Don Wands Glass Red Sweetheart Mushroom

While I do tend to prefer pretty and cute sex toys to realistic ones, I am not usually all that into hearts as a design. However, the Don Wands Glass Red Sweetheart Mushroom Tip Dildo from FunWares is awfully cute.

At about 7 1/2″ long, with almost the entire shaft being insertable, and just over 1″ in diameter, the Don Wands Glass Red Sweetheart Mushroom Tip Dildo is larger than I expected. The mushroom tip is a bit over 1 1/2″ in diameter and the flared base is almost 2″ in diameter. It is made of clear borosilicate glass with 1″ hearts in raised glass on the shaft. The hearts are a dark blood red that stand out nicely against the clear glass. I expected the hearts to be smaller and flush to the glass, but I really like the texture of the raised glass against my skin.

Borosilicate glass is the generic form of Pyrex, the same glass used to make oven-safe baking dishes. This type of glass is also used to make high quality sex toys. Borosilicate glass is very strong and almost shatter-resistant. If borosilicate glass breaks, it is far more likely to crack and break into large pieces rather than shatter. However, it takes a serious effort to break or even crack borosilicate glass. I know some people have concerns about using glass sex toys, but no matter how hard you clench down on it, borosilicate glass will not break inside you. No need to fear! In fact, I’ve dropped this glass dildo on the floor from about four feet up and had no problems. Of course, to be safe you always want to check your glass sex toys before use to be sure there are no cracks or scratches.

Glass is an excellent material for sex toys because it is phthalate and latex free, non-porous, hypoallergenic, and totally hygienic. Have I mentioned it is super easy to clean and can be sterilized? You can use soap and warm water, your favorite sex toy cleaner, a 10% bleach solution, and even rubbing alcohol if you can’t stand the smell of bleach. You can also use any type of lubricant with glass, be it water-based, silicone or oil-based.

Another way to enjoy glass toys is sensation play. You can either heat up or cool down glass and it will retain the new temperature for a time. This can add some spice to your normal play. Place the Don Wands Glass Red Sweetheart Mushroom Tip Dildo in a bowl of ice water or hot water and allow it to slowly and safely reach the desired temperature. Never stick your glass sex toys in the freezer or in boiling water. Such abrupt temperature changes can cause them to crack. I find this dildo tends to naturally be on the cool side and that works well for me as I usually prefer cold to heated play.

The Don Wands Glass Red Sweetheart Mushroom Tip Dildo is a pleasure during play. The glass is soft and slick and feels great inside my body. I am such a fan of glass sex toys! The texture of the raised hearts is a nice change and adds to the lovely sensation of the glass. The large mushroom head adds a nice “pop” when I am stroking in and out and gives an interesting tactile difference. First, the larger, smooth head followed by the thinner, textured shaft. Lovely.

While the measurements of this dildo may seem to be on the small side, it actually feels quite a bit larger than one would expect. This is due to the unforgiving nature of glass. As there is no give at all, the Don Wands Glass Red Sweetheart Mushroom Tip Dildo feels much larger inside me than it actually looks. This lack of forgiveness must kept in mind while stroking as well. If I am not careful, the length of this dildo will allow me to bruise my cervix and in the heat of the moment I often will not notice. This issue is easily resolved simply by making sure I grip enough of the dildo in my hand to effectively shorten it.

An advantage of its flared base is that the Don Wands Glass Red Sweetheart Mushroom Tip Dildo can be used for anal play as well. Of course, it’s all about preferences but I love glass toys in my bottom and this one is no exception. Granted, it is a dildo not a plug, so it does not stay inside me without help. However, it is great for thrusting and good preparation for anal sex. As with vaginal penetration, the glass is so smooth and slick it requires less lubricant than dildos of other materials, such as silicone. Just a small amount of lubricant gets it slippery and slidey enough for it to easily slip in and out of me.

The Don Wands Glass Red Sweetheart Mushroom Tip Dildo comes in a totally non-discreet clear plastic bubble pack, so beware. Included is a small sample of Wet Silicone lubricant, a padded storage pouch, and a Don Wands Glass Care Card. It is very important to store your glass sex toys safely and a padded pouch is an excellent way to do so. I really appreciate that Don Wands includes this pouch in the packaging of their glass toys.

Don Wands Glass Red Sweetheart Mushroom Tip Dildo Pros:
• Glass
• Pretty
• Great storage bag
• Multifunction

Don Wands Glass Red Sweetheart Mushroom Tip Dildo Cons:
• Can bruise the cervix if not careful

I enjoy playing with this dildo. It is pretty and feels good in my hand as well as inside my body. The flared base for anal play is a nice bonus not available on all my dildos. I am a big fan of sensation play and the Don Wands Glass Red Sweetheart Mushroom Tip Dildo is ideal for this. Not only because it is glass, but also because of the raised hearts. I love that I do not have to spend money on a storage bag as one is included. As FunWares has great price points, this dildo is a financially friendly option as well. Other advantages to ordering from FunWares are the discreet billing and fast shipping. Most orders ship out the same day. Quite impressive!

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