Tantus Delta

Last week I fell in love with the Tantus Cush Dildo. This week I’m reviewing another Tantus product, the Tantus Delta from FunWares.

The Tantus Delta is a vibrating dildo with an unusual shape. It has an insertable portion and an external portion, like a rabbit vibrator. It’s a bit different from a traditional rabbit vibrator because neither part moves but rather transmits vibrations from the included bullet vibrator that fits into the bottom of the dildo. The Tantus Delta is definitely on the small side at 5″ long with approximately 2.5″ insertable, and a diameter of .75″. This makes it great for beginners and those who prefer smaller sex toys. As you can see in one of the images, it’s quite soft and very flexible.

Made of 100% Ultra-Premium Platinum Silicone, the Tantus Delta is latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. It is super easy to care for and clean. You can use your favorite sex toy cleaner, warm water and antibacterial soap, or a 10% bleach solution. You can also wash it in the top drawer of your dishwasher without soap or boil it for 3-5 minutes, just be sure to remove the vibrating bullet. As the Tantus Delta can be sterilized with bleach or by boiling, you can share it between non-fluid bonded partners.

It is generally best to use water-based lubricant with the Tantus Delta as silicone-based lube could have a negative chemical reaction with the silicone of the Delta and cause it to become tacky. You can always do a patch test at the base of the Tantus Delta to see how your silicone-based lubricant and the vibrating dildo will interact. I have not done so as I just prefer to use water-based lube with my silicone sex toys.

The Tantus Delta comes in the typical Tantus packaging, a flexible, see-through plastic box. This box is not at all discreet as it is see-through and says, “The World’s Best Soft Toys For Adults” on it. So, it may not be best to leave it laying around. The box is ok for storage but not great as it takes up quite a bit more room than the actual Tantus Delta and isn’t the sturdiest thing in the world. You may be better off using a toy storage pouch or plastic baggie.

You can use the Tantus Delta with or without the included vibrating bullet. The vibrating bullet is about 2.25″ long and 2.25″ in circumference. It comes with the three required LR44 batteries. I greatly appreciate this as these batteries can be a bit of a pain to find. This bullet vibrator is the exact same bullet that comes with the Tantus Zing. It can be tricky to slide the bullet in and out of the Tantus Delta so I recommend using a few drops of water-based lubricant to make the bullet easier to manage. As I always forget to do this and find myself constantly struggling to get the damn bullet out, I cannot stress this enough. The vibrating bullet is a one speed and is easily turned on and off with a small push button on the bottom of the unit. The vibrations from the bullet are high-pitched and buzzy, not my favorite type of vibration for clit stimulation.

The excellent Tantus silicone transmits the vibrations surprisingly well, though I do find them a bit too buzzy for my taste. The shape is good for g-spot stimulation though I wish the dildo was a bit firmer where it hits my g-apot. The .5″ base is great for thrusting. It is easy to hold on to and grip as well as making the Tantus Delta ideal for harness use.

I generally like Tantus sex toys so I had high hopes for the Tantus Delta, though I was uncertain about the shape. I figured it would either work really well or be a disaster. Lo and behold, it works great for me. I usually prefer toys with more girth but something about this shape just works. As I’m thrusting the Tantus Delta inside me I can feel the internal piece rubbing against my g-spot while the external piece rubs against my clit just right. The added vibrations add to these sensations and take everything to the next level. I think the vibrations might be too buzzy for constant contact with my clit but they work just fine for thrusting. There is enough vibration and rubbing stimulation to get me off without numbing my clit in the process because the contact is intermittent.

Tantus Delta Pros:
• Great silicone
• Unusual shape
• Fits my body well
• Good for those who like smaller sized toys
• Comes with vibrating bullet
• Can be used with a harness
• Not a dust magnet

Tantus Delta Cons:
• Bullet provides buzzy vibrations
• Bullet could be stronger
• Hard to find batteries

The Tantus Delta is made of a beautiful pearly pink silicone that is surprisingly not a dust magnet like some of Tantus’ silicone. Tantus makes high quality sex toys and I love that they are made in the U.S. I like the strange shape of the Tantus Delta and how it provides multiple types of stimulation by rubbing against my g-spot and my clit along with providing vibration. My biggest complaint about the Tantus Delta is the buzziness of the vibrating bullet. I’d prefer it came with a stronger bullet with deeper, rumblier vibrations. However, it does get me off and is a successful, if unusual, rabbit vibrator.

Smooth Lover

I’m the first to admit, when it comes to sex toys I tend to prefer vibrators over dildos. That’s what really gets me off. However, I do love the feeling of being filled and thrusting something (or having something thrust) inside me. When I want that feeling I will often use one toy inside me and one on my clit. That’s where a good dildo comes in, like the Smooth Lover from MyPleasure.

The Smooth Lover is a 100% Japanese platinum silicone dildo made by Ophoria. Ophoria calls it the Pleasure No. 6 which is a pretty lame name, though I’m not sure Smooth Lover is totally appropriate as it isn’t completely smooth. This pretty in pink dildo has some lovely scroll work on the sides as well as a pearl detail underneath the head and at its base. In fact, it looks to me like a dildo wearing a pearl choker. I’ve never had a dildo that wears jewelry before but the Smooth Lover is quite fetching with its decorative sides and pearl necklace.

As I mentioned, the Smooth Lover is made of 100% silicone which means it is latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. This makes the Smooth Lover good for most people unless you’ve specifically got a silicone allergy. The silicone is very easy to care for and clean. You can wash it with warm water and antibacterial soap, use your favorite toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution to sterilize it. As an added bonus, because there are no electrical parts, you can boil the Smooth Lover for 3-5 minutes to sterilize it as well. Doing this will allow you to safely and responsibly share your Smooth Lover with a non-fluid bonded partner. It will also allow you to go from anal to vaginal play if you so desire. However, if you are going to use the Smooth Lover anally, be very careful and keep a firm grip as there is not much of a flange to keep it from slipping inside your anus completely. Due to this, I do not use it anally.

