Je Joue Uma

Je Joue, the manufacturer of my lovely Ami, recently came out with a new vibrator, the Uma. Being a fan of Je Joue, I decided to review this little beauty.

Unlike the Ami, which is a set of kegelcisors, the Je Joue Uma is a g-spot and clit vibrator. Like the Ami, the Uma is covered in soft, silky silicone. I love this particular silicone because it doesn’t attract lint and dust like most silicone does. It is also very smooth with less drag than most of my other silicone sex toys. Of course, silicone is great for sex toys because it is latex and phthalate-free, non-porous, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. It is easy to clean with antibacterial soap and warm water or your favorite sex toy cleaner. You can even sterilize the Je Joue Uma by washing it down with a 10% bleach solution. This allows you to share it with non-fluid bonded partners if you have the desire.

The silicone does not have much drag to it so most often my natural lubrication sufficient, but lube is always a good idea. Remember to use water-based lubricant with the Je Joue Uma as silicone-based lube can negatively react with the silicone of the toy. For this reason, be cautious in storing your Uma with other silicone sex toys. It is best to store it in its box or some sort of storage bag so you don’t run into any issues.

The Je Joue Uma is 7″ long with almost as much of it as you want being insertable. Practically though, you probably won’t insert much more than 4″ as it is meant to stimulate your g-spot. It is a slim 1.25″ in diameter and it is totally hard under its smooth silicone exterior. This makes it a great option for g-spot stimulation, especially for those who prefer firm pressure on their g-spot. The handle, or area you grip with your hand, is slightly larger in diameter at closer to 1.7″. This handle fits comfortably in my hand and makes for easy gripping.

You operate the Je Joue Uma through the use of three buttons on the bottom of the handle. Two of these buttons (the + and -) are silver in color and protrude slightly from the vibrator, while the third button (it looks like an S on its side) sits flush with the base of the toy and is the same color as the silicone. This button controls the patterns. To turn on the Je Joue Uma, you hold the + button down for two seconds. To turn off you do the same with the – button. To increase the speed, press down on the + button and to decrease the speed, press down on the – button. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I have read some reviews (of course I read other people’s reviews!) complaining about these buttons. Some people find them very difficult to press. I do not. I do have to apply firm pressure when pressing so there’s no way I can accidentally change settings during play, which I like. The third button, however, is another story. As I mentioned before, the sideways S button controls the vibrational patterns and is SO freaking hard to push. I’m lucky I have long nails otherwise I have no idea how I would push it. Even so, if I want to use the patterns while masturbating I have to set it and forget it. It is practically impossible to switch the patterns up with the Je Joue Uma inside me or on my clit. Just forget it. It is frustrating as hell so I end up never using the patterns, which makes them practically useless. Sad. I like patterns, but I am basically forced to use the Je Joue Uma as a straight vibration toy due to my inability to press the damn S button.

Having said that, I do like the vibrations of the Je Joue Uma. They are plenty strong for me, such that while I sometimes use it on its highest level, I don’t always have to do so. I find the vibrations of the Je Joue Uma to be quite deep. They are especially rumbly on the lowest settings and increase slightly in pitch on the highest but they are far from buzzy. The Je Joue Uma is also very quiet. Even on its highest setting it can only be slightly heard under the covers and certainly not through the closed bedroom door. The lowest setting is very mild while the highest is comparable to my Leaf Fresh.

The instruction booklet claims the Je Joue Uma has seven levels of steady vibration and seven different patterns. However, I detect only five levels of steady vibration and six different patterns. I suppose the seventh is actually the steady vibrations.
1. Fast pulse
2. Escalating
3. Medium pulse
4. Faster pulsing
5. Longer pulsing
6. Slow, long pulsing

One thing I really love about the Je Joue Uma is that it is great for using during penetrative sex, especially during doggy style and anal. The longer handle makes it easy to hold against my clit while my partner enters me from behind. It is much easier to do this with the Je Joue Uma than a smaller clit vibrator because of the length of the handle. This is a really good way for me to get some clit stimulation during penetration. As a g-spot vibrator, the Je Joue Uma does an adequate job. I prefer toys with a more extreme curve but the hardness works well at stimulating my g-spot. I really like the combination of using the Uma against my clit, then slipping it inside to rub my g-spot, then moving it back to my clit. I am a clit-oriented girl after all.

The Je Joue Uma is rechargeable, which I totally adore. Even better, it charges magnetically so there are no open ports to allow water in, making it 100% waterproof. You truly can wash it and submerge it without fear. The magnetic charger is very easy to align and use. The metal buttons on the bottom of the Je Joue Uma are the feeds for the charger. The charger attaches and stays on easily, and when the vibrator is charging the small heart on the underside of the handle flashes red. When fully charged, this light will glow steadily. A two hour charge will provide approximately two hours of play time.

Like other Je Joue sex toys, the Uma comes in quite nice packaging. The outer box is lightweight cardboard, and in my case, purple. The inner box is hard and sturdy and good for storage. This box holds the Uma, its charger, and an instruction manual in six languages that explains Uma’s one year warranty and among other things.

Je Joue Uma Pros:
• Rumbly vibrations
• Easy to use during penetration
• Great silicone
• Waterproof
• Rechargeable

Je Joue Uma Cons:
• Middle button (patterns) is basically useless during play
• No storage bag

Just as I really liked the Je Joue Ami, so do I like the Je Joue Uma. The Uma is more than strong enough for me with its deep vibrations. It is easy to manage during sex and I love its silky silicone. The fact that it is waterproof makes cleaning worry-free and gives it versatility. As it is rechargeable I can use it as long as I want without having to worry that I’m running down the batteries. My only real complaint is that stupid middle S button. It is so difficult to use that I just don’t bother, which creates an unnecessary limitation with this vibrator. If it weren’t for this button, I would probably give the Uma 4 stars. However, since this is a major design flaw I can only go as high as 3 stars. Nonetheless, I do still really like the vibrations of this vibrator.

Luv Massager

A while back, Rocks Off came out with this adorable Massager called the Luv. I do love an unusually-shaped toy, especially one that is dual-purpose, so I was thrilled at the opportunity to test drive the Luv Massager.

The Luv Massager is very cute and quite a bit smaller than I expected. It is only 6.5″ long and 2.5″ in diameter. It is made of white ABS plastic and pink silicone. These materials are very easy to care for and clean. You can use a sex toy cleaner or warm water and antibacterial soap on both ABS and silicone. You can also use a 10% bleach solution on the pink silicone head to sterilize it if you so desire. As the Luv Massager is totally waterproof, you can feel free to take it in the shower or bath for some wet massage time. The cover for the battery compartment snaps on and off rather than screwing and it has a pink silicone ring to keep the water out. The four AAA batteries sit inside a little cartridge that slides in and out of the battery compartment making it easy to store your batteries outside of the Luv Massager when it’s not in use.

The Luv Massager can be used as a body massager or as an intimate massager and can you can use it on parts of the body such as the nipples, clit, or testicles. The silicone has some drag, though not a lot. Still, you may want to use some lube when using it on your clit. Be sure to use water-based lubricant as silicone-based lubes can react negatively with the silicone of the head and cause tackiness. You also may want to use some form of water-based massage lotion when using the Luv as a body massager to keep the head from dragging all over your skin. A massage lotion will make it glide more smoothly and softly and be more comfortable as you massage yourself or your partner.

