Diamond Condoms

When I opened it I discovered to black boxes which look like jewellary boxes, tastefully adorned with a ribbon and protected from been damaged in the post by some grey shredded paper.

One ribbon says that Diamonds are a girl’s best friend the second says that Diamonds are a boy’s best friend, catering for both the gay and straight market. Inside these boxes is a single black condom with a small diamond on the tip and a card confirming that it is a genuine Diamond, the Red one below is aimed at the M/F market and the silver one is aimed at M/M market, as you can see by the text that is printed around the condom.

The diamonds on these diamondcondoms are pretty tiny but they do retail at about £10 so you are not going to get a huge rock for that price, there is a whole range of Diamond condoms though which have different size Diamonds on the tip of them and these are all available directly from Diamondcondoms.com.

I need to make this clear, this is a NOVELTY item ONLY, it is NOT designed to be used as a condom, do not try and use this diamonds are lovely but not when they are stuck inside your lady bits and these cannot be guaranteed to be free from any damage so should not be used for birth control or to prevent STD’s

As a novelty item they are certainly that a novelty, perfect for things such as Hen nights or even Secret Santa’s, as such they will make a great talking point for any night out.

I have to admit that I did contact Diamond Condoms and ask for samples to write about after seeing them in the ETO trade press and on the sextoys.co.uk website as I was curious as to what these would be like, and I was surprised by the quality look of the product when it arrived. I had expected there to be signs of glue and stuff on the condom but there isn’t any of that, and as a gift for a Bride to be to receive at a hen night they are just perfect, but don’t try to use them, they are not meant for that. You can get the M/F version of this from sextoys.co.uk or the full range is available from DiamondCondoms.com

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