Fleshlight Flight Review

flightPro – Looks sleek and discreet Easy to clean Solid build quality Feels great Safe material

Con – I sat for five minutes and couldn’t think of any

Where to start with the Fleshlight Flight? I suppose when the average Joe on the street thinks male masturbator, the top answer would probably be Fleshlight. I had one years ago and I have to say it was completely different to the Fleshlight Flight. For more Fleshlight reviews visit: www.BestBlowjobMachines.com.

There is an insane range of Fleshlights available – mouth, anus, pussy, you can even get a clone of your favorite porn star. I wanted something simple because as far as I’m concerned once it’s on my dick I can’t see the opening anyway. I originally thought it was called the Fleshlight Ghost, which for a worrying moment was what I thought it was supposed to be, given that there is an alien version which looks a bit like melted plastic. So yeah, there was a worrying moment where I thought I was fucking a ghost vagina, and all sorts of questions arose such as “what twisted minds would market a ghost vagina?”. Alas, it was the Fleshlight Flight.

A few things to note. The internal length is 6.5”, which is not huge, but the opening has a lot of flesh around it, so it sort of acts as a buffer. Also, there’s around an inch gap between where the internal material ends and the hard plastic cap is, so I think if you’re smaller than 9” you won’t have a problem with bashing your dick against hard plastic. At any rate in use I didn’t find the internal length an issue.

The material for the Flight is completely different to any male toys I’ve used before, such as the Tenga Flip. Where the Tenga Flip is slidey but textured, the Flight feels a lot closer to the real thing, and I think that’s a lot to do with the tightness and texture of the Flight. What do I prefer? The Flight. In terms of feel, I love it. From start to finish it just feels good. There isn’t really any way to explain just how good other than by saying that I have used it for 90% of my orgasms since I got it two months ago.

To use, there are two lids; the bottom one, which twists on and off quickly, and keeps the entry clean when stored, and the top lid, which you use to unscrew to probably say hello to the protruding tip of your penis or to add lube. The best technique I found for introducing lube, and you do need lube, is to place the opening on the tip of my dick and squeeze a few drops of Fleshlube down from the top. The lube reaches the bottom and you can start moving in and out, adding more lube where necessary – so no lube on your hands or anywhere it doesn’t need to be.

I should probably talk about Fleshlube, the Fleshlight branded lube. I’ve used Liquid Silk, another water based lubricant and it’s good but you don’t get the same feeling as when using Fleshlube. Fleshlube, and now I’m saying the name so much I realise how ridiculous it sounds, is described as having a “softening, hypoallergenic formula and super-slippery formula” and I can’t say anything to dispute that. The stuff flows like water, and it really adds to the Flight experience. The best thing about it is I probably use only a few drops each use, because a little goes a long way. I have a 250ml bottle and after ten uses I’ve probably used a twentieth of the bottle. Mensa members may at this point work out that one 250ml bottle will give me 200 uses if my estimates are correct, which is incredibly good value.

Back to the toy. So far I’ve said it feels great, it’s well textured and the lube is great, and the internal length is acceptable. Did I mention how it looks? No? Okay it looks pretty sleek. The original Fleshlight I had was a chunky bastard which was said to be easily mistaken for a torch but would more likely be mistaken for industrial piping. The Flight, or I guess any of the new models (I think my piping Fleshlight was from 2008) look very much like other toys in terms of style, it’s all smooth edges and matt black perfection. The texture is dimpled for grip, which is good thinking, Fleshlight, you really did something reasonable there. Woo. And the top is offset at an angle which I suspect is for two reasons. One is it looks cool: it gives the toy an asymmetric look, so it can hang out with the cool kids. And two is… okay I’ll say it… to let the cum pool.

