The Buzzlet from Good Vibrations is an adorable little vibrator on the cutting edge of vibrator charging technology.

Made of medical grade ABS plastic and silicone, the Buzzlet Vibrator is phthalate-free and body safe. As there is nothing there are no ports or open areas, the Buzzlet is waterproof and can be completely submerged under water. Not only is this useful for taking this little vibrator in the bath, shower, or hot tub, but great for cleaning. You can simply wash the Buzzlet with water and antibacterial soap, but do not to use bleach or alcohol. The Buzzlet’s materials are non-porous so it won’t tend to harbor bacteria. You can share between partners as long as you clean well before and after use. However, I always recommend using condoms if you’re going to share your toys, unless you and your partner are fluid bonded.

You all know I have a weird fetish for packaging. The Buzzlet Vibrator comes in a a gorgeous black hard box and black sleeve with a picture of the vibrator on it. My Buzzlet is blue and white, as is the image on the sleeve. I am guessing that color will change with the color of your specific Buzzlet. My Buzzlet looks like a teeny tiny boat buoy. It could be the coloring but I think it’s mostly the shape.

The only directions included with the Buzzlet are a double-sided card with images. The images inform you that while the Buzzlet is waterproof, its charger is not. They also indicate a 10 hour charge time is required. The first time I charged my Buzzlet, I left it on the charger overnight and got approximately 1 1/2 hours of use. I also get about a 30 minute charge after leaving the Buzzlet on the charger for two hours. The charging aspect of the Buzzlet is one of the things that makes it unique. It uses an induction charger. How cool is that?! No batteries and no charging ports. You simply sit the Buzzlet on it’s charger, making sure the rod slips through the hole in the Buzzlet and voila. It’s charging. It’s part of Good Vibrations Ecorotic line of green toys and products.

The Buzzlet offers an impressive array of patterns for such a small vibrator. It has three levels of steady vibration and five levels of pulsation.
1. Fast pulse…buz buz buz buz buz
2. Slow pulse…buuuzz buuuzzz
3. Short Combo pulse…buz buuuzzz buz buuuzzz
4. Long combo pulse…buz buz buuuzzz buz buz buuuzzz
5. Escalation Ramp up pulse, low to high, with 5 levels…buzz buzz buzz buzz

The single push button makes it easy to cycle through all eight levels of vibration. Hold the button down for two seconds to turn the Buzzlet on. One push on the button takes you to the next level. Keep pushing the button firmly to hit each new level. After you get to the fifth pattern, the next push of the button cycles you back to the lowest level vibration. To turn off, simply hold the button down for two seconds anywhere in the program. Any time you push the button it lights up with a pretty blue light.

The Buzzlet’s vibrations are deep and rumbly. They even have a low-pitched sound to them. These thuddy vibrations are centered in the tip of the vibrator. With practically no vibration in the handle end, my hand never goes numb. Every now and then the motor seems to stutter as if it’s having trouble catching. I notice this more when the charge is running out. It’s noticeable yet it doesn’t disrupt my play.

The strength of the vibrations is strong for its size. However, they’re not the strongest vibrations out there. The lowest setting is barely there and I don’t use it much. I tend to use the medium steady vibration on my nipples and labia as a warm up. I switch to the highest level and pulsations to get off. My man loves the Buzzlet on the lowest level on his scrotum. It works great for us but it might be a on the weak side for serious power queens and kings. It’s stronger than the Vibrating Pleasure Pump, but not as strong as the Violet Shimmer G-Spot Vibrator.

Both the packaging and the Buzzlet are very discreet. The box and sleeve look like they hold some interesting gadget, while the Buzzlet itself looks a bit like a giant lip balm. I’ve left it sitting by my bed on several occasions because I’m not overly concerned someone will know it’s a vibrator. I really like the feel of the Buzzlet in my hand. It’s small and smooth and fits comfortably. The push button has good feedback and is easy to use. The only downside is having to scroll through all the patterns to get to the one I want.

I understand Miuzu’s simplistic approach to providing directions. Using pictures keeps them from having to print out a booklet in multiple languages, perhaps another nod to being green. However, I really would have appreciated more information about the materials and novel charging system.

Miuzu Buzzlet Pros:
– Size
– Deep vibrations
– Easy to use
– Discreet
– Quiet

Miuzu Buzzlet Cons:
– Lack of information included

The Miuzu Buzzlet is a great little vibrator. It’s discreet, easy to use, has yummy rumbly vibrations, and fits well in my hand. It’s easy to carry around with you on the off chance you’ll want an orgasm break. I threw it in my bag to surprise my man on a weekend trip and he had no idea what it was until I showed him…and he knows I always have new sex toys. I love rechargeable vibrators and though it requires a long charge, the induction charger is cool enough to appeal to the geek within me. The Buzzlet is a great addition to my toybox!

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