Fleshlight Freaks Drac

A while back I did a Spotlight on the new Fleshlight Freaks. I thought some of them were well, freaky, and some were cool and I was really into the Cyborg and the Drac dildos. I had long given up hope of getting my hands on one of these cool dildos when lo and behold I won the Drac from the very cool Kara_Sutra and SheVibe.

I realize these Freaks may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and as I said, I’m not into all of them. However, I do like unusual sex toys and the Drac is definitely that. While it may just be a standard dildo, it certainly doesn’t look like one.

The Fleshlight Freaks Dildos are Fleshlight’s first foray into the dildo market and I think they’ve done a great job. The Drac is made of high-grade platinum cured silicone that feels just awesome. It is both firm and squashy at the same time, and is a pleasure to have inside my body. Like most silicone, it does have a tendency to pick up dust and lint here and there but it is not as bad some of my other dildos and vibrators. Silicone is a great material for sex toys because it is latex and phthalate-free, non-porous, hypoallergenic, and body-safe.

The silicone is super easy to care for and clean, especially as there are no moving parts in the Drac, which makes it waterproof. You can wash it with antibacterial soap and warm water, use your favorite sex toy cleaner, wash it in the top drawer of your dishwasher without soap, or sterilize it with a 10% bleach solution or by boiling it for 3-5 minutes. The fact that you can sterilize it makes it a great option for sharing between partners, as well using it both vaginally and anally.

Remember, as the Drac is made of 100% silicone it is a good idea to use it with water-based lubricant rather than with silicone-based. The silicone in the lube can react with the silicone of the dildo and cause a nasty chemical reaction that will melt your Drac and make the surface tacky. If you’re really keen on using the Drac with silicone-based lubricant, be sure to do a spot test before slathering it up. Also keep this silicone issue in mind when storing your Drac dildo as you don’t want it pressed up against other silicone toys thus causing the same kind of chemical reaction. It’s best to store it in its box, a toy bag, or even a ziploc baggie.

The Drac comes in a fairly large box with a plastic window so you can clearly see the dildo inside. It also has an image of the Drac on the side and the back of the box. It is in no way discreet, so while it might be ok for storage you may not want to leave it laying about. The dildo itself sits inside a plastic clamshell within the box that is pretty flimsy and not good for storage all on its own.

At 7.5″ long and 1.75″ in diameter, the Drac is not quite as large as it looks or feels in my hand. I think it seems bigger because of the color and the detailing. It is a lovely marbled red color with a fair amount of texture on the shaft and balls. The head has a pronounced coronal ridge and is somewhat life-like. Well, as life-like as a red cock with bat wings can be. The texture on the sides of the shaft is in the shape of bat wings and looks oh so cool. The balls and underside of the shaft are slightly bumpy as if it is made of real skin. Overall, it looks and feels great in my hand.

What’s more important is that the Drac dildo feels great inside me. The silicone has enough squish to it to make it comfortable but is also firm enough to clench down on in a lovely way. The shaft is quite straight and does not hit my g-spot, which is fine with me as I don’t need every toy to be a g-spot toy. The balls are good for gripping and make thrusting very easy. At just over one pound (17 ounces to be exact) the Drac is a bit hefty for a silicone dildo but I don’t really notice it during play. I also don’t notice the texture much when the dildo is inside me though it is very noticeable in my hand.

As I mentioned earlier, you can use the Drac both vaginally and anally and I have tried both. The length is such that if I lose focus and thrust too deeply in the heat of the moment, I can hit my cervix which I generally find unpleasant. Due to the balls at the base of the dildo, the Drac is also safe for anal play. It is quite comfortable to use anally as long as I go slowly at first to warm up, which is always important in anal play.

It is important to note that on their site Fleshlight states the Drac dildo is not intended for internal use. Their explanation is that the dildo is intended as a novelty, like almost all sex toys, and this warning is intended to protect their liability.

While how well this dildo performs is obviously one of the most important factors, I simply cannot stress enough how amazingly cool looking I find the Drac. The paint job and details are just incredible. The Drac really is a must have for collectors and people who would display a vampire cock on a shelf. The craftsmanship is truly impressive.

Fleshlight Freaks Drac Dildo Pros:
• Great squashy silicone
• Fun color
• Fabulous design

Fleshlight Freaks Drac Dildo Cons:
• No storage bag

The Fleshlight Freaks Drac is a fun and unusual dildo to have around. Before I had a chance to play with it, I loved the look of it and now that I have it in my possession, I am so enjoying it. It’s much more realistic than most of my dildos. That is, if you can call a red vampire cock realistic. I like the size, shape, and color, and just everything about the way it looks. The details are just great. The silicone is delightful both inside and outside of my body. Overall, it is just a lovely dildo and piques my interest in the other Fleshlight Freaks.

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