When you finish in a Fleshlight, Ride of the Valkyries playing in full blast in the background, your bed sheets a vortex of sweat and testosterone, the cum goes into the end and doesn’t leak. I use it on my back, so it’s sort of useless for that, but if you use it standing or upright, then you could unscrew the cap, wipe your load clean and that’s the toy pretty much clean. Revolutionary. Even if you just unscrew the cap off and push hard you can wipe away your cum provided you have the length to push it out. It’s stupidly easy to clean, just run a wipe through the whole thing and that cleans out the Fleshlube too. The Tenga Flip Hole actually opens up and it’s harder to clean than the Fleshlight. I’m not joking.

Whilst we’re on the cap I feel I’ve missed something important. The screw cap can be used tactically. After you’ve taken it off to introduce the lube you can leave it off, and come all over yourself, which I commend you on, or you can screw the cap back on and remain clean. Now, if you screw it about half way you’ll see some vents at the bottom of the screw cap. These mean you don’t create a vacuum when you’re moving it up and down. You have the option of screwing the lid closed just a little bit over the valves and actually increasing the grip of the toy, which is great as it feels tighter. If you’re superhuman you can close it entirely and fuck a vacuum. You need a lot of lube for this. I imagine. I take no responsibility for any injury you incur trying this. But you have the option. The cap is very clever as it has a lot of functions with a seemingly simple design.

Storage is easy, cleaning is easy, use is great, orgasms are great, Fleshlube is great, the design is great, the material is great. It’s great. Buy one.

Lelo Luna Noir Beads

They arrived very quickly in some super discrete packaging.

When they got here I couldn’t wait to rip the package open and see what was inside, and I wasn’t disappointed the Luna beads come in a lovely black box with a nice clear picture of them on the box and a brief description, they are described as both pleasure and fitness combined.

Inside the outer box is a lovely black presentation box which is stamped Lelo on the top, and inside the box are the beads presented in a molded casing with a nice satin storage bag and an information booklet. My first impressions of the Lelo Luna beads where good, they look lovely and when you pick them up you can feel the weight inside them rolling around.

The Lelo Luna Noir Beads and the Lelo Mini Beads are the same specifications, The classic bead are 35mm in diameter and weigh 28g each, where the Noir and the mini are smaller and heavier they are only 29mm in diameter and weigh in at 37g each. You maybe wouldn’t think that this would make much difference, but you would be wrong, the smaller the beads the harder they are to keep in place and the heavier the beads are also more difficult to keep in place. These smaller heavier beads are designed for the more advanced user and for people who have used lighter/larger beads in the past and are ready to move onto something more taxing.

I have to admit that when I used both of the balls together I struggled at first to hold them in place, it takes a bit of practice and regular use to build up the strength in the muscles to be able to hold them in place, especially if you are like me and you have had 2 kids. Luckily unlike most other beads of this kind they can be separated and used individually so you can just use the one ball and build up to the two as your muscles get stronger and you get more confident.

The Lelo Luna Beads are made from Body Safe PC ABS and the casing is made from silicone, there is a retrieval cord attached to one of the beads, but either bead can be used on its own if you wish, and they can be used with or without the casing. I tried both together with the casing and found that the casing helped increase the size slightly, and made the beads feel more sturdy than without, I also tried using the single ball with the cord on its own, I didn’t try the ball without the cord on its own, but there is no reason why you can’t if you feel confident about retrieving it again.

When the beads are been worn you can feel the weight inside rolling around with every even slight movement, and you can feel your muscles trying to grip onto them to keep them in place, I found that been more active helped to make them jiggle more, they are very jiggly jiggle balls.

The Lelo Luna beads come with a very good booklet which shows where you should position the beads, the basic information is that you should only use a very small amount of lube if you need it as this will make the beads slippy and harder to keep in place and that they should be placed approx 2cm inside the vaginal which is just above the muscle wall to make sure that the muscles are having to work to hold it in place. It also advises you that to get any noticeable improvement in the PC muscles you have to work at it regularly and you have to be patient, it takes time before you will notice any real difference, but if you have bought these because you want that effect you should be prepared to wait to get the results that you want.