As the Smooth Lover is silicone, you want to use water-based lubricant with it. Silicone-based lubes can react with the silicone of the dildo leaving it tacky which would be most unpleasant. If you have your heart set on using a silicone-based lubricant with this dildo, use a high quality silicone lube and do a test patch at the base of the dildo to make sure there is no negative reaction.

One cool thing about the Smooth Lover is that is has a suction cup at its base. This is my first suction cup dildo and I am thoroughly impressed. It sticks to everything, the shower wall, my bedside table, my MacBook Pro, even my forehead. That’s right, I can be a dildo unicorn if I want. This suction cup will allow you to ride the Smooth Lover basically anywhere you can stick it. Granted, I’m probably a bit tame in the way I use it and I do tend to use it more for thrusting, but you can be as creative as you like.

Where there is no design the Smooth Lover is very smooth and soft. The solid silicone is firm with little give and has no scent or taste. There is a seam down the front and back of the dildo that I can easily feel with my fingers. However, I do not feel this seam with the Smooth Lover inside me. Nor do I feel the scroll work which is raised. It’s just not enough of a difference in texture for me to feel it. The Smooth Lover is a straight dildo and as such really does not hit my g-spot. As I mentioned above, I mostly use this dildo for thrusting as I’m not much of a ride ‘em cowgirl type. There is a little drag with the Smooth Lover but it doesn’t require a huge amount of lubricant.

The Smooth Lover is 6″ long, with almost all of that being insertable, and 1.25″ in diameter. I find it to be on the smaller side girth-wise. I tend to prefer thicker dildos most of the time, but at times during my cycle a thick toy can be too much. This dildo is comfortable during those times. It also does not require warm up and needs less lube than my thicker dildos.

The packaging of the Smooth Lover is quite simple. It comes in a box with a cutout on the front that shows the dildo. There is some very basic information on the back in six languages. Inside the box the Smooth Lover rests in a plastic clam shell. There is small instruction manual that also displays Ophoria’s line of sex toys. It is very basic and gives directions for their vibrating toys as well. The packaging is recyclable and definitely takes up more room than the dildo so you’re probably better off storing it in some sort of toy bag or ziploc bag. You want to keep your toys from touching so there are no negative chemical reactions.

Smooth Lover Pros:
• Silicone
• Suction cup
• Comfortable
• Requires minimum lubricant
• Not a lint magnet
• Pretty

Smooth Lover Cons:
• Not very girthy

The Smooth Lover is a pretty little dildo that appeals to me aesthetically. I’m not a huge fan of realistic dildos so I like the color and the designs. I especially like that pearl choker. I like the feel of the Ophoria silicone. It has little drag, is nice and smooth, and does not attract lint and dust, which is always a bonus with silicone. I like the suction cup. It’s just fun to stick the Smooth Lover to things. However, it really is useful if you are a rider because it sticks and stays very well. I do tend to prefer my dildos be girthier, but it’s nice to have a dildo that is less girthy once in a while and I think the Smooth Lover will definitely be good for those who don’t like their dildos so thick. Overall, this is a solid dildo that I can strongly recommend. You can check out the Smooth Lover at MyPleasure.

Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish

For my first review of 2013 I decided I wanted to go with something unusual and special, something I had my eye on for a long time, something to set the tone of the new year. I headed over to EdenFantasys and picked up a dildo I had wanted for quite a while but hadn’t been able to justify purchasing. A new year is a good reason to buy a new dildo, isn’t it? Of course it is. So without further ado, meet the amazing Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo. Readers, Jellyfish. Jellyfish, Readers.

Now that we’re all acquainted, let’s get down to business. The Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo is made by a small company based in Maine called, you guessed it, Whipspider Rubberworks. The included insert, as well as the Whipspider Rubberworks website, informs me that this little company is owned by three friends who pass their time hand casting each sculpture in silicone and non-toxic pigments. It is always great to see such high quality sex toys from a small American company, especially when said toys are manufactured in the United States.

The high-quality silicone of the Whispider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo is soft and smooth and squashy. It has a significant amount of drag so definitely use a good water-based lubricant. Stay away from silicone-based lubes as they can cause a negative chemical interaction with the silicone of the dildo making it tacky. I always warn about this because I think it would be awful to ruin a perfectly good silicone sex toy this way. In the case of the Whipspider Jellyfish, it would be an an absolute travesty.

As the Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo is made of this squashy silicone, it is super easy to care for and clean. You can wash it with warm water and antibacterial soap, use a sex toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution. With no moving parts in the Jellyfish, you can also wash it in the top drawer of your dishwasher with no soap or boil it for three to five minutes to sterilize it. Boiling it and cleaning it with a 10% bleach solution disinfects the Jellyfish so it can be shared with non-fluid bonded partners. It also allows the Jellyfish go from anal to vaginal use. The Jellyfish has a large, flared based that makes it safe to be used anally and permits it to be used in a strap-on harness.

Now, onto the Jellyfish Dildo itself. Let me just start by saying that this is absolutely the most beautiful dildo I have ever seen. The colors are impressive and the detail is simply extraordinary. The workmanship is astonishing. I have a fair amount of sex toys in my collection and I have nothing that impresses me as much as the Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo. I expected it to be pretty cool, I mean, it looks cool online. I just could not have imagined how striking it would be in person. I am not sure it is possible to appreciate the Jellyfish as much online as when you are actually holding it in your hand, which is something I rarely say about sex toys. Most of them do a decent job of translating in pictures but images of the Jellyfish fall short of the real life experience, and I’m just talking looks, not use.

The colors of the Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo are bright and vivid. There is blue, pink, purple, and white, and each melts into the other while still standing out on its own. There is an amazing amount of texture provided by the detailing along the shaft of the Jellyfish. There is also a fair amount of detailing carved into the base of the Jellyfish Dildo, along with a cool carving on the top of the head. The head of the Jellyfish is large and bulbous and shaped like the body of…well..a Jellyfish. The tentacles drape down the shaft, which is slightly curved in a very aesthetically pleasing way. Underneath the base of the Jellyfish is a carved out Whipspider, or a tailless whip-scorpion, which is the logo of the company.

