G-Spot Lollipop J-Pop

During my trip to ANE I had the opportunity to pick up a brand new toy unlike anything I’ve yet to see. It’s called the G-Spot Lollipop.

The G-Spot Lollipop is made by a small company based in Northern California, and you all know how I love to give shout-outs to local companies. The product is an interesting looking g-spot stimulator that comes in a variety of styles. There is the small Travel Pop that can easily be carried in your purse, the Single Pop, the Double Pop, and the J-Pop. It was difficult to decide which Lollipop to select, they each seem to have their strong points. I love unusual toys, so I went with the the J-Pop which is the weirdest looking of the bunch. I also wanted the one that would be easiest to use by myself and the helpful G-Spot Lollipop Girls recommended the J-Pop.

The G-Spot Lollipop J-Pop is a long steel rod, shaped like a J, with a ball on either end. It is 6 1/4″ wide and is a bit interesting to store. The balls are different sizes. The smaller ball is 5 1/2″ in circumference and 1 3/4″ in diameter, and the larger ball is 6 1/4″ and just under 2″ in circumference. The steel bar is surgical quality stainless steel, which is hypoallergenic and body-safe, and secured to each of the acrylic balls. The G-Spot Lollipops all carry a lifetime replacement guarantee, which is pretty sweet. I cannot imagine how it would be necessary though. This thing is pretty damn sturdy.

The G-Spot Lollipop comes in a variety of fun and bright colors, just like the candy, which is great. Seeing them all together is a feast for the eyes. I just love my sex toys to be pretty. My U-Pop is Wild Apple, an almost neon green. It is bright and cheerful which I really like.

I first tried the G-Spot Lollipop J-Pop with the smaller ball inside me. The ball slid right in and curled under my pelvic bone, up against my g-spot. Using the larger ball as a handle I was able to easily manipulate the smaller ball and rub it against my g-spot with a small rocking motion. I think it must be the spherical shape, but that ball rests in just the right place and does not go anywhere. I don’t need the to do the typical thrusting action that I normally use with most of my g-spot toys which saves wear and tear on my wrist and arm.

Now, I also love the larger ball inside me but it creates a bit of a snag. Putting the larger ball inside makes the smaller ball on its longer stem the handle and this length is less comfortable and not as easy to work with. It places the ball further up my body, which just makes it more difficult to manipulate. The smaller ball also does not fit my hand as well as the larger ball does.

One of the G-Spot Lollipop Girls told me she uses one of the straight Lollipops during intercourse. As the steel bar is so thin, she can insert the ball and keep it against her g-spot while her partner enters her. I have not tried this with the J-Pop, which might be a bit trickier, but she highly recommended it.

The other way I have been using the G-Spot Lollipop is as a kegelcisor. I simply grip the ball with my kegel muscles or pull on the handle if I want a more difficult exercise. This works really well.

The G-Spot Lollipop did not come with any particular packaging. The acrylic balls were shrink-wrapped in plastic to protect them, with coordinating ribbons tied on, but this may be because I got my Lollipop at ANE. I am not sure what the packing is like when you order directly from the company.

Clean up is easy with the G-Spot Lollipop. It is completely waterproof so I simply wash it in the sink with antibacterial soap and water. Of course, you can always use your favorite toy cleaner. As the balls are acrylic, I would also feel safe wiping them down with rubbing alcohol to kill off any bacteria. You can use any type of lubricant with the G-Spot Lollipop, though as usual I use water-based lube.

G-Spot Lollipop J-Pop Pros:
• Interesting design
• Feels great
• Easy to use
• Simple to care for and store

G-Spot Lollipop J-Pop Cons:
• None

Truthfully, I was not expecting that much from the G-Spot Lollipop J-Pop. I was more curious than anything. With it being so unusual looking how could I resist the opportunity to test drive it? I have been very pleasantly surprised by this simple and unique sex toy. It may not look like much but it works amazingly well.

While it is larger and more difficult to store than the other G-Spot Lollipops, I like how the J-Pop curves around. It puts the handle over my pelvis/stomach and makes it very easy to work it inside me. This keeps me from having to stretch my arm all the way down and keeps my wrist from getting as tired as it does with some dildos.

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