Overall I really like the Lelo Luna Noir Beads, I love the design of the beads the black silicone case and the glossy beads complement each other perfectly, the storage bag is a lovely addition, they are very nicely weighted and feel good when they are been worn. I would recommend these for anyone who is experienced with beads and is ready to move on to something more challenging, or someone who hasn’t had children.

Tenga Lip Service

Masturbation sleeves: they’re those ridiculous-looking tubes that, as a man, I’m a bit wary of sticking myself inside of. Sure they might take up an entire shelf at your local sex store, but do I really want to put my dick inside of a flashlight? How about an ultra-realistic looking set of disembodied hips or a strange, day-glo cylinder made out of materials with names right out of a science fiction novel? Call me a old fashioned, but sometimes a hand just feels more familiar. With this in mind, I was a bit wary upon seeing the “Tenga Lip Service” for the first time.

On one hand, it’s a blowjob machine. This means that I’ll inevitably be placing my manhood in the rubbery grasp of the cold and unnatural. But, on the other hand, this one had some promise. First, it was engineered and created in Japan, the same adult novelty culture that gave us tentacle porn and that strange stuff that turns water into goo; they know their stuff. Second, the “cup” was severely lacking any of the ridiculousness which inspired my original fear of masturbation sleeves, this one looked more like a fancy bottle of body wash or conditioner I had a greater risk of being labeled as having expensive tastes than being a pervert. But, sophisticated grooming products aside, I was genuinely excited to try out the “Lip Service” (also known as the Deep Throat Cup) and put it through its paces. Before we get to that however, I should explain a bit about the Tenga in the first place.

Engineered in Japan by a former mechanic, the Lip Service comprises only one of a growing number of pre-packaged, “onacups” with names like “Rolling-head Cup” and “Soft Tube Cup” which, as you may have inferred, offer different types of stimulations. In particular, the Lip Service offers a unique method of suction that utilizes a small hole in one end of the cup to create a vacuum around the soft, jelly sleeve inside. Basically, you stick yourself in the cup to push the air around the sleeve out of the hole. Then, while covering the hole, you withdraw your penis from the cup and the thin jelly material hugs the skin close while providing suction. Pretty cool, right?

I’d have to see if it delivered on its promise.

Did it ever.

Removing the Lip Service (which I’ll just refer to as LS from now on,) from its package, unwrapping the protective covering and uncapping the business end of the diminutive cup, I was greeted with this:

A seemingly endless abyss of white jelly lay before me, coated in thick, slippery lube. I felt loved, knowing that there was a machine somewhere making sure that I didn’t have to lube up my LS before having at it. Taking a gulp, I inched myself into the LS, taking in the sensations as I heard a loud flatulating noise resonate around my penis. What had I done? Had I upset the Tenga somehow? Was I being punished by the masturbation gods for using such a plain looking masturbation sleeve? No, I just hadn’t removed the sticker on top! Right then, take two.

Sliding in again, a soft “pssht” sound replaced the earlier noise of the blocked hole and I could feel the material pushing against my penis. Now, I’m not a large guy by any means, but I could easily fill the LS with my overwhelming average-ness. Fear not however, they make larger versions for the XL guys out there. For me however, the normal Tenga did just fine and, placing my fingers over the little hole at the other end of the LS, I began to pump away. An astounding 30 seconds later, I collapsed on my bed in the throes of La Petite Mort, toes still curled from the experience.

Thirty seconds. Seriously.

Maybe it was the inhuman geometry of the inner sleeve that did it, perhaps it was the sucking sensation that drew the little ridges tight against my cock whenever I slipped out, but I have never climaxed so quickly in my life. In this respect, I’d give the Lip Service seven thumbs up if I could. The suction works and it works well, as evidenced by the very audible “slurp” that accompanied every thrust. That’s right, it slurps. Tenga claims that this adds to the realistic blowjob ambiance, but it can certainly be a detractor if you’re looking to be discreet about it. Luckily, it also makes a great aid without the suction, as evidenced by several longer follow-up tests over the course of the next week… Often several at a time.