At 7″ long, with 6″ being insertable, the Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo is about average in length. However, it is on the larger side girthwise, at 1.75″. I enjoy girthy toys so this width works for me. As I mentioned before, the silicone is super squashy, even bendy. The Jellyfish Dildo is pure silicone with no hard inner core so it really doesn’t feel quite as large as 1.75″. It’s so soft, in fact, I can bend it in half. I thought this would make the Jellyfish too bendy for thrusting but it doesn’t at all. It’s actually very easy to thrust with and the base is comfortable to hold during play.

In use, the Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo is as good as it looks. It is very easy to hold and thrust with and the silicone is super soft and luxurious. The Jellyfish is so thoroughly textured that I feel the tentacles against my labia with each thrust. I feel the larger texture of the shaft inside me as well. I happen to really like textured sex toys but if you don’t or are on the fence, avoid the Jellyfish at all costs. I am not sure if the slight curve to the shaft is supposed to help the Jellyfish Dildo hit my g-spot, but it does not, which is fine with me. I am getting plenty of stimulation from the texture. I don’t expect it do everything possible, that’s asking an awful lot from one little (well, not so little) dildo.

The packaging of the Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo is minimal. It comes in a plastic bag with a card that has very basic information on it. It gives you a blurb about the company, tells you how to clean the Jellyfish, and warns you to keep it away from sharp objects. This is excellent advice considering how soft the Jellyfish Dildo is. Normally I like my fancy packaging, especially with more luxurious products, but I actually find this next to nothing packaging totally acceptable. As Whipspider Rubberworks is such a small company it makes sense and I’d rather them invest the time and money in making their phenomenal toys rather than on packaging that just gets recycled anyway. At least there is a bag I can use to store my Jellyfish Dildo in so it doesn’t smush up against other silicone sex toys or get dusty.

Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo Pros:
• Great texture
• Good size
• Gorgeous colors
• Amazing details
• Squashy silicone
• Not a lint magnet

Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo Cons:
• Umm…might be too textured for some?

I have mentioned before that I prefer my sex toys to be colorful, fun, and unusual. The Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo fits the bill on all levels. There is nothing about this dildo that says penis, other than the general shape, which makes me very happy. I really cannot say enough about the high quality of this dildo. The detail is amazing, the colors are fantastic, and I love using it. Overall, the Jellyfish is the most awesome dildo I’ve ever seen. If I could only have one dildo in my entire collection, it would be the Whipspider Jellyfish. Now I totally want to try out more Whipspider Rubberworks products.

Lovehoney Tapered Prober Orgasmic

As you know, right now we have a super fun giveaway going on for a Lovehoney Realistic Oh! Rabbit Vibrator that I reviewed a while back. I enjoyed that vibrator quite a lot and was thrilled when Lovehoney sent me another of their products to review. This time, I have the pleasure of reviewing the Lovehoney Tapered Prober Orgasmic Glass Dildo. Whew, that’s a mouthful.

The Lovehoney Tapered Prober Orgasmic Glass Dildo, which I will refer to simply as the Orgasmic Glass Dildo from now on, is made of borosilicate glass. This is the same kind of glass as your Pyrex baking dishes. Borosilicate glass is more resistant to extreme temperatures, such as ovens and refrigerators. If it breaks, which is rare, it cracks into large pieces rather than shattering or splintering. I know some people worry about glass sex toys breaking but I have a good amount of experience with them (I’ve even dropped them, which I obviously don’t recommend) and have never had a single issue. That being said, it always important to inspect your glass sex toys before use to make sure there are no cracks or breaks.

Glass is one of my favorite materials for sex toys because it has so many great properties. Cleaning is simple. You can use water and antibacterial soap, a sex toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution. This bleach solution will actually sanitize the glass for sharing between partners or anal to vaginal use. Just as an aside, you really don’t want to use the Orgasmic Glass Dildo anally as it does not have a flared based and could easily slip up inside you. You can use any type of lube with glass toys, so both water-based and silicone-based lubricants are a thumbs up. Glass is also great for temperature play. You can make it warm or cold by soaking it a bowl of ice or hot water for a few minutes, until it reaches the desired temperature. The glass will retain this temperature for a good while allowing you to enjoy the different sensations cause by the heat/cold. Do not microwave your Orgasmic Glass Dildo or put it in the freezer. These temperature changes are too abrupt and extreme for the glass and could damage it.

The Orgasmic Glass Dildo is a lovely light pink color and aside from the ridges, the shape reminds me a bit of drumsticks. As you might guess from the full name, this dildo has a tapered shape with the small end measuring approximately 1.6″ in diameter and the larger end measuring approximately 2.1″ in diameter, which is a great range. The length of the Orgasmic Glass dildo is 7″ and you can insert as much of it as you want. Technically you can insert the entire 7″, you just want to be sure you can remove it easily.

As I mentioned before, I really like glass sex toys. I love the hardness and the lack of give the Lovehoney Orgasmic Glass Dildo provides. If you’re not experienced with glass dildos keep in mind that this dildo will feel larger than a silicone or similar material dildo of the same size. This is due to that lack of give I love so much. While materials like silicone and TPR have some give and provide a more realistic feel, the firmness of the glass really adds to the experience for me. I also enjoy sensation play, though I prefer to play with cold rather heat.

In use, I very much like the Lovehoney Orgasmic Glass Dildo. I like that it offers two different diameters. This allows me to warm up with the smaller end before moving on to the larger end, if necessary. It also gives me both options if it happens to be a day where the ridged side is too large. Yes, this does happen. A woman’s body changes throughout the month and I can handle different things at different times during this cycle. I can feel the ridges as I slowly work the dildo in and out and this adds some nice texture to my play. I find the smooth side a bit more comfortable to hold onto during play but it’s not as if the ridged end is unpleasant. Another great way to use this dildo is as a kegel exerciser. Start off with the large end and when you have mastered that, move on to the smaller end. I love toys that multitask. My only real complaint about the Orgasmic Glass Dildo is the length. I would like it to be a few inches longer to make it easier to manipulate. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great dildo and the length is not a huge issue. I’m just saying if it were possible I’d add a few inches in length. It sometimes feels a little short when I’m thrusting in and out.