Running on four AAA batteries gives the Luv Massager’s five vibration levels quite a bit of power. It’s surprising for so small a toy. It is also on the loud side for such a little massager. I can almost hear it through the closed door to my bedroom if the apartment is silent, so if you have thin walls or roommates you might need to play some quiet music to make sure no one can hear you. Of course, as the Luv is also a body massager you may not mind anyone hearing that it’s on. I find the Luv’s vibrations to be mid-range. They are deeper and rumblier on the lower levels and get slightly higher-pitched as the strength increases. That said, they are not buzzy, and as I mentioned before, they are powerful.

The control panel of the Luv Massager is clear cut and straight-forward. It consists of two buttons, the ON/OFF button and the 5X button. The control pad lights up pink when the Luv Massager is turned on. The ON/OFF button is a dedicated button that turns the massager on and off. The 5X button scrolls through the five levels. There are three levels of steady vibration and two pattern modes. They are as follows:
1. Low steady vibration
2. Medium steady vibration
3. High steady vibration
4. Fast pulsing ramp up
5. Slow pulsing ramp up

I really like the shape of the Luv Massager. The handle is quite ergonomic and it sits comfortably in my hand during use. This makes it simple to hold onto whether I’m using it on my partner or myself. The buttons are easy to reach and press with my thumb so it is effortless to use. The only real downside of the Luv’s handle is that the vibrations can be readily felt through it, so after a while my hand starts to feel a bit buzzy. The heart-shaped head provides versatility. The point of the heart allows me precise stimulation where I want it, while the broadness of the head provides a more generous stimulation for larger surfaces. So, the heart point is great for clit and nipple stimulation, as well as really pinpointing sore muscles.

The Luv Massager does a decent job at massaging my surface muscles but it really doesn’t get deep. It feels great on my neck and the base of my skull, where I carry a lot of tension, and really helps to ease the tightness of the muscles there for me. It also works decently on my clit. This is where the pointy tip really shines for me. It allows me to get pinpoint stimulation on my clit, which I really like, and it’s not easy to find a pointy vibrator. My man is sort of iffy on it. He cannot decide if he likes the vibrations on his back though he is partial to the pointy tip digging into his sore muscles. He is not a big fan of vibrations near his penis so it fails for him there.

Though the packaging is very simple, I quite like it. The Luv Masager comes in a clear lightweight plastic sleeve which is not really good for storage. However, within the flimsy plastic sleeve the Luv sits on plastic rests inside a hard plastic box that is great for storage. The downside of this box is that it doesn’t latch at all so you need to keep it in the sleeve otherwise it will just fall open if it gets tipped over. The sleeve has some very basic information in four languages and an image of the buttons and one that shows how the batteries go in. There is no additional information included with the Luv Massager which might leave some users confused, especially if they are not experienced with massagers and sex toys. The packaging is see-through, but tasteful, and I feel like I can leave it sitting around without being worried someone will see it and think the Luv Massager is a sex toy.

Luv Massager Pros:
• Powerful
• Adorable
• Versatile
• Great shape
• Small and travel-friendly
• Silicone head
• Waterproof

Luv Massager Cons:
• Handle gets buzzy
• No instructions

I know it has already passed, but with its pink heart-shaped head and white body the Luv Massager would make a great gift for Valentine’s Day. Of course, it is sweet enough to give as a gift for other occasions as well. I’m not totally blown away by the Luv. I like it but it doesn’t blow my mind. It does have a lot going for it though. The Luv Massager would be a good first toy. It’s cute, small, and non-threatening, as well as straight-forward, powerful, and easy to use. It’s also very versatile as it can be used as a body massager or a stimulator for your nipples and clit. It can also be used on the perineum or testicles.

The small size of the Luv Massager is very convenient as it fits easily in a bedside drawer and would not take up much room in your luggage if you were to travel with it. Though the Luv definitely does not take the place of something large that runs on AC power like the Hitachi Magic Wand, the power wrapped up in this small massager makes it a good option for those without a ton of room or easy to reach wall plugs. In the UK, you can purchase the Luv Massager directly from Rocks Off.


Recently I was lucky enough to win a giveaway put on by Teagan Shepard. I was really hoping I’d win because the prize was a LELO Nea, which is a sex toy I have always wanted to try. Thanks to Teagan, I now have my very own LELO Nea.

The LELO Nea is a very pretty little clit stimulator. It is 3″ long and 2″ wide. It is made of black ABS Plastic with little flowers stenciled on both sides in plum. ABS is a good choice for sex toys because it is latex-free and hypoallergenic. LELO plastic is also phthalate-free and non-porous. It can be used with with either water-based or silicone-based lubricants. Plastic is also easy to clean. You can clean the Nea with warm water and antibacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner. Be careful when washing with water as the LELO Nea is not waterproof. You want to make sure you don’t get any fluid in the charging port on the bottom of the vibrator.

As with all LELO Pleasure Objects, the Nea is rechargeable, and it takes about two hours to charge the Nea. The buttons on the LELO Nea light up and flash when charging and glow steadily when the Nea is fully charged. When the Nea needs to be charged it will let you know by glowing red rather than white when you press the buttons. These buttons also activate and deactivate the travel lock. Press down on both buttons simultaneously to either lock or unlock the Nea. This is also helpful for storage as it keeps the vibrator from turning on accidentally and running down the battery. According to LELO, one charge is good for up to seven hours of use and 90 days of standby time. This will obviously vary depending upon how you use the Nea.

The LELO Nea has five different modes of vibration. It has one steady vibration mode and four pattern modes. Operation of the Nea is simple, as there are only two buttons. The button on the right turns the Nea on, increases the intensity, and accesses the pattern modes. The button on the left decreases the intensity and turns the Nea off. To turn the Nea on, hold down on the right-hand button for a few seconds. You will be in the steady vibration mode. To access the patterns, press and hold the right-hand button down for three seconds. To cycle through the patterns, use the right-hand button. To return to the steady vibration, press the left-hand button. Press this button and hold for three to four seconds to turn the Nea off. The different modes are as follows:
1. Steady vibration
2. Moderate pulsation
3. Faster pulsation
4. Fastest pulsation
5. Roller coaster

The shape of the LELO Nea reminds me a bit of a ginormous bean, so you know I love that. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, the Nea rests very comfortably in my hand and the buttons are easy to press. It is easy to use, though it is louder than I expected. I can’t hear it through my closed bedroom door but it is relatively loud in the room, even under the covers. Your partner will definitely hear it if he or she is laying next to you trying to sleep. The vibrations are also buzzier than expected though I suppose this isn’t surprising considering the size of the Nea. That said, this isn’t the buzziest clit vibrator in the world, but it certainly doesn’t have the rumbliest vibrations either. The vibrations start off so mild I can barely tell the Nea is on and go up to a respectable level of moderately high intensity. It’s not as strong as my We-Vibe Touch, which is my strongest clit vibe, but it is comparable to my Leaf Fresh.

Interestingly enough, while I tend to prefer vibrators with deep and rumbly vibrations, I still really like the LELO Nea. The shape works very well for me. The tip of the Nea slides right in between my labia to nestle up against my clit extremely well. The slipperiness of the plastic provides no drag against my skin so I use little or no lubricant, as my fluids are usually more than enough to do the job. I can actually get off using the Nea on its lower levels of intensity, which is quite surprising. Usually I need more intensity to orgasm. The pinpoint vibrations of the Nea work just as well against my nipples as they do on my clit and labia. It really is a pleasure to use this vibrator.

The packaging of the LELO Nea is the typical luxurious LELO packing. The exterior box is lightweight cardboard and inside is the discreet, hard black box that says LELO on it and is great for storage. Inside the black box sits the Nea on a little plastic tray. Underneath the tray is the charger, the satin storage bag, a sample of LELO’s water-based lube, the user manual, and the warranty information. The Nea has the same standard one year warranty and 10 year quality guarantee that all LELO sex toys have. If your Nea breaks after the one year warranty has expired, LELO will allow you to purchase another Pleasure Object for a 50% discount.