As for whether or not it actually feels like a blowjob, that’s a tricky one. The different bumps and stimulation-enhancing bits on the inside certainly stimulate as much as a human mouth, perhaps even more in my case, but after a while you begin to notice the very real lack of life in the little plastic widget quickly engulfing your manhood. As a fan of blowjobs and the Tenga both, I’d have to say that in a pinch, the LS will more than do the job.

Any product that produces results this pleasurable wouldn’t be without its little niggles though, right? You’re correct! The LS does have a small list of issues, both large and small. First, the entire Tenga line is disposable. In that, you throw it out after one use. Like a one night stand, but… plastic. It’s possible to wash the Tenga with a bit of water and antibacterial soap, but the company doesn’t recommend it and neither do I. If you follow the recommendations of the company and dispose of your Tenga after you use it, you’re looking at around 15 bucks each time you’re feeling a bit randy. Now, I haven’t tried sticking my dick in caviar or saffron, but 15.00 to insert yourself into something plastic for a few minutes and then throw away? It seems like a waste of money to me, and that’s where Tenga failed to win me over completely. Perhaps Tenga’s reusable onahole, the Flip-Hole, would be a better choice for the budget-conscious masturbator. As for the disposal itself, the Tenga is completely recyclable, so it’s entirely possible to get yer jollies and freak out the guys at the recycling center at the same time. Woo!

Second, the noise can get quite loud at times—fine if you live alone, not so fine if you don’t. Finally, I found that the sensations delivered by the LS depended more on my arousal. When I wasn’t particularly horny, the sensations felt a little bland and lifeless, although it still did the job. When I was really horny however? It was as if every inch of my cock could feel what was happening. Bland rubbery “hole” or uber-engineered orgasm extracting device, you’re likely to fall somewhere between the two sentiments.

In closing, the Tenga can be likened to a gourmet meal on plastic tableware: perfectly prepared and ultimately satisfying, but also cheap and utterly disposable.

Clitty Cat Vibrating Dildo

Early To Bed is a great sex shop in Chicago. Oh, if only they were closer! They have this awesome practice of using sex bloggers as guinea pigs for sex toys they are considering carrying. Excellent use of resources on their part! They were kind enough to send me this crazy looking vibrator, the Clitty Cat.

Let me rephrase. The Clitty Cat is really more of a vibrating dildo than a vibrator. It is a silicone, rabbit-style dildo with a vibrating bullet that inserts into one end. The odd shape and festive color bring to mind Fun Factory toys and you all know how much I love them. What’s interesting (what isn’t?) about this vibrating dildo is the removable bullet. Without the bullet you’ve got a funky-shaped g-spot dildo. As soon as you put the bullet snug into its hole, you’ve turned your dildo into a rabbit-style vibrator.

As the Clitty Cat is 100% silicone, you can easily clean it with antibacterial soap and water, your favorite toy cleaner, or an 10% bleach solution. Removing the bullet makes the Clitty Cat 100% waterproof and provides the additional options of boiling it for sterilization purposes or throwing in the top shelf of your dishwasher (remember not to use soap). That makes this sex toy even more flexible.

Since the Clitty Cat is silicone, be sure to use water-based lubricant only. Silicone-based lubes can react chemically with silicone toys and cause a very unpleasant reaction. No one wants to see their new dildo melt away in a puddle of silicone. For the same reason, use caution when storing your Clitty Cat. It’s best to keep it from touching other silicone toys and toys made of low quality materials. Again, to touch is to risk a nasty chemical reaction. Silicone can be temperamental this way but it’s worth the trouble.