The packaging of the Lovehoney Orgasmic Glass Dildo is simple and plain. The dildo comes in a box with a plastic window that shows the toy. It says “Orgasmic Glass Dildo” on it in huge letters so it’s not discreet. You may not want to leave it laying around for people to see. Inside the box, the dildo rests in a block of Styrofoam. I don’t like this at all because bits of the Styrofoam crumble off when I pull it out of the box. However, it does keep the dildo safe and secure during shipping. Also included in the box is a black velvet storage bag. This storage bag is great for protecting the glass from clanging against other toys in your toy box, but it doesn’t provide any cushioning so the protection is moderate. Still, I’d rather have this storage bag than no bag at all, so I do appreciate Lovehoney including it.

Lovehoney Tapered Prober Orgasmic Glass Dildo Pros:
• Borosilicate glass (and all the added perks of glass toys)
• Two options in thickness
• Ridges for texture
• Storage bag

Lovehoney Tapered Prober Orgasmic Glass Dildo Cons:
• Could be longer

The Orgasmic Glass Dildo is a pretty in pink dildo with much going for it and not a lot to argue against it. Being made of borosilicate glass, it is strong and not likely to crack or break. It offers a different girth on each end making it a good option for many people. Though it’s not curved, many women will like the firmness of the glass for g-spot stimulation, it is simply a matter of angle. The fact that I can use it as a kegel exerciser as well is an added bonus. The 7″ length is really the only thing keeping this dildo from a higher rating. It is a good, solid (pun intended) dildo that will please many people on multiple levels. Check out the Lovehoney Tapered Prober Orgasmic Glass Dildo at Lovehoney and remember, they offer free shipping which is not something to sniff at!

Tracey Cox Supersex

I have written of my fondness for glass sex toys on numerous occasions and considering it has been a while since I reviewed one, I thought now would be a good time to take a close look at my Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set from Lovehoney.

As the name would imply, the Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set is a set of two glass dildos. Though it is difficult to really see the color in the images below (Apologies, I am experimenting to a find a better place to take pictures.), the straighter of the two dildos is a very pretty pale pink in color and the curvy dildo is clear. The pink dildo is 7.25″ long and 1.35″ in diameter at its widest point. It has a slight curve to the shaft, six raised nubs along one side of the shaft, one small bulb at one end and two larger bulbs at the other end. The clear glass dildo is 8.25″ in length and 1.11″ in diameter at its thickest point. It has a mild curve shape to it, creating an S. There is a bulb on each end of the dildo, with three additional bulbs one one end.

The box suggests using the pink dildo rather than the clear one for anal play. I disagree. I don’t think either of these glass dildos is appropriate for anal penetration. Neither one has a flared based and the bulbs on the ends of the pink dildo are not large enough for me to feel secure that this dildo will not get sucked up inside me.

As both of these dildos are made of glass they are versatile and very easy to clean. Wash with antibacterial soap and warm water, clean with a sex toy cleaner, or pop them into your dishwasher. You can even sterilize them by boiling them for three – five minutes or washing them down with a 10% bleach solution. Glass is great because you can use any lube with it without having to worry about adverse reactions. So feel free to pull out your favorite water or silicone-based lubricant to use with the Tracey Cox Supersex Dildos. The glass is super smooth and easily gets slippery, so I suggest starting with a small amount of lube and adding more if you need it. I definitely do not need as much lube with glass sex toys as I do with silicone toys because glass has virtually no drag.

Glass is great for sensation play as well. You can heat up or cool down the Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildos in a bowl of hot or ice water and the dildo will retain the chosen temperature for a good while. Glass has a tendency to be cold causing many people to warm their glass dildos up so they are closer to body temperature. I happen to like the coldness of the glass and prefer to cool my dildos down.

I know some people worry about using glass sex toys, thinking they will break during play. As long as you are using high quality products designed for insertion, this is not an issue. The Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set is made of thick, solid, high-quality glass. While it is possible you might crack or chip one of the dildos if you drop it too many times, I don’t see how anyone could possibly break them during insertion. However, you still want to be sure to check your glass dildos carefully before each use for any nicks or scrapes that could pull at your skin. Due to the fact that glass is latex and phthalate-free and hypoallergenic, it is safe for just about anybody to use. I have yet to hear of anyone who has allergies to glass, so if you do have any issues with glass toys, it may very well be your lube.

The Tracey Cox Supersex Dildo Set is a pleasure to use. Both dildos feel solid in my hand and slick against my skin. First, the pink dildo. I enjoy its girth very much and I like the feeling of fullness it provides. I do not think it’s terribly girthy, but keep in mind that glass has no give so glass toys often feel larger than a toy of equivalent size in a softer material, such as silicone. I can feel the bumps on the shaft as I thrust in and out, but do be careful. When I thrust at too steep an angle the nubs hit the front of my pubic bone in an unpleasant manner. Both sides of the dildo are comfortable for thrusting and its short length means it doesn’t hit my cervix during thrusting. This dildo is not a good g-spot dildo for me but I do not think it is really meant to be one.

The Tracey Cox Supersex clear Glass Dildo is the perfect shape to hit my g-spot, and the slightly pointed tip of the bulbs on the ends of the dildo stimulate it extremely well. I can comfortably hold and thrust the dildo with either end, but I prefer to hold the smooth side and thrust with the four bulbs. I can feel each bulb moving in and out of me as I thrust, so I am being stimulated at multiple points at the same time. If I had to choose which one I prefer between the two, it would be the clear one. Fortunately, I do not have to choose, which is one very cool thing about this set.

