Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager

Anyone remember Chippendales, the strip club for women where the men danced around in g-strings and bowties? It was not my favorite place in the world. No matter how much I love men, and I do, places like that never appeal to me. Women screaming and thrusting themselves and their money at men wearing practically nothing just turns me off. However, out of Chippendales has finally come something that turns me on, the Chippendale’s Diva Sensual Massager from FunWares.

The Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager is a small clit stimulator that reminds me of a tuxedo in its looks. It comes in white or black and I have the white. It’s very stylish and classy looking with its hourglass shape and silver-colored band around the bottom. The top of the vibrator, or the “pleasure point” is contoured to stand out slightly against your clit.

Made of ABS (plastic), the Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager is latex and phthalate-free and body-safe. Cleaning is simple but please do so carefully as the Diva Massager is not waterproof. Do not get any water in or around the buttons or battery compartment. I recommend using a sex toy wipe or a soft cloth moistened with water and antibacterial soap. Do not use alcohol on your Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager.

You can use any type of lubricant you like with the Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager, though I find the ABS very slick and slidey on its own so I don’t feel the need to use much if any lube. My own natural lubrication is more than sufficient with this clit vibrator.

At almost 5″ long, 2 3/4″ wide, and almost 1 1/2″ thick the Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager fits very comfortably in my hand. The curve also makes it very easy and comfortable to hold. It sits in my hand like it belongs there. It takes three AAA batteries and the instruction booklet says these batteries should last about five hours. I haven’t played with my Diva Sensual Massager for up to five hours yet so I cannot tell you if that claim is true. However, I am pleased with the battery power and life thus far.

The Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager has a two button interface that is easy to use. The + button is on top and the – button is on the bottom with a red LED in between. The LED lights up red whenever a button is pressed and it flashes when the batteries are low. To turn on the Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager, you simply press down on the + button. Press the button each time you want to advance to the next level of steady vibration or just hold it down to advance to the highest level. Once you are on the highest level of steady vibration, press and hold the + down for approximately two seconds to advance to the first pattern mode. Press the + button to cycle throughout the seven different patterns. To turn off the Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager, just press down on and hold the – button until it turns off. These buttons can conveniently be locked for travel. Hold down on both the + and – button for five seconds to lock. The LED will flash to let you know the Diva is locked. Repeat the process to unlock the Diva when ready. The LED will again flash to let you know it is unlocked.

The Chippendale Diva Sensual Massager has six levels of steady vibration and seven different stimulation modes:
1. Slow pulse
2. Medium pulse
3. Fast pulse
4. Roller coaster
5. Slower, longer roller coaster
6. Roller coaster with 4 pulses
7. Dance time- a random pattern of pulses and roller coaster

I really like the patterns on the Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager. I start with #5, the slower roller coaster, and then switch to the slow pulse. Then I like to work my way up to the the fast pulse. The patterns also work great on my nipples and the shape of Diva Massager is perfect. I can slip it into my bra and it just curves around my breast to rest on my nipple. I can also slip it into my panties to hold it against my clit in the same way. It makes for a great tease.

One concern I tend to have with smaller clit vibrators is whether or not they’ll make my hand go numb. This has not been the case with my Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager. The vibrations are midway between buzzy and deep, which is just fine for me. You can hear these vibrations within the same room, but definitely not through a closed door. They are fairly strong, especially for a clit vibrator, but could certainly be stronger. Of course, I can almost always say that. However, I do get off quite easily with the Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager.

While I very much like the shape in my hand, it sometimes doesn’t do it for my clit. At times when I need more direct clitoral contact, I turn the vibrator to the side so the “pleasure point” hits my clit more directly. At its normal angle, the Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager is perfectly shaped to stimulate the labia and it does an excellent job of this.

The packaging for the Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager is quite nice. The exterior box is shiny cardboard with images on the front and back. It does say Chippendales on it fairly large silver letters and it is not very discreet. However, inside this box is a lovely hard black patterned box that holds the Massager. This also says Chippendales on it with the little silver bowtie logo, but it is tasteful. There are no images or any other writing on this box. It is extremely sturdy and can be used to store your Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager or other small sex toys, lubes, and/or condoms. Inside the box is a plastic clamshell that holds the Massager, while underneath is the instruction booklet in four languages and the two-ply satin storage bag with a Chippendales tag. There is branding all over the place with this packaging, but the satin storage bag is very high quality.

Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager Pros:
• Doesn’t numb my hand
• Good patterns
• Travel Lock
• Satin storage bag

Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager Cons:
• May not be strong enough for some people
• Not waterproof

The Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager is classy looking, well-shaped little clit stimulator. It sits comfortably in my hand, feels great on my labia, and is wonderful for putting pressure on my clit. It is small and compact, has a travel lock, and a lovely storage bag. I like the patterns, though they could be a bit more powerful. I would prefer it to be rechargeable but it is always nice to have some battery-operated vibrators in case nothing is charged. I really wish it was waterproof simply for the purposes of cleaning. Other than that, I really do like this vibrator. It does its job and it does it well.

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