Silicone is a great material for insertable sex toys because it’s latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. As we’ve already discussed silicone can be easily cleaned and even sterilized so it’s safe to share between partners.

The Clitty Cat’s comes in clear plastic packaging that is not at all discreet. Leave it laying around and someone will either guess what it is or give it to your dog, assuming it’s his new chew toy. Potentially dangerous either way. It comes with a teeny tiny pink plastic gem that fits it the front of the plastic clamshell. I’m truly not sure of its purpose. Am I expected to set it in my tooth? My navel, perhaps? Is it a body jewel or packaging decoration? I’m going with body jewel but I have not used it to adorn my body. I’m afraid if I remove it from the packaging I’ll drop it and forever be stepping on its pokiness in my carpeting. As indiscreet and bulky as the packaging is, it is sturdy enough to store the Clitty Cat and is currently serving that purpose for me. I don’t have any cool storage bags at the moment, ok? Don’t judge.

One thing I love about the Clitty Cat is that it comes with the necessary AAA battery! I’m always saying I believe all toys that require batteries should come with them. Yay for one that does! Though it’s an off-brand battery it works just as well as the batteries I normally use.

At 6 3/4″long from tip to tip, with 4″being insertable, the Clitty Cat is almost 1 1/2″ wide. It is raspberry in color, with a stylized appearance and a pronounced “head”. It’s very bendy and has no odor or taste. The Clitty Cat has this fabulous little hooking curve that hits my g-spot just perfectly and the clit bit lines up very well with my clit. It has a handle that is comfortable and easy to hold, and the silicone is super flexible and great for thrusting against my g-spot. The vibrations hit my g-spot well and travel slightly through the silicone to my clit, though I’d prefer a separate clit bullet with greater power. The vibrations are buzzy enough that I would not use the bullet on its own against my clit. This is slightly disappointing, but it is a small bullet, and as it works well in the dildo I forgive it its trespasses. Though it’s a bit overly curved for my bottom, the sterilizable silicone and its smaller size make the Clitty Cat a good candidate for anal play. It’s made by PHS International under the name of Sex Kitten and is manufactured in China.

Clitty Cat Pros:
– Great fit for my body
– Silicone
– Waterproof
– Comes with battery

Clitty Cat Cons:
– Buzzy and weak vibrations
– Bullet isn’t waterproof

While the Clitty Cat may not be the strongest vibrator on the block, it’s perfect fit more than makes up for that. The fact that it’s silicone, great for thrusting, the body can be sterilized, and it’s funky looking only add to its charm. If you want a powerhouse, look elsewhere. As a vibrating rabbit-like, g-spot dildo that is fun to play with and easy to clean, Clitty Cat works great for me.

Octopussy Glass Dildo

Remember way back when I did a Spotlight on the Octopussy? It had just come out and Babeland had it in stock. It immediately captured my attention and I continued to lust after it all this time. Well thanks to Babeland, I finally have the chance to review it.

I don’t actually have a tentacle fetish at all, but I fell in love with the Octopussy when I saw it online at Babeland. Seeing it in person is something else. It is even more beautiful! I am so enamored with my Octopussy.

Made of light pink borosillicate glass, it resembles something between a serpent’s tongue and very short, flattened octopus arm. Or leg. I kinda like to think of it as a giant tongue doing naughty things to my nether regions. The Octopussy has these amazing bumps on the top surface that rub up against my clit and massage my labia in the loveliest way. It also has rather thick vein-like protrusions on the underside of the tongue/tentacle and a deep groove down the middle of the top surface.

The Octopussy, which happens to be No 24 in the Pipedreams Icicles line (a beautiful line of high quality glass sex toys) is 6 1/4″ long, with 4 1/2″ insertable, and 1 1/2″ in diameter. Its base wraps around to form a curled handle which makes it very easy to hold onto and thrust with the Octopussy. As the Octopussy is made of glass care and cleaning is very easy, and it can be used with all types of lubricant. Glass is one of my favorite materials for sex toys. It is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. As with all glass toys, be sure to carefully inspect your Octopussy before play to make sure there are no chips or cracks. Of course, if there are any do NOT use it. However, Icicles are very well made and as long as you treat your Octopussy well it should last you a very, very long time.