The packaging of the Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set is basic but suitable. I am not super fond of the naked couple on the front, which makes the box indiscreet. However, it says “dildos” on it all over the place anyway, so even without that image I wouldn’t want to leave this box laying around. There are some helpful hints on how to use these dildos on the back of the box, but nothing regarding how to care for them. I wish they would include this information for first time users of glass sex toys. Inside the box, the two dildos and their storage bags sit in a plastic molded clamshell. The clamshell and the box together provide adequate protection for these dildos. They made it all the way to me from the UK in perfect condition. The box does take up a lot of room so I do not recommend using it for storage. The black velvet storage bags offer great protection from the dildos banging into each other or getting scratched, but they are not padded so do your best not to drop them or smash them into anything.

Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set Pros:
• Great shapes
• Good quality glass
• Great value
• Variety- four ends to choose from
• Easy to hold on to
• Storage bags

Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set Cons:
• Lack of information

Overall, the Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set is pretty awesome. The combination of these dildos ticks off all the boxes of what I want in a glass dildo. They are well-made, easy to use, pretty, and most importantly of all, do a great job at providing the firm stimulation I want, especially against my g-spot. I also think you are getting a good bang for your buck. Two high quality glass dildos at this price, especially with storage bags, is absolutely a great deal. Now I know many people might consider it a little thing, but I love that they include a storage bag for each dildo. Good storage options are an absolute necessity to protect glass sex toys and I find it very irritating when I have to shell out additional cash to buy separate storage bags. This is my first Tracey Cox product and I am happy with the quality.

Vixen Creations VixSkin Maverick

About two years ago, I reviewed a butt plug I had wanted to try for a long time, the Tristan made by a company called Vixen Creations. It was my first experience with them and while I did not like the butt plug as much as I had hoped, I found it to be very high quality. Since then I have been hearing about Vixen Creations dildos, specifically their dual density products, the VixSkin line. I decided it was high time for me to try one of these out so I picked myself up the Vixen Creations VixSkin Maverick Dildo.

The Vixen Creations VixSkin Maverick Dildo is not something I would normally choose for myself because it’s a realistic dildo, which is not really my style. I prefer odd and more unique sex toys. Realistic dildos make me kinda sad. They look so lonely with no body attached. Many people prefer realistic dildos, and as far as they go, the VixSkin Maverick is pretty impressive. First and foremost, it is made of 100% premium silicone and it feels like it. It is heavy and solid. The VixSkin line is Vixen Creations’ dual density line of dildos. They have a firm inner core with a softer, somewhat squashy exterior. They are meant to mimic the feel of a real penis and the Maverick does this shockingly well. The only other dildo I have that is even close to the feel of the Vixen Creations VixSkin Maverick is the Tantus O2 Cush. Though I love my Cush (especially the fact that’s it’s purple and white and not realistic looking), I’m having trouble deciding if Tantus’ dual density is as good as Vixen Creations. It is a close competition.

As it is made from silicone with no electrical parts, the Vixen Creations VixSkin Maverick is super easy to clean and can even be disinfected for anal to vaginal use and sharing with non-fluid bonded partners. You can wash it with warm water and antibacterial soap, use your favorite sex toy cleaner, or pop it in the top drawer of your dishwasher with no soap. To disinfect, use a 10% bleach solution or boil it for three to five minutes.

Though I do have some clit vibrators that don’t require lubricant, with insertables you want to be sure and use lube. There is major drag with the silicone of the VixSkin Maverick, and considering the size, I definitely recommend using a lot of it. Be sure to stick to water-based lubricant as silicone-based lubes can interact with the silicone of the Maverick and make it tacky. The VixSkin silicone is something of a lint magnet, so you may not want to leave it laying around or let your cat use it as a pillow.

Speaking of size, for some reason the Vixen Creations VixSkin Maverick looks quite a bit bigger than the dimensions indicate. Then again, 2″ in diameter is nothing to scoff at. Nor is the 7″ of insertable length (total length being 7.75″). This is a large dildo. If you are a size queen, it may not do it for you, but if you are accustomed to your basic 1-1.5″ diameter dildo, be prepared to supersize it. You can see from the images, there is quite a curve to the VixSkin Maverick. This may allow it to hit some women’s g-spots, but it does not hit mine.

Aside from its stellar dual density texture, the Vixen Creations VixSkin Maverick has a very large and thick base that seems to suction on to things, like my computer, my bathroom sink, and my marble table. Even if I’m not going to ride the dildo, I love a suction cup base. The size and shape of the base also make it a good candidate for harness play, which isn’t my thing so I haven’t tested it this way, but it’s good to know that option is there if I ever want to take advantage of it. The base is easy to grip for thrusting, which is nice, because it keeps my hand from being on the shaft which tends to get somewhat slick from a combination of lubricant and body fluids.

The base is rather wide, so people with small hands may be more inclined to hold onto the shaft. If you have issues with your hands or lower arms, the VixSkin Maverick may not be the ideal dildo. It is heavy and requires a firm grip. I can see it putting too much of a strain on people people who have greater sensitivities in this area of their body.

Though I am not a huge fan of realistic dildos, I do have to comment on the detail of the Vixen Creations VixSkin Maverick. While it’s not the most detailed dildo I own, what detail there is quite good. It has a slightly pronounced head with a large wrinkle of “skin” underneath it. Though it doesn’t have all the veins and lumps and bumps of some dildos, I find these details impressive. As a side note, the Vixen Creations logo is molded underneath the base, in the suction cup area.

In use, the Vixen Creations VixSkin Maverick is downright fun. I love girthy sex toys so the 2″ in diameter works really well for me. When I thrust in and out or just hold the Maverick inside me, it gives me that being filled feeling I desire. I love the dual density texture. While I feel full, I can still clench down on the VixSkin Maverick without it being painful or jolting the way some of my harder dildos can be. Though it’s not the real thing, it comes closer than anything else I have, except maybe the Tantus O2 Cush.