LELO Nea Pros:
• Good to use on nipples as well clit
• Great shape for pinpoint vibrations
• Fits well in hand
• Lets you know when battery is low
• Rechargeable
• Travel lock

LELO Nea Cons:
• Not waterproof
• Slightly loud

All in all, I am surprised by the LELO Nea. I expected to like it, just not this much. It’s shape is really great for stimulating my nipples and finding my clit and it is comfortable to hold and use. Though silicone is usually my preferred material for sex toys, the plastic offers no drag and is not at all a lint magnet. It’s also shiny and pretty with its little flowers. Not the most important thing in the world, but an added bonus. I like that the Nea lets you know when the battery runs low, which has not happened to me yet. I also love that is rechargeable and I always like a lock on my vibrators to keep them from accidentally turning on. I wish it were waterproof so I wouldn’t have to be concerned about it when cleaning and it is a bit loud, but I can totally live with these aspects considering how much I really like the Nea. It gets me off quickly and easily, which is the whole point. It’s nice and small so I can easily keep it by the bed to reach for when I wake up in the mood to play. This is my favorite LELO Pleasure Object thus far. If it were waterproof I’d give it five stars but I’m knocking half a star off because it isn’t.

Toyfriend Starlet Vibrator

I have reviewed a couple of Toyfriends in the past. I reviewed the Toyfriend Curvy, which I loved, the Toyfriend Seti, which I liked, and the Toyfriend Bossy, which I wanted to throw out the window. Considering I’m a bit like Goldilocks with my Toyfriends, I decided it was time to review another one, a tie-breaker, if you will. So, today we turn our attention to the the Toyfriend Starlet Vibrator.

The Toyfriend Starlet Vibrator is (obviously) made by the Swedish sex toy company, Toyfriend. One thing I have loved about all my Toyfriends is the awesome silicone with which they are covered. Not only is silicone latex and phthalate-free, non-porous, hypoallergenic, and body-safe, this silicone is super slick and smooth and doesn’t attract lint at all. I love it. It feels great against my skin as well. Of course, silicone is easy to care for and clean. As the Toyfriend Starlet is waterproof, you can wash it with antibacterial soap and warm water without fear. You can also use your favorite toy cleaner or a 10% bleach solution to sterilize it so you can share it with non-fluid bonded partners.

This silicone is so smooth, I really don’t need to use much lube with it, but no matter how much you use be sure and use a water-based lubricant. The silicone in a silicone-based lube could react with the silicone of the vibrator and cause the vibrator to become tacky. If you want to give it a shot, do a test patch at the base of the Toyfriend Starlet before slathering it all over with your silicone-based lubricant. This will easy to do as the entire Starlet is covered in silicone.

I hadn’t used my Curvy Toyfriend for a while when I first used the Starlet and I had forgotten the power of the Curvy. Well, the Starlet has that same power, which is surprising for vibrator that runs on two AAA batteries. The vibrations of the Toyfriend Starlet are quite strong, deep, and rumbly. They really work for me. Nothing buzzy about this vibrator. It has five modes of vibration, which are as follows:
1. Higher level straight vibration
2. Lower level straight vibration
3. Strong, one pulse pattern buuuuzzzz buuuuzzzz (This one is my favorite!)
4. Faster pulsation buuzz buuzz buuzz
5. Fastest pulsation buz buz buz buz

The one thing that is strange about all the Toyfriends I have tried is that they start on the highest level of vibration. That is always a bit of a jolt when I forget. I really prefer my vibrators to start on the lowest level so I can start slowly and get used to it.

With its one button control, the Toyfriend Starlet is easy to operate. You press the button on the bottom of the end cap to turn the vibrator on. To cycle through the vibration modes, you simply press the button. To turn the Toyfriend Starlett off, you press and hold the button for two seconds. No matter what mode you are on when you turn the vibrator off, it starts up at the highest speed so there is no memory. It really is a ramped up version of a simple vibrator.

The Toyfriend Starlet has a curved, flat head that is great to run along the body. It feels good against the nipples, clit, and labia. The flat head slips comfortably in between my labia and rests perfectly on my clit. The vibrations are centered in the head of the Toyfriend Starlet, which provides powerful stimulation for my clit. I suppose you can use the Toyfriend Starlet as an insertable vibrator but it really doesn’t work like that for me. Theoretically, the curved head could hit your g-spot depending on where it is, but it doesn’t hit mine, and the shaft of the vibrator feels like a handle, not an insertable. For me, this really is a clit vibrator, and though I have tried it internally, I only use it externally.

At 6.75″ in length and 1.25″ in diameter, the Toyfriend Starlet is an average sized vibrator. It feels solid in my hand but is not heavy and doesn’t hurt my wrist during use. It comes in a bright, cheery red silicone, which is a fun color. I don’t have very many red sex toys so I like the color quite a bit. On the side of the vibrator, it says, “tickler,” just like the other Toyfriends.

The packaging of the Toyfriend Starlet is the same as the other Toyfriends. It comes in a lightweight box with a plastic clamshell inside. The box is is colorful and says, “I VIBRATE,” on the sides, so it is not very discreet. You can also see the vibrator clearly in the clamshell. Also like the other Toyfriends, the Toyfriend Starlet comes with a clear plastic stand so you can stand it up in a cupboard, in your toy box, or on your dresser if you so desire. The box is not very sturdy so I don’t recommend it for storage. It also takes up quite a but more room than the vibrator itself. You’re probably better off storing it in a storage bag or ziploc baggie unless you have a ton of storage space.

As I mentioned before, the Toyfriend Starlet requires two AAA batteries, which are included with the vibrator. Super awesome! They come inside the vibrator with a small piece of paper that says, “I am a Tickler,” that keeps the vibrator from turning on. You can store then in the vibrator this way or take them out and store them separately, which is always a good idea.

Toyfriend Starlet Pros:
• Strong, deep vibrations
• Super smooth silicone
• Waterproof
• Comes with batteries
• Bright color

Toyfriend Starlet Cons:
• Starts on the highest level of vibration

Overall, the Toyfriend Starlet is a great simple vibrator with a few twists. It has an easy to operate button, pulsation patterns, awesome lint-free silicone, is waterproof, and comes with batteries. The vibrations are strong, quiet, and deep, just the way I like them. I tend to prefer rechargeable vibrators but it is nice sometimes to be able to reach for something and not have to worry about whether or not it’s charged. The fact that Toyfriend includes the batteries is classy and means you don’t have to wait until you buy or find batteries laying around the house to play.


Recently I reviewed the LELO Nea, a small clit stimulator that I liked very much. So I decided it was time to review another LELO clit stimulator that I bought a while ago and have had laying around the house, the LELO SIRI.

As I mentioned before, the LELO SIRI is a small clitoral massager, though it’s quite a bit bigger than the LELO Nea, as you can see. Though bigger than the Nea, the LELO SIRI is still on the small side and fits easily in the palm of my hand. It is 3.75″ long and 1.75″ wide. It is made of ABS and silicone, both of which are great materials for sex toys. The silicone of the LELO SIRI is very soft and smooth, like most of LELO’s toys. It is also latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. These materials can easily be cleaned with antibacterial soap and warm water or your favorite sex toy cleaner. The SIRI is not waterproof, so be careful when washing not to get any fluid in the charging port. You can use a 10% bleach solution on the silicone part of the SIRI, which is the colorful portion. This will sterilize the silicone so you can share your SIRI with non-fluid bonded partners.