Good storage is important with glass toys and Pipedreams does a great job with its packaging in this sense. Each toy in the Icicles line is meant to be stored in its original packaging, and No 24 is no different. The Octopussy, Babeland’s name for this dildo, comes in a lovely box, though indiscreet box. The box has images on all sides of the Octopussy and some basic information on the back. The front of the box opens like a door and has a magnetic closure. Inside there is a small cutout that allows you to see the Octopussy sitting in its specially designed foam insert. The insert and box keep the Octopussy safe and secure. Of course, if you feel the box takes up too much room you can always purchase a padded pouch.

From the first time I played with my Octopussy, I loved it. This is really saying something because I am definitely a vibrator girl. I generally do need some sort of clit stimulation to get off, direct is often best. So I partnered my brand new Yooo with my brand new Octopussy and drove myself crazy. I love texture so I am in heaven with this heavily textured dildo. I can really feel the nubs like tiny finger tips sliding against me as I thrust but I still find thrusting very easy and comfortable.

At the right angle I can cause the Octopussy to hit my g-spot but the curve is not deep enough for it to really do it naturally. This is slightly disappointing, but also allows the dildo to work very well in my bottom. While an extreme curve works great for my g-spot, it doesn’t work well in my butt.

Even though I was busy working when my Octopussy arrived, I was so excited I took a break to play. Then back to work I went. Not 30 minutes later did it start beckoning. I just wanted that Octopussy inside me again. I love the shape and texture, and the way the glass just slips so smoothly inside. Glass is so wonderful for sensation play. You can soak it in a bowl of ice water or hot water and it will retain the temperature during play. This time the Octopussy ended up in my bottom and may I just say wow! I could feel each little nub and vein caressing my insides and rubbing against me. The curvy handle allowed me to hold it in place as well as thrust very easily. As it is a dildo, it really doesn’t stay put like a butt plug does. However, I found it would stay pretty well with the right amount of wedging and clenching. It must be exactly right though. Not enough clenching and the Octopussy starts to inch its way out; too much and well…I could hold a contest on far I can squirt it out my bottom!

The only way I’d change the Octopussy is to make it longer. I’d like more of it inside me with easier thrusting potential. However, the shorter length ensures that I don’t hit my cervix when thrusting with this toy, which is important when using a hard material like glass.

Octopussy Pros:
• Glass
• Great shape
• Fabulous texture
• Gorgeous
• Useful handle

Octopussy Cons:
• Slightly short

The Octopussy is a heavily textured dildo, so if you don’t like texture or are experimenting with it for the first time, beware! I recommend a less textured toy. For lovers of texture, like me, the Octopussy is simply inspired. In case I haven’t been clear enough I LOVE this dildo and highly recommend it.

G-Spot Lollipop J-Pop

During my trip to ANE I had the opportunity to pick up a brand new toy unlike anything I’ve yet to see. It’s called the G-Spot Lollipop.

The G-Spot Lollipop is made by a small company based in Northern California, and you all know how I love to give shout-outs to local companies. The product is an interesting looking g-spot stimulator that comes in a variety of styles. There is the small Travel Pop that can easily be carried in your purse, the Single Pop, the Double Pop, and the J-Pop. It was difficult to decide which Lollipop to select, they each seem to have their strong points. I love unusual toys, so I went with the the J-Pop which is the weirdest looking of the bunch. I also wanted the one that would be easiest to use by myself and the helpful G-Spot Lollipop Girls recommended the J-Pop.

