Of course, silicone is great for sex toys because it is latex and phthalate-free, non-porous, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. It is easy to clean with antibacterial soap and warm water or your favorite sex toy cleaner. You can even sterilize the Je Joue Uma by washing it down with a 10% bleach solution. This allows you to share it with non-fluid bonded partners if you have the desire.

The silicone does not have much drag to it so most often my natural lubrication sufficient, but lube is always a good idea. Remember to use water-based lubricant with the Je Joue Uma as silicone-based lube can negatively react with the silicone of the toy. For this reason, be cautious in storing your Uma with other silicone sex toys. It is best to store it in its box or some sort of storage bag so you don’t run into any issues.

The Je Joue Uma is 7″ long with almost as much of it as you want being insertable. Practically though, you probably won’t insert much more than 4″ as it is meant to stimulate your g-spot. It is a slim 1.25″ in diameter and it is totally hard under its smooth silicone exterior. This makes it a great option for g-spot stimulation, especially for those who prefer firm pressure on their g-spot. The handle, or area you grip with your hand, is slightly larger in diameter at closer to 1.7″. This handle fits comfortably in my hand and makes for easy gripping.

You operate the Je Joue Uma through the use of three buttons on the bottom of the handle. Two of these buttons (the + and -) are silver in color and protrude slightly from the vibrator, while the third button (it looks like an S on its side) sits flush with the base of the toy and is the same color as the silicone. This button controls the patterns. To turn on the Je Joue Uma, you hold the + button down for two seconds. To turn off you do the same with the – button. To increase the speed, press down on the + button and to decrease the speed, press down on the – button. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I have read some reviews (of course I read other people’s reviews!) complaining about these buttons. Some people find them very difficult to press. I do not. I do have to apply firm pressure when pressing so there’s no way I can accidentally change settings during play, which I like. The third button, however, is another story. As I mentioned before, the sideways S button controls the vibrational patterns and is SO freaking hard to push. I’m lucky I have long nails otherwise I have no idea how I would push it. Even so, if I want to use the patterns while masturbating I have to set it and forget it. It is practically impossible to switch the patterns up with the Je Joue Uma inside me or on my clit. Just forget it. It is frustrating as hell so I end up never using the patterns, which makes them practically useless. Sad. I like patterns, but I am basically forced to use the Je Joue Uma as a straight vibration toy due to my inability to press the damn S button.

Having said that, I do like the vibrations of the Je Joue Uma. They are plenty strong for me, such that while I sometimes use it on its highest level, I don’t always have to do so. I find the vibrations of the Je Joue Uma to be quite deep. They are especially rumbly on the lowest settings and increase slightly in pitch on the highest but they are far from buzzy. The Je Joue Uma is also very quiet. Even on its highest setting it can only be slightly heard under the covers and certainly not through the closed bedroom door. The lowest setting is very mild while the highest is comparable to my Leaf Fresh.

The instruction booklet claims the Je Joue Uma has seven levels of steady vibration and seven different patterns. However, I detect only five levels of steady vibration and six different patterns. I suppose the seventh is actually the steady vibrations.
1. Fast pulse
2. Escalating
3. Medium pulse
4. Faster pulsing
5. Longer pulsing
6. Slow, long pulsing

One thing I really love about the Je Joue Uma is that it is great for using during penetrative sex, especially during doggy style and anal. The longer handle makes it easy to hold against my clit while my partner enters me from behind. It is much easier to do this with the Je Joue Uma than a smaller clit vibrator because of the length of the handle. This is a really good way for me to get some clit stimulation during penetration. As a g-spot vibrator, the Je Joue Uma does an adequate job. I prefer toys with a more extreme curve but the hardness works well at stimulating my g-spot. I really like the combination of using the Uma against my clit, then slipping it inside to rub my g-spot, then moving it back to my clit. I am a clit-oriented girl after all.

The Je Joue Uma is rechargeable, which I totally adore. Even better, it charges magnetically so there are no open ports to allow water in, making it 100% waterproof. You truly can wash it and submerge it without fear. The magnetic charger is very easy to align and use. The metal buttons on the bottom of the Je Joue Uma are the feeds for the charger. The charger attaches and stays on easily, and when the vibrator is charging the small heart on the underside of the handle flashes red. When fully charged, this light will glow steadily. A two hour charge will provide approximately two hours of play time.

Like other Je Joue sex toys, the Uma comes in quite nice packaging. The outer box is lightweight cardboard, and in my case, purple. The inner box is hard and sturdy and good for storage. This box holds the Uma, its charger, and an instruction manual in six languages that explains Uma’s one year warranty and among other things.

Je Joue Uma Pros:
• Rumbly vibrations
• Easy to use during penetration
• Great silicone
• Waterproof
• Rechargeable

Je Joue Uma Cons:
• Middle button (patterns) is basically useless during play
• No storage bag

Just as I really liked the Je Joue Ami, so do I like the Je Joue Uma. The Uma is more than strong enough for me with its deep vibrations. It is easy to manage during sex and I love its silky silicone. The fact that it is waterproof makes cleaning worry-free and gives it versatility. As it is rechargeable I can use it as long as I want without having to worry that I’m running down the batteries. My only real complaint is that stupid middle S button. It is so difficult to use that I just don’t bother, which creates an unnecessary limitation with this vibrator. If it weren’t for this button, I would probably give the Uma 4 stars. However, since this is a major design flaw I can only go as high as 3 stars. Nonetheless, I do still really like the vibrations of this vibrator.

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