As the SIRI is part silicone, and this is the portion you use against the body, you want to use water-based lubricant with it. Silicone-based lube can cause a negative chemical reaction in the silicone of the LELO SIRI. Though the silicone is very smooth without much drag, you might want to use a small amount of water-based lube. This way it will be nice and slippery and slidey against your clit and labia. I generally find my own lubrication sufficient, but I tend toward getting quite wet.

Like all LELO sex toys, the SIRI is rechargeable. You simply plug the charging cord into the port on the back of the vibrator. Charging takes about two hours and while charging the LED will flash white. When the charging is complete, the LED will glow steadily. When the battery is running low, SIRI will let you know with a red glow from the LED. Your two hour charge will provide you with up to four hours of play time, depending on how you use the vibrator.

The design of the LELO SIRI is simple. There are four buttons on the front of the SIRI, +, -, up arrow, and down arrow. To turn the SIRI on and increase intensity, press the + button. To turn decrease intensity and turn the SIRI off, press the – button. You can also hold the – button down for several seconds wherever you are in the stimulation modes to turn the SIRI off. The up and down arrows scroll through the pulsation patterns. When pressing a button, the white LEDs on all the buttons light up. The buttons can also be used to lock the SIRI during travel or storage so that it does not turn on accidentally. Hold down on the + and – buttons for five seconds and watch the LED light up, then turn off. When they turn off, the SIRI is locked. To unlock just do the same thing until the buttons light up again, indicating the SIRI is unlocked.

Be sure to press down firmly on the up and down arrows when scrolling through the pulsation patterns. The stimulation modes on the LELO SIRI are as follows:
1. Steady vibration
2. Slow pulse
3. Fast pulse
4. Long, slow pulse
5. Roller coaster
6. All over the place

The vibrations of the LELO SIRI are nice and deep, and relatively strong, especially for a clit vibrator. The SIRI is not terribly loud, though the person next to you might hear it if they are awake. I don’t know that it would wake anyone from a deep sleep. It certainly cannot be heard through my closed bedroom door.

I really love how the smooth silicone of the LELO SIRI feels against my skin, and I find the control panel very easy to use, even with my long nails. I find the SIRI comfortable to hold. It doesn’t make my hand cramp up or go numb from buzzy vibrations. I like the pulsation patterns quite a bit, especially number six. It’s odd but it does it for me. The SIRI easily brings me to orgasm with its strong, deep vibrations. Granted, the vibrations are not the most powerful in the world, but I find them very satisfying. The SIRI also works nicely at stimulating the nipples and labia, and the soft silicone really feels good against the skin. One thing I really love about the SIRI is that I can scroll up and down through the patterns. I don’t have to go through everything and start all over. If I skip the pattern that I want, I can just hit the down arrow and go right back to it. Overall, it’s a great little vibrator that comes in red, pink, and purple.

The packaging of the LELO SIRI is similar to the other LELO packaging I’ve seen. As I have the red SIRI, the outer box is red, with an image of the SIRI on the back. The inner box is the same hard, black box I’ve seen before. It is very sturdy and great for storage. If you don’t want to use the box you can always use the satin storage pouch included by LELO. The SIRI comes in a big plastic bubble sealed inside a cardboard envelope. Also in the box are the charger, a sample of LELO’s water-based lubricant, the one year warranty, and the user manual. The LELO SIRI also comes with a 10 year quality guarantee. If your SIRI breaks any time after the one year warranty has expired, this allows you to purchase a new LELO Pleasure Object at a 50% discount.

• Deep vibrations
• Low battery indicator
• Can scroll up and down through pulsation patterns
• Travel lock
• Soft silicone
• Rechargeable

• Not waterproof

The LELO SIRI is both pretty and functional, and it functions pretty damn well. The vibrations are deep and moderately strong. The silicone is smooth and soft. The buttons are easy to manipulate. The shape is great. It is rechargeable. There are just so many things to love about the LELO SIRI. In fact, I would give it five stars if it was waterproof. Alas, it’s not so I am subtracting one half star. I love the travel lock, not so much because I travel frequently, but because I can lock the SIRI while I’m storing it. The SIRI comes in attractive colors. It’s one of only a few red vibrators I own as they are hard to come by. If you’re looking for a solid clit vibrator that combines form and function, I highly recommend the LELO SIRI.

Shag Factory Flower Power

I’m not a huge fan of the traditional silver bullet. I find them boring and uninspired. However, I do like clever sex toys and bullets that are more unique interest me. I had seen these really cute Shag Factory Flower Power Bullets at ANE last year and have been curious about them ever since. PinkCherry Sex Toys was kind enough to send one to me for review.

The Shag Factory Flower Power Bullet is made by Lovehoney, a British sex toy company, and comes in three colors, pink, yellow, and purple. I have the pink one, which is called Love. The Flower Power is made up of two pieces. On the inside is a pink three speed waterproof bullet. On the outside is a pink silicone sleeve, which is covered in cute little raised hearts and flowers. I love that the sleeve is silicone because silicone is latex and phthalate-free, mostly non-porous, and hypoallergenic. As the three speed bullet is waterproof, it is quite easy to care for and clean. I find the easiest thing is to simply wash it with anti-bacterial soap under warm water. Of course, you can always use a sex toy cleaner if you prefer, or spray it down with a 10% bleach solution. You can even remove the sleeve and boil it for three to five minutes or wash it in the top drawer of your dishwasher with no soap.

This is assuming you can actually get the sleeve off, which seems almost impossible to me. The Shag Factory Flower Power Bullet comes with the required three LR44 batteries which are already in the pink bullet. The bullet also has a a piece of paper in it which keeps the vibrator from turning on until you remove it. It is insanely hard to even fold the sleeve up to unscrew the bottom of the bullet. The sleeve is super thick and sturdy, which is a good thing until you want to manipulate it. Once I finally got the sleeve partially up so I could unscrew the bullet and remove the paper, I had the hardest time sliding it back down, especially because I kept accidentally turning the vibrator on. I never got it as snugly on as it was when I opened the package, but there is only so much tugging and pulling one can do.

The Shag Factory Flower Power Bullet is 2.6″ in length and 1″ in diameter. I suppose you could insert it if you want but that seems just pointless to me. This vibrator is best used to stimulate the nipples, labia, and clit. For me, it is just not an insertable. The small size of the Flower Power Bullet also makes it possible to use during penetrative sex with a partner.

As I mentioned before, the Flower Power Bullet requires three LR44 batteries, which are included. These are not my favorite batteries because I don’t have them laying about the house and they can be difficult to find. Nonetheless, they will last for about 80 minutes of use before needing to be replaced. If you ever burn out this bullet you might be able to use the sleeve on another one of the same elongated shape, but good luck getting the sleeve on!

There really isn’t a ton of drag with the silicone of the Shag Factory Flower Power’s sleeve and since I’m not using internally I really don’t need lube, my own lubrication is sufficient. Still, if you’d like it to easily slip and slide over your body, you might want to use a bit of lube. As the sleeve is silicone, be sure to use a water-based lubricant with the Flower Power rather than silicone-based lube.

The vibrations of the Shag Factory Flower Power Bullet are extremely buzzy and surfacey, not my favorite kind of vibration at all. I find these vibrations common with sex toys that use these little watch batteries. I find the first level too light to bother with, the second level is a lovely tease that I really enjoy, and the third level is so buzzy it almost hurts my nipples and clit. However, on the plus side it is easy to operate the Flower Power Bullet. The vibrator has a simple black push button on the bottom. You push the button to turn the vibrator on and off and to cycle through the three levels of vibration.