Another thing I really like about the Maverick is that the shape allows it to stay inside me without me holding onto it. I can stop thrusting and let go and do whatever I want with that free hand. Many of my dildos just slip out when I try and do this. The pronounced head is also pretty great as it gives me that nice “pop” during insertion. I can really feel the difference between the head and the shaft. I definitely need a good amount of lube with the Maverick to keep thrusting smooth and comfortable. Though I wish I had been able to get one in a funky color, the Caramel of the my VixSkin Maverick is decent. It ‘s not exciting but it’s not horrible and doesn’t make me think of some poor albino penis.

Though I do not have vast experience with Vixen Creations, I believe the packaging of the VixSkin Maverick is standard for them. It comes in a clear, semi-hard (or should I say semi-erect?) plastic tube. On the downside, the round shape does tend to take up a lot more room than a rectangular box of the same size and it is so not discreet. On the upside, it is sturdy and great for storage. It keeps my Maverick safe from dust and hair and from smushing up against other sex toys which could damage it. Though it would be nice if the tube was not see through and more discreet but for storage purposes I think it’s excellent.

Vixen Creations VixSkin Maverick Pros:
• Dual density
• Slightly pronounced head
• Girthy
• Good shape
• High quality silicone
• Strong base for thrusting or harness play

Vixen Creations VixSkin Maverick Cons:
• Lint magnet

The Vixen Creations VixSkin Maverick Dildo is just as impressive as it looks. The dual density VixSkin really feels amazing, both in my hands and inside of me. It feels as life-like as I think a dildo can feel. The shape fits my body well, and while the curve does not hit my g-spot I wasn’t really looking for that in the Maverick. The girth is perfect, with the right amount of lubricant, and fills me up nicely. The head provides a delightful pop upon insertion, and though I don’t actually feel the other details during play, I appreciate the craftsmanship of the head and shaft. In fact, the VixSkin Maverick is a very well-made dildo overall and I am looking forward to trying additional products from the VixSkin line. I am hard-pressed to find anything I don’t like about the VixSkin Maverick Dildo other than the fact it attracts some lint and hair. However, most of my silicone sex toys are lint magnets and the Maverick really isn’t that bad compared to some of them. The one caution I would give is in regards to the girth. If you are new to sex toys or prefer slimline dildos, this is not going to be the bright spot in your day. 2″ is significant and many people need to work up to this size. Some will also need a smaller dildo to allow them to loosen up during play before using the Maverick. If you do prefer something smaller but still want to try out VixSkin, consider one of the other Vixen Creations VixSkin Dildos carried by EdenFantasys and Good Vibrations.

Pipedream Icicles No. 17

With the exception of last week’s review of the Liberator Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold Kit, I noticed I have been focusing on vibrators lately. I thought it would be good to take a break from the buzzers and check out a dildo this week, like the Pipedream Icicles No. 17.

Icicles No. 17 is not the most exciting name for a sex toy, but I suppose it does make it easy to keep track of it if you have a bunch of toys from the Icicles line. I have reviewed only two other products from the Pipedream Icicles line, the Icicles No 14 and the Icicles No 24, also known as the Octopussy.

Icicles is a line of glass toys produced by Pipedream, a very large manufacturer of sex toys. The Icicles No. 17 is made of borosilicate glass, the very same kind of glass as your kitchen Pyrex. This means it is able to withstand temperature changes and is much less likely to break than a regular old wine glass, for example. Unlike how a traditional wine glass shatters when it breaks, if borosilicate actually does break, it does not shatter, but rather breaks into large pieces. I have a number of borosilicate glass dildos and have dropped more than one of them. I have never had an issue with breakage. The glass of the Icicles No. 17 is very strong. That being said, always look over your glass sex toys carefully before use to be sure there are no chips or cracks.

There are many benefits to glass sex toys. Very few people are allergic to glass, so the Pipedream Icicles No. 17 is hypoallergenic. It is also latex and phthalate-free. With no moving parts, the Icicles No. 17 is easy to clean. You can use warm water and antibacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner. You can also disinfect the Icicles No. 17 with a 10% bleach solution. This will allow you to share between non-fluid bonded partners, as well as go from anal to vaginal use. You can use the Icicles No. 17 anally as it does have a flared base, though the base is not wide enough for me to really recommend this. If you do decide to go this route, I would keep a close eye and firm grasp on it.

Another benefit to using glass sex toys is that they are compatible with all types of lubricant. You can use both water-based lubricants and silicone-based lubricants with the Icicles No. 17 glass dildo. You can even use an oil-based lube, which is not possible with many sex toy materials. As glass is slick on its own, you can get away with using much less lubricant. It definitely does not eat a ton of lube like some other materials. (Yes, silicone, I’m referring to you.)

The other thing I love about glass sex toys is sensation play. You can pop the Icicles No. 17 into a bowl of ice or hot water and allow it to cool down/heat up and it will retain the temperature for a significant amount of time. This allows you to explore different sensations, essentially giving you three toys in one. I prefer cooling down my glass sex toys, but to each her own.

The Pipedream Icicles No. 17 is is fairly long at 8.5″. What really stands out is the insertable length of 8″, which is a significant amount of penetration. Of course, no one is saying you have to insert all 8″, just that it is possible. The head of the Icicles No. 17 is a bit larger than 1.5″ in diameter with the shaft being quite a bit thinner, and as I mentioned, it has a flared based. In the images on the box and online, the shaft of the Icicles No 17 looks like a deep blue but in hand it looks black to me. I suppose the blue is so deep that the color doesn’t come out. The head of the Icicles No. 17 is what really stands out. It is clear with a detailed yellow rose embedded inside. Even though I’m not a flowery person, it’s quite lovely.