The G-Spot Lollipop J-Pop is a long steel rod, shaped like a J, with a ball on either end. It is 6 1/4″ wide and is a bit interesting to store. The balls are different sizes. The smaller ball is 5 1/2″ in circumference and 1 3/4″ in diameter, and the larger ball is 6 1/4″ and just under 2″ in circumference. The steel bar is surgical quality stainless steel, which is hypoallergenic and body-safe, and secured to each of the acrylic balls. The G-Spot Lollipops all carry a lifetime replacement guarantee, which is pretty sweet. I cannot imagine how it would be necessary though. This thing is pretty damn sturdy.

The G-Spot Lollipop comes in a variety of fun and bright colors, just like the candy, which is great. Seeing them all together is a feast for the eyes. I just love my sex toys to be pretty. My U-Pop is Wild Apple, an almost neon green. It is bright and cheerful which I really like.

I first tried the G-Spot Lollipop J-Pop with the smaller ball inside me. The ball slid right in and curled under my pelvic bone, up against my g-spot. Using the larger ball as a handle I was able to easily manipulate the smaller ball and rub it against my g-spot with a small rocking motion. I think it must be the spherical shape, but that ball rests in just the right place and does not go anywhere. I don’t need the to do the typical thrusting action that I normally use with most of my g-spot toys which saves wear and tear on my wrist and arm.

Now, I also love the larger ball inside me but it creates a bit of a snag. Putting the larger ball inside makes the smaller ball on its longer stem the handle and this length is less comfortable and not as easy to work with. It places the ball further up my body, which just makes it more difficult to manipulate. The smaller ball also does not fit my hand as well as the larger ball does.

One of the G-Spot Lollipop Girls told me she uses one of the straight Lollipops during intercourse. As the steel bar is so thin, she can insert the ball and keep it against her g-spot while her partner enters her. I have not tried this with the J-Pop, which might be a bit trickier, but she highly recommended it.

The other way I have been using the G-Spot Lollipop is as a kegelcisor. I simply grip the ball with my kegel muscles or pull on the handle if I want a more difficult exercise. This works really well.

The G-Spot Lollipop did not come with any particular packaging. The acrylic balls were shrink-wrapped in plastic to protect them, with coordinating ribbons tied on, but this may be because I got my Lollipop at ANE. I am not sure what the packing is like when you order directly from the company.

Clean up is easy with the G-Spot Lollipop. It is completely waterproof so I simply wash it in the sink with antibacterial soap and water. Of course, you can always use your favorite toy cleaner. As the balls are acrylic, I would also feel safe wiping them down with rubbing alcohol to kill off any bacteria. You can use any type of lubricant with the G-Spot Lollipop, though as usual I use water-based lube.

G-Spot Lollipop J-Pop Pros:
• Interesting design
• Feels great
• Easy to use
• Simple to care for and store

G-Spot Lollipop J-Pop Cons:
• None

Truthfully, I was not expecting that much from the G-Spot Lollipop J-Pop. I was more curious than anything. With it being so unusual looking how could I resist the opportunity to test drive it? I have been very pleasantly surprised by this simple and unique sex toy. It may not look like much but it works amazingly well.

While it is larger and more difficult to store than the other G-Spot Lollipops, I like how the J-Pop curves around. It puts the handle over my pelvis/stomach and makes it very easy to work it inside me. This keeps me from having to stretch my arm all the way down and keeps my wrist from getting as tired as it does with some dildos.

Tantus Alumina Revolve

Tantus is well-known for their yummy silicone sex toys, but did you know they also have a line of aluminum toys as well? My first introduction to the Alumina line is the Tantus Alumina Revolve from FunWares.

The Tantus Alumina Revolve is made of solid aeronautical aluminum that has been anodized to resist corrosion and wear. It is a beautiful shiny purple with a black plastic o-ring in the middle of the dildo. The Revolve is 8″ long, 1 3/8″ in diameter at its widest, and weighs eight ounces. Both sides are insertable and it unscrews in the middle. This allows you to swap pieces with any of the other Tantus Alumina dildos, if you are lucky enough to have more than one, or want to trade with your friends.