I really love the look of the Shag Factory Flower Power Bullet. It’s just adorable. It’s great that it’s waterproof and that it comes with batteries. I really like the texture of the silicone sleeve, especially the flower at the tip, which feels good against my clit. I appreciate the silicone of the sleeve and love that it is so easy to clean. What I don’t love are the vibrations. They are far too buzzy which makes it difficult for me to orgasm. My expectations of the Flower Power Bullet were probably too high, it is a bullet after all.

The packaging of the Shag Factory Flower Power is very cute and appropriate to the bullet. The vibrator comes in a small plastic pouch with decorations that remind me of the Austin Powers movie. I expect it’s supposed to make people of the sixties and it does a good job at doing so for me.

Shag Factory Flower Power Bullet Pros:
• Good texture
• Small enough to use during penetration
• Silicone sleeve
• Cute design

Shag Factory Flower Power Bullet Cons:
• Buzzy vibrations
• Sleeve is really hard to get off and on
• Hard to find batteries

The Lovehoney Shag Factory Flower Power Love Bullet is fun and cute. It’s compact so it’s easy to transport and use during sex. The silicone sleeve is easy to care for and is body-safe. The packaging is colorful and recyclable. The bullet is waterproof, which is always a good thing. Unfortunately, I just can’t get past the buzzy vibrations. I don’t enjoy them at all. I can’t imagine I’ll even use this little vibrator for 80 minutes, let alone replace the batteries. Still, it doesn’t take up much room and I like the looks so much I’ll hang on to it for now. If you like buzzy vibrations and bullets, the Flower Power is hard to beat when it comes to looks. You can find the Shag Factory Flower Power Love Bullet at PinkCherry Sex Toys. If you really like it be sure to collect all three colors as each one is slightly different.

Dahlia Breeze Power Bullet G Vibrator

I like vibrators that perform multiple functions and can stimulate more than one part of my body at a time. I have also had my eye out for smaller vibrators lately because many of my vibrators are on the larger side. I was browsing the website and saw the Dahlia Breeze Power Bullet G Vibrator and thought it might be fun to try out.

The Dahlia Breeze Power Bullet G Vibrator is made by BMS Enterprises, a Canadian company. The only other product from BMS I have reviewed is the leaf Fresh, which I really liked. However, these vibrators are very different. The Dahlia Breeze Vibrator is made of hard plastic with Rubber Cote, which is a coating over the entire vibrator that makes it soft and smooth. I like sex toys made of plastic because they are latex and phthalate-free and non-porous. You can also use either water-based or silicone-based lubricants with plastic-coated vibrators, which is quite convenient.

Plastic-coated vibrators are easy to care for and clean as you can use warm water and anti-bacterial soap, a sex toy cleaner, or rubbing alcohol. The Dahlia Breeze Power Bullet G Vibrator is waterproof which makes it especially easy to wash with water or any other fluid. You just want to be sure to screw the cap to the battery compartment on tightly so the black o-ring will keep any fluid from leaking in.

At 5.75″ long, with 3″ being insertable, the Dahlia Breeze Power Bullet G Vibrator is definitely on the small side. Measuring 1.5″ at its widest point makes this vibrator moderate in girth and many people will find it comfortable. Keep in mind the plastic is hard and does not give at all, like some other materials, so it may feel slightly larger than a silicone vibrator or dildo that has the same measurements. The clit bump is about .75″ long and .5″ wide. It is meant to rub up against your clit while the bulbous internal shaft stimulates your g-spot.

The Dahlia Breeze Power Bullet G Vibrator is very easy to use and operate. It has three levels of vibration and a simple push button on the bottom of the battery compartment. To turn the vibrator on, off, and to cycle through the three speeds you press this black button. The Dahlia Breeze has no memory chip so no matter where you turn it off it always starts at the lowest level of vibration when you turn it back on.

One great thing about the Dahlia Breeze Power Bullet G Vibrator is the battery compartment. First off, there is a small o-ring which keeps fluids out as long as the cap is screwed on tightly, and second is the battery holder that slides out of the compartment. This is a long plastic cartridge that shows you in which direction to place the batteries and holds the batteries in place. You insert the batteries into the cartridge and slide it into the compartment. This makes it very easy to store the batteries outside of the vibrator. Remember, you never want to store your vibrator with the batteries inside. Even without turning on the Dahlia Breeze, the batteries can still drain. Storing your vibrator without the batteries inside will protect the life of your batteries and vibrator. The Dahlia Breeze Power Bullet G uses two AAA batteries which are always easy to find and I tend to have them laying about the house.

Surprisingly, the Dahlia Breeze Power Bullet G Vibrator is insanely loud for a vibrator of its size. I was expecting something that could be used next to partner without waking him or her up. Not possible with this vibrator. I can even hear it through my closed bedroom door, which I find unacceptable. This isn’t a Hitachi after all.

Unfortunately, I can barely enjoy this vibrator in use. First, I find the handle of the Dahlia Breeze Power Bullet G Vibrator far too short. There is hardly any room to grip and manipulate the vibrator. Second, the clit bump does absolutely nothing for me. It just isn’t large enough for me to feel it rubbing against my clit. It may as well not be there. Third, when I try using the g-spot shaft on my clit, it still isn’t workable. The vibrations, though powerful enough for me, are so high-pitched and buzzy that I cannot orgasm with this vibrator. My clit begins to buzz unpleasantly and actually hurt within a very short period of time. The large head of the shaft diffuses the vibrations as well, so they aren’t as pinpoint as I need to get off. The only aspect about the Dahlia Breeze Power Bullet G Vibrator that I like is the actual shaft. The shape, size, and angle feel very good against my g-spot. I do not orgasm from g-spot stimulation only, though it can certainly increase the sensation and magnify my orgasm. No matter how good the shaft feels on my g-spot it simply isn’t enough stimulation for me to orgasm, considering the cit bump is a no show during play.

The packaging of the Dahlia Breeze Power Bullet G Vibrator is simply a plastic blister pack with a cardboard insert with basically no useful information on it. Thank goodness for the website providing some information. Inside the blister pack, the Dahlia Breeze is sealed in plastic. The packaging is definitely not discreet as you can obviously see the vibrator. It also says, “clitoral massager,” on the back. There is no reason to keep this packaging as it is not useful for storage. It’s better just to recycle it.

Dahlia Breeze Power Bullet Vibrator Pros:
• Good g-spot stimulation
• Waterproof

Dahlia Breeze Power Bullet G Vibrator Cons:
• Very buzzy vibrations
• Clit bump isn’t felt
• Loud
• Short handle

I am quite disappointed in this vibrator. Granted, the Dahlia Breeze Power Bullet G Vibrator is not the priciest toy on the website, but price is not necessarily an indicator of quality or enjoyment. I expected more than this vibrator provided. The size and shape of the clit bump make it absolutely useless for me. The handle is so short I have trouble thrusting and manipulating the vibrator. It is far too loud for such a small sex toy. Worst of all are the vibrations. They are so buzzy and high-pitched I cannot even get off with the Dahlia Breeze making it basically useless to me. The only really good things about this vibrator are the fact that it is waterproof and the shape and size of the shaft. I would continue to use it as a dildo except that the handle is too short to make even that worthwhile. Not to mention the useless clit bump whose only function seems to be getting in the way of another clit vibrator. If you’d like to check out the Dahlia Breeze Power Bullet G Vibrator, head on over to Quite frankly though, I would recommend investing the time by looking at the other vibrators on the site instead. Be sure to follow on Twitter to stay on top of what’s going with them.

