Doc Johnson iVibe Pocket Rocket

I’m a big fan of the “pocket rocket” genre of clit stimulators and after my last cheapie one broke, I did a bit of research. I wanted to make sure I invested my money well when I purchased its replacement.

I decided to go with the Doc Johnson iVibe Pocket Rocket though it does have a slightly steeper price tag than some of the other products out there. I usually find plastic less than ideal, but the iVibe Pocket Rocket is made of hard, food-grade plastic. This mini vibrator is hypoallergenic, phthalate and latex free. I was sold!

At 4” long and running on one AA battery, the pocket rocket is compact, easy to travel with, and a breeze to power. It is also discrete. For those in the know, well…they’ll know, but to everyone else? It’s an on-the-go neck and pressure point massager (which it is good for, by the way!).

Remember, the iVibe Pocket Rocket is a clit stimulator only and not insertable. It also is not waterproof so don’t take it into the shower. However, it can certainly handle enough water contact for a thorough cleaning.

The Doc Johnson iVibe Pocket Rocket has two options: on and off. No variable speed for this little vibrator. The three massaging nodules on the end feel great whether the unit is on or off. It also comes with a soft but durable cap with small nubs to vary sensation.

There are a few downsides to this vibrator. The iVibe twists one way to turn on and back the other way to turn off. Like the Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket Junior Vibrator, if you twist too far the toy comes apart. While this happens only occasionally with the Pocket Rocket Junior, I find it happens frequently with the iVibe Pocket Rocket.

The other downside is also an upside, the power. It may be small, but the Doc Johnson iVibe Pocket Rocket packs a lot of punch. Power queens, rejoice! The amount of power in this small package is astounding. Sometimes it’s exactly what I want. Other times it can be a bit much and leave me feeling numb. Using the rounded cap does diffuse the vibration to a degree, and using lube with the iVibe Pocket Rocket will diffuse it a bit more.

Now I know I’m a big proponent of lubricant, but I don’t always use it with clit stimulators. It often isn’t necessary. However, with lube this vibrator simply skates over my most delicate areas, as well as the rest of my body. So when using the iVibe Pocket Rocket, grab a small amount of your favorite water-based lube and go to town!

Something else to keep in mind, with great power comes great noise. The iVibe Pocket Rocket is not very quiet. You can easily travel with it on a plane, but you wouldn’t want to use it on one unless you want the whole world to know your little secret.

This was my first Doc Johnson vibrator and when I opened the package, I was pleased with the quality. I started playing immediately. First I trailed the iVibe Pocket Rocket lightly around my neck, stomach, and thighs to get used to the vibration. Right off I noticed how great it felt on the sore muscles in my neck so I gave myself a little massage. Then I got impatient and decided to get on with it.

When I used it on my nipples I thought, “wow!” Those nubs on the little cap felt amazing. My body instantly began to hum. Then, when I touched it to my clit I thought, “double wow!” It was electric. My entire body stiffened and I came almost immediately. I have to say, the Doc Johnson iVibe Pocket Rocket certainly deserves all that build up!

Another advantage to the iVibe Pocket Rocket is that it’s great for partner play. My man loves the neck massages I give him with it and he loves it on his nipples and inner thighs. We also use it to tease each other during foreplay and fucking. I sometimes catch him sneaking it out of my toy chest!

Doc Johnson iVibe Pocket Rocket Pros:
– Size
– Power
– Runs on 1 AA battery

Doc Johnson iVibe Pocket Rocket Cons:
– Comes apart easily

If you haven’t tried the Doc Johnson iVibe Pocket Rocket, I suggest giving it a shot.
With the small size, intense power, and the flexibility of this vibrator, it is a staple of any sex toy collection.

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