Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket Junior

I’ve had my Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket Junior Vibrator for quite some time now, which is a good comment on its longevity.

At a compact 2” and smaller than my lipstick, I can carry the Pocket Rocket Jr. around in my cosmetics bag…just in case. The Pocket Rocket Jr. looks more like a pocket flashlight than a pocket vibrator, and the nylon cord makes it even easier to “lug” around.

The small size and quiet motor make the Pocket Rocket Jr. perfect for discrete people on the go. It’s easily hidden during travel…or in your glove compartment.

I like Doc Johnson products even though they may be slightly more expensive than some of their competitors. Like the iVibe Pocket Rocket, the Pocket Rocket Jr. is made of smooth, hard, non-porous plastic that is phthalate-free. It has no odor or taste and with good care, your Pocket Rocket Jr. will last and last.

I’d much rather spend a bit more money on a vibrator that lasts me several years, than less on one I have to replace 6 months down the line. It’s just good economics! Plus, I’m always willing to pay more for products I know are safe for my body. I don’t screw around there.

The Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket Jr. Vibrator has 3 slightly raised bumps on its head, which give it a nice texture when I’m rubbing it on my clit. It comes with a removable, rounded cap you can use to keep the head clean. I also use this to vary the sensation. Putting the cap on the Pocket Rocket Jr. dulls the vibration slightly when I want something more gentle.

With just two settings, on and off, the Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket Jr. is easy to control. You twist clockwise to turn it on and counter-clockwise to turn it off. To access the battery compartment, you twist a bit more counter-clockwise. Now and then my shaky fingers do open the compartment when I’m just trying to turn the Pocket Rocket Jr. off, but not often enough for me to complain.

I like the speed on the Pocket Rocket Jr. I find it surprisingly strong for such a small vibrator, but not overwhelming. Though it has just the one speed, leaving the cap on or off provides me enough variation with this sex toy.

The Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket Jr. is great for solo play as well as play with a partner. Due to its small size, it’s perfect for my man or me to hold against my clit while he’s fucking me, especially from behind or anally. He loves trailing it all over my body and teasing my erogenous zones. Yumm!

Now, the Pocket Rocket Jr. Vibrator is for external stimulation only, it is not an insertable vibrator. That may be obvious based on its size, but it’s important to mention. Also of note, is the fact that the Pocket Rocket Jr. is waterproof! I don’t submerge it, but it often joins me in the shower. I love a waterproof vibrator!

Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket Junior Vibrator Pros:
– Size
– Waterproof
– Quiet

Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket Junior Vibrator Cons:
– Availability of batteries

In summary, the Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket Junior Vibrator is a good choice for beginners and experienced players alike. When you find the batteries, you may want to stock up. However, its size and discreteness are great for playing with yourself or your partner almost anywhere you like. For me, it has always been dependable and it definitely gets the job done!

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