Pretty Love Bunny

There are a good number of sex toy manufacturers out there, and as a reviewer, I try to gain some experience with a wide variety of them. Having not run across Great Kingsland before, I was curious what their toys might be like. Having nothing else really new on my radar, it seemed like a good time to try out the Pretty Love Bunny carried by We Love Toys.

You know how you order something and even though you know what the measurements are before it arrives you are somehow surprised by the size anyway? That’s what happened with the Pretty Love Bunny. I pulled the box out of the padded envelope and thought, “How can the vibrator possibly fit in a box so small?” Yet it does, and do you know why? Because the Pretty Love Bunny is kinda tiny.

The Pretty Love Bunny is only 5″ from its base to the tips of its ears. It is made mostly of burgundy silicone and has an adorable little face with eyes and a nose. The silicone has a lovely silky feel to it and it does not attract lint like most silicone. The top half of the Pretty Love Bunny is bendy, while the bottom half, with the motor, is made of ABS. It has three ridges across its front that make gripping it easier and more comfortable.

The Pretty Love Bunny is waterproof which makes cleaning easy. I just wash it in the sink with antibacterial soap and water, but you can also use a sex toy cleaner. The silicone portion can be disinfected with a 10% bleach solution.

As there is very little drag with this smooth silicone I don’t require much, if any, lubricant. However, if you do use lube, be sure to use water-based lubricant rather than silicone-based. Silicone-based lubricant can cause a chemical reaction with the silicone of the Pretty Love Bunny damaging it and causing it to become tacky.

I prefer rechargeable vibrators because, in the long run, they are less expensive and better for the environment. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on batteries and find ways to dispose of them. Therefore, the fact that the Pretty Love Bunny is rechargeable makes me happy. It has a small charging port on its bottom that is covered by a removable silicone plug. This plug comes off completely. I don’t like this at all because it is very small and easy to lose. I discovered this because it popped off during my first charge. Losing this silicone plug would not exactly kill the waterproof factor of the Pretty Love Bunny but I would certainly not want to take it into the bath or shower with the port completely open.

As the Pretty Love Bunny does not come with a user manual, I really don’t know how long it takes to get fully charged. During charging, both the charger and the Pretty Love Bunny glow red and the Love Bunny goes dark when charging is complete. I charged mine for a few hours which did the trick. I have not run down the battery yet, so I’m not sure how long that takes. It will run down more quickly if you use it on the higher intensity levels.

The control panel is on the back of the Pretty Love Bunny and blends in well with the body. It is an oval shape with four button areas. These are not distinct buttons but is easy to press the control you want without hitting something else. The trick is getting the vibrator to do what you want. You actually have to press these buttons with such force to change settings, that I don’t think it’s possible to turn the vibrator off accidentally. You also may have issues with the force required to push the buttons during play. I have a very difficult time changing modes and intensity while I’m using the Pretty Love Bunny.

There are + and – buttons as well as up and down arrows. It took a few minutes to figure out how it works as there are no instructions. The up arrow turns the Pretty Love Bunny on and the down arrow turns it off. The plus and minus buttons scroll through the five levels of intensity. What’s weird is that when I turn the vibrator on it seems to be on the third level of intensity. I’ve never run across this before. Most vibrators start at the lowest level of intensity and I have a few that start on the highest, but the middle is just strange. I wouldn’t have thought to try to scroll down after turning the Pretty Love Bunny on, but it just seemed awfully strong for a low setting so I gave it a try.

If the website hadn’t mentioned that there are seven vibration modes, I would have totally missed the patterns. This is why we need manuals, people. Once you’ve set the Pretty Love Bunny on the level of intensity you want, you hit the up arrow to scroll through the seven pattern modes. To turn the vibrator off when you are in the pattern modes, press and hold the – button for a few seconds.
1. Long , slow pulse
2. 2 short then one long pulse
3. Medium pulse
4. Sets of 3 fast pulses
5. 3 short and 3 long pulses
6. Fastest pulses
7. Fast pulses

Just like with the weirdness of turning on at level three intensity, the Pretty Love Bunny’s pattern modes are in a kinda wacky order. I generally find similar patterns are grouped together and arranged by speed, which is not the case here. The order just seems wrong. I suppose this isn’t necessarily a problem, but I find it annoying anyway. Of course, I have more sex toys than any one person needs so I am getting pickier and pickier.

I find the Pretty Love Bunny to be loud for a vibrator of its size. This is not an issue for me, but I know it is for some. The frequency of the vibrations are not deep and rumbly, but they’re not really buzzy either. They feel sort of…light. I think this is partly because the little flexible ears are flicking against my clit as opposed to something solid being pressed against my body. Still, the vibrations are powerful, unexpectedly so. Without having a lot of pressure against my clit I need this added power and I think it will make many people happy.

How do I like the Pretty Love Bunny in use? I love the silky smoothness of the silicone against my skin. It’s versatile because I can use the ears to tickle and tease my clit and if I want more pressure, I can use the nose. The ears also feel great against my nipples and labia. They flick back and forth so quickly I can get pinpoint precision on my clit if I want. While I like the way the Pretty Love Bunny feels on my body, I don’t like actually using it that much because of the control panel. The layout is fine but you have to press so hard on the buttons to make a change that half the time I have to stop what I’m doing to hold it with both hands so I can get enough pressure on the buttons. Granted, I do have long nails and it’s possible this is part of the problem.

The packaging of the Pretty Love Bunny is simple and sweet. It comes in a very hard and sturdy small black box, which unfortunately is not discreet. It doesn’t say vibrator on it but it has an image of the Love Bunny on the front that sort of screams sex toy to me. Inside the box, the Pretty Love Bunny sits in a bed of molded foam and underneath this foam is the charger. I think the funniest part of this toy is the included storage bag. It’s a rough sheer black material that feels low end and it closes with a ribbon that says “sex toys” on it. Hilarious. I usually don’t single out the storage bag but this just cracked me up so much. What this packaging lacks is a user manual and I always find this irritating. I’m plenty experienced with sex toys and can figure out how they work pretty easily, but what about someone who is purchasing this as their first vibrator? Granted, it’s not rocket science, but why make it more difficult and uncomfortable for someone? Nonetheless, this box is really great for storage because it doesn’t take up a huge amount of space. You can also remove the foam and use it to store other things, multiple chargers (labeled), batteries, condoms, etc.

Pretty Love Bunny Pros:
• Strong
• Versatile
• Good shape
• Rechargeable
• Waterproof
• Very silky silicone
• Not a lint magnet

Pretty Love Bunny Cons:
• Difficult to change modes during use
• Loud
• Charging port cover comes off easily
• Starts on level 3 intensity
• Weird order on patterns
• No user manual

The Pretty Love Bunny has me conflicted. I like the way it feels but I don’t like the actual process of using it. I think the Pretty Love Bunny has some flaws with how its vibration modes are set up, but as I admitted, I am picky. I would prefer it start on the lowest level and ramp up from there and I would like the patterns to be more orderly. However, that’s really not a make it or break it issue. I also kinda hate the control panel. It’s just very difficult for me to press the buttons firmly enough.One of the big issues for me is that the charging port cover comes off so easily. That is a big no no. I know I’ve complained more than ever before about the lack of user manual, but I really think this vibrator needs one. Even if I like the vibrator, I’m not sure what good that is if it’s a pain in the butt to use. Still, it does have redeeming qualities, hence my indecisiveness. To a certain degree, the pros and cons cancel each other out leaving me to go with a middle of the road rating. You can find the Pretty Love Bunny at We Love Toys.

Bliss Massager

Not too long ago, a local California sex toy company called NS Novelties came out with a a few new vibrators. The Bliss Massager looked colorful and interesting, two qualities I adore in my sex toys. I really wanted to check it out and thanks to PinkCherry Sex Toys I had the opportunity to test drive the Bliss.

