Screaming Ovation Kit

This is the screaming Ovation Intimacy Kit from Temptations Direct, it includes 2 vibrating cock rings, lube, condoms and mints and a couple of other bits as seen in the diagram below.

In the Screaming O Ovation intimacy kit you get two of everything which means that this kit is perfect for a romantic weekend away with your partner.

But are the contents any good? You wonder, well let’s start with the mints, when my partner first saw the mints his comment was ‘I don’t understand what the mints are for?’ so I explained that minty breathe brings a whole new dimension to oral sex, for both men and women. We tried them and to be completely honest I was very underwhelmed by the mints, they’re not minty enough to be able to use the effect of the menthol in your mouth as an enhancer for oral sex, you would be better buying a packet of polo’s for this from the store.

The wipes, this, I thought was a great idea, they are handy to have with you, meaning that you can always be clean and fresh and ready for action, a much better option than baby wipes.

Warming Lube, This is a nice little plastic sachet of warming lube, perfect to pop in your bag just snap the seal and your ready to go, no messing about with packaging. The warming lube might not be good for people who are especially sensitive but if you’re lucky enough to not have that problem, you should feel a lovely warming sensation when you’re having sex, it’s not good for anal though – you have been warned.

Lubricated condoms, well there isn’t really much I can say about these, they are bog standard lubricated condoms not to thick but not especially thin either.  We don’t usually use condoms but if you do it is great to have them included in this little set.

Water-based Lube, this comes in a similar packaging to the warming lube, unlike the warming lube as this is not warming or cooling it is safe to use for anal sex, the packaging really is easy to open in the heat of the moment, just snap off the top and your away.

The booklet is interesting and entertaining more than it is useful; it has some pictures of various positions which could be fun or interesting to try if you haven’t tried them already. To be honest the pictures gave us more of a laugh than anything else.

And finally what was for us the main part of the kit, 2 vibrating cock rings, these have a stretchy jelly type band that stretched around the penis and a single use vibrator which lasts approx 20 mins, it has a simple button on the side of the vibrating part to turn it on and off and is single speed.

They are safe to use with either of the lubes that are included as well as the condoms. The vibrations can be felt right down the penis during sex and have the effect of turning your partner’s cock into a vibrator. As there are single use single speed cock rings they are not super powerful, but they are pretty good all things considered. My partner said that the vibrations felt nice to him to but nothing special.

So what do I think of the kit as a whole? I think that it is perfect for a weekend away with your partner, it will easily pop into your handbag and has everything that you might need for that saucy weekend of fun, and as it is all disposable you don’t need to worry about cleaning it up afterwards, they have even thought about you by even including hygiene wipes.

The Adult Board Game for Couples and Groups

It arrived really fast, and was sent in some nice discrete packaging, when I removed it from the packaging I could see that they had put a lot of thought into the design if the game, the picture on the box is very retro, kind of 50’s sexy/cartoony but not slutty.

Playing Pieces and Dice

When I opened the box, I saw that the same amount of thought had gone into the design of the board and the cards. There are allot of cards with this game, at first it seemed a bit daunting working out which cards go where and what they are all for, but once we had read the rules it was all pretty straight forward really.

What’s in the box

The main cards that you use during the game are reward/forfeit cards which are numbered 1-5 with the idea been that they get more risqué as the game goes on. There are also Massage and Fantasy cards, the Fantasy cards are for the end of the game and are set up as Voyeur, Threesome, Fetish and Role-play, we really liked that a blank fantasy card was left for the game players to add their own fantasies to the game if they wish.

We played the game as a couple, but the game is unique as it is aimed at both couples and groups, this is the first adult board game that I have come across that is aimed at groups, but as a couple we found that we were able to play just as well.


The cards do indicate on them how many people that they are aimed at, be it for a group or a couple, meaning that if you are playing as a couple you just take out the ones that won’t work, if you are playing as a group I would think that all the cards are usable.

The Cards

The level 5 cards are quite risqué, so I would advise that you sit and read through them and maybe remove any cards which would make you feel too uncomfortable before you play, or if you are really new to things, maybe take out the level 5 card the first time you play the game, you can always add them in again later if you want.


As you make your way around the board you land on squares including ones for massage, kiss, strip, forfeit cards, reward cards and drink. At first working out what all the different squares meant was a little confusing as every square seems to mean something different, but the rules are pretty clear and after playing for a short while it soon becomes easy to work out.

As it doesn’t say how many times you should go around the board we went round the board a few times before going into the middle and finishing the game, as we wanted to use all the cards and try everything out, I guess the number of times you go round would really depend on how much time you have and how quickly you work your way through the cards.

The Board all set up and ready to play

Overall I can honestly say that we have not had as much fun together or laughed so much for a long while. I would recommend this to anyone who wants something to spice up their lives or to groups of people who want to play together.

This game left us wanting more afterwards and the final fantasy that we chose helped us along, so when they named the game Tease they got it right.

Been able to choose your levels and leave out the cards that are too much for you or not to your taste make it potentially fun for all.