Fleshlight Flight Review

flightPro – Looks sleek and discreet Easy to clean Solid build quality Feels great Safe material

Con – I sat for five minutes and couldn’t think of any

Where to start with the Fleshlight Flight? I suppose when the average Joe on the street thinks male masturbator, the top answer would probably be Fleshlight. I had one years ago and I have to say it was completely different to the Fleshlight Flight. For more Fleshlight reviews visit: www.BestBlowjobMachines.com.

There is an insane range of Fleshlights available – mouth, anus, pussy, you can even get a clone of your favorite porn star. I wanted something simple because as far as I’m concerned once it’s on my dick I can’t see the opening anyway. I originally thought it was called the Fleshlight Ghost, which for a worrying moment was what I thought it was supposed to be, given that there is an alien version which looks a bit like melted plastic. So yeah, there was a worrying moment where I thought I was fucking a ghost vagina, and all sorts of questions arose such as “what twisted minds would market a ghost vagina?”. Alas, it was the Fleshlight Flight.

A few things to note. The internal length is 6.5”, which is not huge, but the opening has a lot of flesh around it, so it sort of acts as a buffer. Also, there’s around an inch gap between where the internal material ends and the hard plastic cap is, so I think if you’re smaller than 9” you won’t have a problem with bashing your dick against hard plastic. At any rate in use I didn’t find the internal length an issue.

The material for the Flight is completely different to any male toys I’ve used before, such as the Tenga Flip. Where the Tenga Flip is slidey but textured, the Flight feels a lot closer to the real thing, and I think that’s a lot to do with the tightness and texture of the Flight. What do I prefer? The Flight. In terms of feel, I love it. From start to finish it just feels good. There isn’t really any way to explain just how good other than by saying that I have used it for 90% of my orgasms since I got it two months ago.

To use, there are two lids; the bottom one, which twists on and off quickly, and keeps the entry clean when stored, and the top lid, which you use to unscrew to probably say hello to the protruding tip of your penis or to add lube. The best technique I found for introducing lube, and you do need lube, is to place the opening on the tip of my dick and squeeze a few drops of Fleshlube down from the top. The lube reaches the bottom and you can start moving in and out, adding more lube where necessary – so no lube on your hands or anywhere it doesn’t need to be.

I should probably talk about Fleshlube, the Fleshlight branded lube. I’ve used Liquid Silk, another water based lubricant and it’s good but you don’t get the same feeling as when using Fleshlube. Fleshlube, and now I’m saying the name so much I realise how ridiculous it sounds, is described as having a “softening, hypoallergenic formula and super-slippery formula” and I can’t say anything to dispute that. The stuff flows like water, and it really adds to the Flight experience. The best thing about it is I probably use only a few drops each use, because a little goes a long way. I have a 250ml bottle and after ten uses I’ve probably used a twentieth of the bottle. Mensa members may at this point work out that one 250ml bottle will give me 200 uses if my estimates are correct, which is incredibly good value.

Back to the toy. So far I’ve said it feels great, it’s well textured and the lube is great, and the internal length is acceptable. Did I mention how it looks? No? Okay it looks pretty sleek. The original Fleshlight I had was a chunky bastard which was said to be easily mistaken for a torch but would more likely be mistaken for industrial piping. The Flight, or I guess any of the new models (I think my piping Fleshlight was from 2008) look very much like other toys in terms of style, it’s all smooth edges and matt black perfection. The texture is dimpled for grip, which is good thinking, Fleshlight, you really did something reasonable there. Woo. And the top is offset at an angle which I suspect is for two reasons. One is it looks cool: it gives the toy an asymmetric look, so it can hang out with the cool kids. And two is… okay I’ll say it… to let the cum pool.

When you finish in a Fleshlight, Ride of the Valkyries playing in full blast in the background, your bed sheets a vortex of sweat and testosterone, the cum goes into the end and doesn’t leak. I use it on my back, so it’s sort of useless for that, but if you use it standing or upright, then you could unscrew the cap, wipe your load clean and that’s the toy pretty much clean. Revolutionary. Even if you just unscrew the cap off and push hard you can wipe away your cum provided you have the length to push it out. It’s stupidly easy to clean, just run a wipe through the whole thing and that cleans out the Fleshlube too. The Tenga Flip Hole actually opens up and it’s harder to clean than the Fleshlight. I’m not joking.

Whilst we’re on the cap I feel I’ve missed something important. The screw cap can be used tactically. After you’ve taken it off to introduce the lube you can leave it off, and come all over yourself, which I commend you on, or you can screw the cap back on and remain clean. Now, if you screw it about half way you’ll see some vents at the bottom of the screw cap. These mean you don’t create a vacuum when you’re moving it up and down. You have the option of screwing the lid closed just a little bit over the valves and actually increasing the grip of the toy, which is great as it feels tighter. If you’re superhuman you can close it entirely and fuck a vacuum. You need a lot of lube for this. I imagine. I take no responsibility for any injury you incur trying this. But you have the option. The cap is very clever as it has a lot of functions with a seemingly simple design.

Storage is easy, cleaning is easy, use is great, orgasms are great, Fleshlube is great, the design is great, the material is great. It’s great. Buy one.

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