The Bliss Massager is a small vibrator that I would classify as a clit stimulator, meaning it is not designed to be inserted into the vagina, or anus for that matter. It measures 4.5″ in length and 2″ in diameter. It is lightweight and fits perfectly in my hand. It comes in two colors, black and burgundy, and white and pink. Both colors are attractive but I prefer my white and pink Bliss Massager. Kinda reminds me of Easter candy.

Made of ABS and silicone, the Bliss Massager is body safe and easy to clean. Most of the vibrator is made of white plastic but the tip of the Bliss is a pink, ribbed silicone and there is a pink silicone stripe that runs around its body. NS Novelties recommends using antibacterial soap and water for cleaning, but you can also use a sex toy cleaner. If you are careful you can use a 10% bleach solution on the silicone tip of the Bliss but I wouldn’t want to get bleach on the plastic body. If you want to use a bleach solution, I would suggest dabbing it on with a soft towel. There is a good amount of drag with the silicone tip, so I do recommend using lube during play. As the tip is really what touches your body, you’ll want to use a water-based lubricant. Silicone-based lubes can have a negative reaction with the silicone tip leaving it tacky. Fortunately, there isn’t too much of this silicone on the Bliss as the silicone that is on there does attract a lot of lint.

The Bliss Massager has two of my favorite features in a sex toy. It is waterproof and rechargeable. On the back of the vibrator, in the pink silicone, is the charging port. You can really tell the Bliss is waterproof by how firmly you have to push the charging pin into the port to secure it. When you pull it out, the silicone seals the hole up which is what allows it to be waterproof. As you can see from the images (or rather not see), the port is practically invisible when not in use. During charging, the control panel flashes red. The flashing stops when the Bliss is fully charged…or so it seems. There is no user manual included with the Bliss Massager so this is just what I’ve experienced. I charged my Bliss for two hours or so which seemed to fully charge it, though i don’t know if it arrived with much of a charge. I have yet to run the battery down so I really don’t know how long it will last before another charge is needed.

As I mentioned before, the Bliss Massager fits comfortably in my hand which makes it very easy to use. The control panel consists of a black silicone strip with three buttons, +, o, and -. The + button turns the Bliss on and increases the intensity of the vibrations. It also allows you to cycle up through the different patterns once you’ve changed modes. You press the o button when you want to switch from steady vibrations to patterns and back to steady vibrations again. The – button decreases the intensity of the vibrations, cycles down through the pattern modes, and turns the vibrator off. All three buttons are easy to press and have good feedback. You have to press on them firmly so you won’t change modes or intensities accidentally, just by brushing your finger across one of them.

The Bliss Massager has four levels of steady vibration and six patterns, which accounts for the 10 modes stated on the box. The different modes are as follows:
1. Steady vibration
2. Medium pulse
3. Fast pulse
4. Double pulse
5. Escalation
6. Dance Mix
7. Double pulse with escalation

The vibrations are quite strong but they are slightly buzzy; not horribly, but they are certainly not the deep, rumbly vibrations I prefer. I can feel the vibrations in my hand while using the Bliss Massager, which isn’t surprising considering its size. I don’t need to use it for very long before having an orgasm but I suspect those that do may fall prey to buzzy hand syndrome. The Bliss is on the quiet side but it has a weird high-pitched whine in certain modes and when switching between patterns that is rather annoying and louder than the vibrations themselves. I am not sure if it’s just my Bliss or if they all do this.

A totally unnecessary but fun feature of the Bliss is the LED light show it puts on during use. The LED strip down the center of the vibrator lights up when the vibe is on. It increases and decreases each time you increase/decrease the intensity. It also changes colors and flashes in time to each pattern. The only downside of this light show is that you cannot actually see it during use. Your partner might enjoy it though.

In use, the Bliss Massager is a decent vibrator, but not great. I don’t love the vibrations but I don’t hate them either. They aren’t my ideal kind of vibrations, deep and rumbly, but I still have no problem getting off with this vibrator. I enjoy using the Bliss for its shape, comfort, and ease of use but I wish it had better vibrations. They are not so buzzy my clit hurts or tingles but they’re a step in that general direction. Although the tip is ribbed, for what I assume is additional stimulation, I do not feel the ribbing against my clit or labia. The Bliss does a good job on my nipples, though it is draggy without lube, so at least it’s multifunction, which I like. One thing I love is that I can control the intensity of the vibration in each mode. I just increase to the level I want and switch to the pattern mode. A lot of vibrators don’t allow this and I think it’s a big plus.

The packaging of the Bliss Massager is very secure but indiscreet. The outer box has images of the vibrator on the front and back with a list of attributes. There is another box that slides out of this external box. This box has a lid with a plastic window that shows the Bliss. The lid lifts off to reveal the Bliss sitting in a foam cutout. There is a paper flap that hides the charger in its own foam cutout next to the Bliss. The only instructions are on the side of both boxes that tell you how to wash the Bliss and suggest using lubricant, as well as a little blurb on the back of outer box which shows you how to use the control panel. While these directions are sufficient for me, I would like a little booklet to be included. Not only would it be helpful for novice users, but I have no idea how long to charge the vibrator or how long the charge lasts because this information is nowhere to be found. I would applaud NS Novelties for not using the extra paper and going more green by printing everything on the boxes if there weren’t two of them.

Bliss Massager Pros:
• Comfortable in hand
• Can control strength of vibration in every mode
• Strong vibrations
• Easy to use control panel
• Lightweight
• Rechargeable
• Waterproof

Bliss Massager Cons:
• Slightly buzzy vibrations
• Weird high-pitched whine

There are some great things about the Bliss Massager that I expected to like and do. I always love a waterproof and rechargeable vibrator. I love that I can control the intensity of the vibrations in every mode, though it is slightly awkward to have to set the strength first then go into pattern modes. The comfort of the shape in my hand and the ease of use of the control panel make it a pleasure to use the Bliss. What dampens that pleasure is the buzzyishness of the vibrations and the annoying high-pitched whine of the motor. Even though the size might make the Bliss a good travel vibrator, the lack of a travel lock would make me hesitant to toss it into my luggage. Who wants to deal with a vibrating bag in the middle of a crowded airport or jump in the bath with your vibrator at the end of a long journey only to discover it has accidentally been drained of all its power? Head on over to PinkCherry Sex Toys to check out the Bliss Massager, and remember, they offer Free Shipping on your $49+ order.

Sqweel 2

Ever since I saw the Sqweel online I have wanted to try it. I love having oral sex performed on me, and while I have a ton of vibrators, I have never had a sex toy that simulates oral sex. I think the idea is great and it’s such a unique looking toy. Having read a lot about the Sqweel, I was curious but not in a big hurry to pick one up based on some of the negative reviews. However, when the Sqweel 2 came out I decided I had to give it a whirl. Luckily for me, FunWares carries it so I was able to get my hands on one.

The Sqweel 2 is made by Lovehoney, a UK-based sex toy company that makes a number of other products, such as my Shag Factory Flower Power, and Realistic Oh! Rabbit Vibrator. I met some of the UK folks from Lovehoney last year at ANE, as well as their American counterparts, and they were all delightful. Lovehoney is also responsible for the original Sqweel, which is supposed to be much less powerful than the Sqweel 2. I’m afraid I can’t really do a comparison though as I don’t have the original.