In use, the Pipedream No. 17 gives a strong performance. The flat base gives me a secure place to hold onto that is not all slippery from lube, and makes thrusting easy. The curviness of the shaft fits well with body and allows for smooth thrusting. The slickness of the glass allows the Icicles No. 17 to slide easily in and out of me when thrusting as well. While some may find the circumference of the head to be on the larger side, I do not find the Icicles No. 17 to be terribly girthy. However, it is important to keep in mind that as this dildo is made of glass, it has absolutely no give. This can cause it to feel larger than its actual size. The larger head provides that lovely popping feeling as it enters my body. It also allows for very firm g-spot stimulation, which is what works well for me. One word of caution, the 8″ of length can allow you to thrust to far and hit the cervix if you’re not paying attention. Some women like this feeling, I do not.

The packaging of the Pipedream Icicles No. 17 is the same as the packaging for the other Icicles products. It comes in a totally indiscreet box with images of the dildo all over it. It also says, “hand blown glass massager” on the front, so if anyone was unsure about the purpose of the Icicles No. 17, they would be clued in. The front of the box has a flap that opens up to a window showing the dildo inside. Inside the box, the Icicles No. 17 is securely wedged in a large piece of Styrofoam to keep it protected. While the Styrofoam and box take up a ton of room in storage, they do provide excellent protection for the Pipedream Icicles No. 17.

Pipedream Icicles No. 17 Pros:
• Base provides a good handle for thrusting
• Good g-spot stimulation
• Glass
• Very attractive

Pipedream Icicles No. 17 Cons:
• Can hit cervix if not paying attention

I love glass sex toys, the slickness, the hardness, the sensation play. The curve of the shaft aligns well with my body and the large, rounded head provides great g-spot stimulation. This would probably be an excellent choice for someone who wants to explore her g-spot. Though my Icicles No. 17 looks black rather than blue, it is still lovely and the flower embedded inside the clear head is a nice touch. I love that it has a flared base which makes it easy to hold on to while thrusting. Overall, the Pipedream Icicles No. 17 is a good, solid dildo.

Tantus Rocket Dildo

Late autumn last year, I posted a Spotlight on a new set of toys recently released by one of my favorite manufacturers, Tantus. If you haven’t yet read my Spotlight on Tantus Space Toys now would be a good time to click over and check it out. Of course, I was especially enthralled by the colors, and was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to review the Tantus Rocket Dildo.

Tantus uses 100% Ultra-Premium Platinum Silicone, which is latex and phthalate-free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. Tantus silicone is medical-grade, so it is more expensive than other lesser quality silicone products out there. However, this is one of those cases of getting what you pay for. One great thing about pure silicone is that it can be boiled for three to five minutes or cleaned with a 10% bleach solution to disinfect it. This allows you to share the Tantus Rocket amongst non-fluid bonded partners. It also permits you to switch from anal to vaginal use, after the Rocket has been disinfected, of course. Speaking of anal use, the Tantus Rocket has a very large and sturdy flared base, so it can be used anally.

Normally, I recommend only using water-based lubricants with silicone sex toys. This is because the silicone in both products can interact negatively and damage the toy. However, as Tantus silicone is 100% pure silicone, as opposed to some other silicone toys, you can use some silicone-based lubricants with it. You must be sure to use a good silicone lube, which is not going to be cheap. If you are uncertain if you can use your silicone-based lube with the Rocket, do a spot test on the its base. To be safe, I would go with something from the Pjur line. Tantus recommends Pjur Eros Bodyglide Light Love. While I love the high quality of Tantus’ silicone, it has a significant amount of drag to it. So, be sure to use a good amount of whatever lube you do use. The other thing to be aware of with Tantus silicone is that it tends to attract a good amount of hair and lint, though oddly enough, the Rocket seem to collect less than my other Tantus toys even though the silicone feels the same. Perhaps I have not given it enough of an opportunity to show its true…colors.

The Tantus Rocket measures 6″ long, with 5.5″ of insertable length, and 1.5″ in diameter. It is made of solid silicone but has some squish to it. As there is no internal plastic shaft or anything like that, the Rocket is very flexible and can be bent. The Rocket has no moving parts or electrical bits so it is waterproof and can even be washed n the top shelf of your dishwasher (no soap needed). Of course, if you want to go the simple route, you can always just use warm water and antibacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner.

The shape of this dildo is clean and stylized. It has a head that is slightly pronounced on one side, like a real-life penis, but that’s about as realistic as the Tantus Rocket gets. Both the shaft and head are smooth, with no vein-like ridges. There is no texture to this dildo. I happen to enjoy texture, but I don’t need it. I can appreciate the sleekness of the Rocket’s shaft.

What really makes the Tantus Rocket stand out is the color. It is definitely one of the most colorful dildos I have ever seen. Not only are the lime green, orange, and hot pink vivid, they flow into each other with lovely gradations. I have often had trouble capturing the true beauty of Tantus toys. My camera just can’t show you the gentle shimmer of this dildo. The colors remind me of one of those Big Stick popsicles I used to have when I was a kid. It is important to note that the Tantus Rocket is handmade, so no two will be exactly alike. Certainly, mine is not an exact replica of the image on the Tantus site. In fact, it is even prettier, and yes, I am calling a dildo pretty.

In use, the Tantus Rocket is a good, solid dildo. I appreciate the shorter length of this dildo because it allows me to thrust away without worrying about hitting my cervix. I find the Rocket’s average 1.5″ girth is very easy to tolerate with little to no warmup needed. I have dildos that are girthier and some of them need quite a bit working up to, not to mention lube. I can feel a bit of a pop when the slightly pronounced head enters me, but it’s nothing drastic. In general, using the Tantus Rocket is a very pleasant experience. Probably one of my favorite things about the Tantus Rocket, aside from its gorgeous color gradations, is the base. It is larger than the bases on many of my other dildos. This over-sized base is very comfortable and easy to hold on to while thrusting, and if you’re into strap-ons, I’d think the large base would make the Rocket a good fit for many harnesses.