The Sqweel 2 is a good-sized toy measuring at 4.5″ by 4.5″. Though it looks quite large, it is lightweight and feels comfortable in my hand. The indented sides allow for a good grip during play while permitting access to the control panel. There are three main pieces to the Sqweel 2, the body with the control panel, the hood that covers the tongues, and the wheel of 10 tongues. The body and hood of the Sqweel 2 are made of plastic, while the tongues are silicone. My Sqweel 2 is black plastic but it also comes in white. The plastic hood is clear on both models and is used to protect the tongues from getting dusty or squashed up against things that could damage them.

As the tongues are silicone, it is best to use water-based lubricant with the Sqweel 2. Silicone-based lubes can interact with the silicone of the tongues causing them to break down. The silicone tongues are what touch your body for the most part, though sometimes my labia will rub up against the plastic. When this happens you want to be sure to wash the body as well as the tongues. Of course, it is important to wash your sex toys before and after each use for hygienic purposes. Cleaning the Sqweel 2 is relatively easy but a bit more time consuming than most of my other sex toys. First, you push down and up on the center of the Sqweel 2 in order to remove the front of the toy. This gives you access to the tongue wheel. You slide this wheel off and clean it with antibacterial soap and warm water or a sex toy cleaner, or you can spray it with a 10% bleach solution. I would be careful with the bleach and I wouldn’t boil it as there is a plastic piece in the center of the tongue wheel that fits onto the case of the toy. To make sure the external plastic case is clean, carefully wipe it down with warm water and antibacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner. You can also use rubbing alcohol on the plastic but not on the silicone. Be careful when cleaning the plastic case as the battery compartment is at the back and it is not waterproofed.

Both plastic and silicone are good materials for sex toys as both are latex and phthalate-free and hypoallergenic. Plastic is also non-porous while silicone has teeny, tiny pores that are not big enough to really absorb anything. The plastic of the Sqweel 2 is very shiny, while the pink silicone tongues have a matte look to them. The silicone has a bit of drag so I would definitely recommend using a bit of water-based lube. I’m guessing the success of this toy has much to do with the level of lubrication. The tongues have a fine seam down the middle of each one that I can feel with my fingers but can’t feel against my clit.

The control panel of the Sqweel 2 is easy to use. It is made up of two buttons and a sliding switch. Button 1 is the larger button and it has a play symbol on it. Button 2 is smaller and looks like a power button, which is what I expected it to be but it’s not. To turn the Sqweel 2 on, press down on Button 1. This starts the tongues spinning in one direction. To change direction, press down on Button 2. To change direction again, press Button 2 again. On your third press of Button 2, the tongues will flick back and forth from one direction to the other. Apparently, reversing directions and the flicking motion are new additions to the Sqweel 2′s repertoire. There are three levels of intensity on the Sqweel 2 and you cycle through those by pressing on Button 1. To turn the Sqweel 2 off, press and hold Button 1 for approximately 2 seconds. Both buttons light up blue when the toy is on. There is a sliding switch that has little locked and unlocked icons, which lead me to believe it is a locking mechanism. However, I cannot get it to work. It doesn’t lock and keep the toy from turning on, nor does it lock and keep it from turning off or changing modes. I find this totally confusing. Of course, it’s possible I have a defective unit and the locking feature just doesn’t work on mine. There is no information about it in the owner’s manual so maybe it is something else entirely and I just haven’t figured it out yet.

The Sqweel 2 takes three AAA batteries, which are not included in the box. The batteries fit into the compartment in the back which is easy to open and close. Remember to remove the batteries from your Sqweel 2 before storing it, as leaving them in could drain your batteries and damage the toy. Even the owner’s manual makes a note of this. It is especially easy to accidentally hit the button and turn the Sqweel 2 on so I imagine this could happen in storage as well, another good reason not to leave the batteries in.

In use the Sqweel 2 is…well, interesting. It is certainly unlike any of my other sex toys and feels very unique on my body. It makes a great warm up toy, especially on my nipples. It doesn’t really feel like someone is licking them but it’s a much different sensation than a vibrator. Those little tongues lapping against my nipple feels just amazing. I prefer using the reverse direction on my nipples as it seems to hit them just right. Using the forward motion slows the tongues down a bit and making it somehwat choppy. The Sqweel 2 also feels pretty great against my clit. Again, it’s not the same as oral sex (obviously) but there is a definite sensation of licking. There is obviously a difference between using the Sweel 2 on a forward or backward setting but I don’t really know which one I like better on my clit. The flicking back and forth motion is good as well. I think these were strong additions to the Sqweel 2.

Using the Sqweel 2 makes me wish I had the original so I could compare the power of the two. I find the Sqweel 2 to be more powerful than I expected, but my expectations were lower than my hopes so that could be the reason. You do have to very careful not to press the Sqweel 2 against the body too much or it will stop. It just can’t handle the pressure. This makes me realize how much I actually need pressure to orgasm, which I don’t notice as much with other sex toys as I can apply pressure with them. The Sqweel 2 turns me on when I use it on my nipples as well as on my clit. I really like using it on my nipples while using a separate vibrator on my clit. It does such a great job at stimulating my nipples. I’m just not sure I really have the patience to use it by itself that much of the time. It takes such a long time to orgasm just using the Sqweel 2 that I get impatient and want to move on to another sex toy. I always thought warm-up toys were kinda dumb. What’s the point in having it around if it doesn’t do the job? With the Sqweel 2, I see the point. It really has the capacity to rev me up. I’m just not sure it can always finish me off.

The packaging for the Sqweel 2 is simple and totally indiscreet. Not only do you see the Sqweel 2 up front and center through the plastic clamshell, it says, “ORAL SEX TOY” in ginormous letters on the front and back of the box. Lovehoney wants everyone to know the purpose of this sex toy. The box itself is a typical cardboard box with an open front. Inside the box the Sqweel 2 sits on a white plastic tray with a clear plastic tightly fitting lid. This plastic is very flimsy so I don’t think it’s a good option for storage. Considering the outside of the toy is a sturdy plastic and it has a lid that covers the tongues, you can pretty much just toss it into your toy chest as is. Also included in the box is a small owner’s guide. The instructions are very basic on how to use and clean the Sqweel 2. I would have liked a bit more information, such as details about the materials and locking mechanism, especially for newbies. For example, it says to apply water-based lubricant to the tongues and your clit but doesn’t explain this is because the tongues are silicone. People unfamiliar with such products might think the silicone or hybrid lube they have on hand is perfectly fine. It also says nothing about the locking mechanism.

Sqweel 2 Pros:
• Excellent stimulation
• Strong rotations
• Silicone

Sqweel 2 Cons:
• Can’t put enough pressure on clit
• Cleaning takes longer than most other toys
• Noisy
• Locking mechanism doesn’t work (may just be mine or not a locking mechanism at all)
• Owner’s manual

The Sqweel 2 is such an unusual toy I find it slightly difficult to describe the sensations. It’s almost one of those situations where you’ve got to feel it yourself to know if you’ll like it. As I mentioned before, though I was hoping I would like it I wasn’t sure that I would. I do. Where I’m on the fence is in its power to make me orgasm all by its lonesome. The lack of pressure is a challenge for me but I think that’s just the nature of the beast rather than a flaw in the Sqweel 2. It’s fantastic on my nipples and never gives me a numb, buzzy or painful, over-sensitive feeling in my nipples or clit. While it may end up being more of a warm up/nipple toy than a main eventor for me, I really like it and it has a very special place in my toy box. If you don’t require pressure on your clit to orgasm, you may very well fall in love with the Sqweel 2. As a nipple and warm-up toy I’d give the Sqweel 4.5 stars but as clit/orgasm inducing toy it fails for me so I’d give it a 1.5 stars, which averages out to 3 stars. However, I’m giving it an extra .5 stars because it is just so unique.