The Tantus Rocket Dildo comes in the same packaging as all my other Tantus sex toys. The box is made of a kinda flimsy clear plastic with some basic information on the sides and back. Inside the box, the Rocket sits in a clear plastic clamshell. It is easy to get the Rocket in and out of the packaging but I have found the plastic isn’t sturdy enough for long term storage. As it also takes up a lot of room, I tend to store my Tantus toys in Ziploc bags. I don’t mind that the packaging is not discreet and I appreciate Tantus saving on cost with simple packaging. However, because the box is clear, I do find it somewhat challenging to read the information on the sides and bottom. Not a huge issue, just something to be aware of.

Tantus Rocket Dildo Pros:
• Gorgeous colors
• Tantus silicone
• Good base for thrusting
• Shorter length

Tantus Rocket Dildo Cons:
• Gets linty

As always, Tantus pleases me with its wonderful silicone, which is high quality, if a little linty. By now, I have learned that good silicone sometimes comes with lint. You just have to accept that. The size and shape of the Tantus Rocket works well for me and makes a nice change from girthier, more textured dildos. The base is great for holding onto and thrusting and I really like the short insertable length that allows my cervix to remain untouched. The size and ease of use will make the Rocket a good choice for many users, whether they want to use it vaginally or anally. Of course, my favorite aspect of this dildo is the colors, which are AMAZING. While it may not have a huge wow factor (other than the beautiful colors), the Tantus Rocket is a simple, dependable dildo you can pull out and use in most circumstances.

Fleshlight Freaks Drac

A while back I did a Spotlight on the new Fleshlight Freaks. I thought some of them were well, freaky, and some were cool and I was really into the Cyborg and the Drac dildos. I had long given up hope of getting my hands on one of these cool dildos when lo and behold I won the Drac from the very cool Kara_Sutra and SheVibe.

I realize these Freaks may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and as I said, I’m not into all of them. However, I do like unusual sex toys and the Drac is definitely that. While it may just be a standard dildo, it certainly doesn’t look like one.

The Fleshlight Freaks Dildos are Fleshlight’s first foray into the dildo market and I think they’ve done a great job. The Drac is made of high-grade platinum cured silicone that feels just awesome. It is both firm and squashy at the same time, and is a pleasure to have inside my body. Like most silicone, it does have a tendency to pick up dust and lint here and there but it is not as bad some of my other dildos and vibrators. Silicone is a great material for sex toys because it is latex and phthalate-free, non-porous, hypoallergenic, and body-safe.

The silicone is super easy to care for and clean, especially as there are no moving parts in the Drac, which makes it waterproof. You can wash it with antibacterial soap and warm water, use your favorite sex toy cleaner, wash it in the top drawer of your dishwasher without soap, or sterilize it with a 10% bleach solution or by boiling it for 3-5 minutes. The fact that you can sterilize it makes it a great option for sharing between partners, as well using it both vaginally and anally.

Remember, as the Drac is made of 100% silicone it is a good idea to use it with water-based lubricant rather than with silicone-based. The silicone in the lube can react with the silicone of the dildo and cause a nasty chemical reaction that will melt your Drac and make the surface tacky. If you’re really keen on using the Drac with silicone-based lubricant, be sure to do a spot test before slathering it up. Also keep this silicone issue in mind when storing your Drac dildo as you don’t want it pressed up against other silicone toys thus causing the same kind of chemical reaction. It’s best to store it in its box, a toy bag, or even a ziploc baggie.

The Drac comes in a fairly large box with a plastic window so you can clearly see the dildo inside. It also has an image of the Drac on the side and the back of the box. It is in no way discreet, so while it might be ok for storage you may not want to leave it laying about. The dildo itself sits inside a plastic clamshell within the box that is pretty flimsy and not good for storage all on its own.

At 7.5″ long and 1.75″ in diameter, the Drac is not quite as large as it looks or feels in my hand. I think it seems bigger because of the color and the detailing. It is a lovely marbled red color with a fair amount of texture on the shaft and balls. The head has a pronounced coronal ridge and is somewhat life-like. Well, as life-like as a red cock with bat wings can be. The texture on the sides of the shaft is in the shape of bat wings and looks oh so cool. The balls and underside of the shaft are slightly bumpy as if it is made of real skin. Overall, it looks and feels great in my hand.

What’s more important is that the Drac dildo feels great inside me. The silicone has enough squish to it to make it comfortable but is also firm enough to clench down on in a lovely way. The shaft is quite straight and does not hit my g-spot, which is fine with me as I don’t need every toy to be a g-spot toy. The balls are good for gripping and make thrusting very easy. At just over one pound (17 ounces to be exact) the Drac is a bit hefty for a silicone dildo but I don’t really notice it during play. I also don’t notice the texture much when the dildo is inside me though it is very noticeable in my hand.

As I mentioned earlier, you can use the Drac both vaginally and anally and I have tried both. The length is such that if I lose focus and thrust too deeply in the heat of the moment, I can hit my cervix which I generally find unpleasant. Due to the balls at the base of the dildo, the Drac is also safe for anal play. It is quite comfortable to use anally as long as I go slowly at first to warm up, which is always important in anal play.

It is important to note that on their site Fleshlight states the Drac dildo is not intended for internal use. Their explanation is that the dildo is intended as a novelty, like almost all sex toys, and this warning is intended to protect their liability.

While how well this dildo performs is obviously one of the most important factors, I simply cannot stress enough how amazingly cool looking I find the Drac. The paint job and details are just incredible. The Drac really is a must have for collectors and people who would display a vampire cock on a shelf. The craftsmanship is truly impressive.

Fleshlight Freaks Drac Dildo Pros:
• Great squashy silicone
• Fun color
• Fabulous design

Fleshlight Freaks Drac Dildo Cons:
• No storage bag

The Fleshlight Freaks Drac is a fun and unusual dildo to have around. Before I had a chance to play with it, I loved the look of it and now that I have it in my possession, I am so enjoying it. It’s much more realistic than most of my dildos. That is, if you can call a red vampire cock realistic. I like the size, shape, and color, and just everything about the way it looks. The details are just great. The silicone is delightful both inside and outside of my body. Overall, it is just a lovely dildo and piques my interest in the other Fleshlight Freaks.