Though aluminum is not as heavy as stainless steel, the Tantus Revolve still has a good heft to it and probably could be used as a small weapon. One side has a long teardrop shape while the other has three graduated bulges. The aluminum naturally feels cool in my hands and against my body, while the smoothness and silkiness of it just calls for me to put it inside myself.

Aluminum is a great material for sex toys. It is latex and phthalate-free, body-safe, and recyclable. While aluminum is not a common allergen, it can cause problems for people with sensitivities to metal. Easy to care for, the Tantus Alumina Revolve can be washed in anti-bacterial soap and water, wiped down with your favorite toy cleaner, or cleaned with a 10% bleach solution. You can even put it on the top rack of your dishwasher. You can use any type of lubricant with aluminum, though I favor water-based lubes. It is also great for sensation play as it heats up and cools down easily. Put your Revolve in a bowl of ice or hot water and see which you prefer. I tend to like cold play so I usually start out with the Revolve at its normal cool temperature. It heats up to body temp quite quickly during play, then stays there.

I find the aluminum of the Tantus Alumina Revolve quite slick and therefore I don’t need much, if any lube. I thought it might get slippery from lubricant and/or body fluids but it doesn’t seem to do so. Oddly enough, the aluminum seems to trap and hold the body fluids and keep them from sliding down the handle. This was most unexpected but very appreciated.

I really enjoy the feeling of the Revolve inside of me, though it doesn’t give me that full feeling I usually crave. As it is metal and thus has no give, it feels bigger than its 1 3/8″ diameter. I love the slick smoothness of the the teardrop shape inside me. It feels so soft and smooth moving in and out. I prefer using this end inside me and the graduated bulges as a handle. This combination just suits my body best. The very first time I used the Tantus Alumina Revolve, I had an impressive orgasm very quickly without any direct clitoral stimulation. This is extremely rare for me so I was a bit wowed.

The Tantus Alumina Revolve is meant for vaginal penetration, but can be used anally as long as you or partner keeps a firm hold on it. Do not let it go or it could disappear up your anal canal and necessitate a rather embarrassing trip to the emergency room. Also be sure sterilize with a 10% bleach solution before switching from anal to vaginal play or sharing between non fluid-bonded partners, unless using condoms.

The Alumina Revolve’s packaging is different from the usual Tantus plastic box. It comes in a lovely black cardboard box with silver print. The Revolve lays inside cushioned in a foam cutout. Included is a small pamphlet on the Alumina line in four languages. Though there is an outline of the dildo on the outside of the box, it does not say anywhere on the box that the Revolve is a sex toy so it is quite discrete. The box is great for storage, as it’s not overly large, and it keeps my Revolve safe from dust and scratches.

Tantus Alumina Revolve Pros:
• Aluminum
• Beautiful
• Great shape
• Good for sensation play

Tantus Alumina Revolve Cons:
• On the thin side

I have mentioned before that I am a big fan of Tantus silicone and now I can say I am just as big a fan of their Alumina toys. I just love the feel and lines of the aluminum and color is quite pretty as well. I like the hardness and shape of the Tantus Alumina Revolve. I just really wish it had more girth. I like to feel full and the Revolve just doesn’t do that for me. However, the teardrop provides great pressure against my g-spot and just feels damn good inside me.

Double Ended Glass Dildo

I have to say that I am a complete sucker for glass toys. I love them, I love the feel of glass its so smooth and totally seamless, it’s great for temperature play really easy to warm up or make cold, and it is safe to use with any type of lubricant.

Even though you might think of glass as a fragile material to make a sex toy out of, glass toys are safe to use, they are made out of extra strong glass similar to Pirex, it is super strong, it is very very unlikely to break or chip even with rough play.

So when I got this toy I was really excited by it, I took it out of the box, and  it immediately I could feel that this toy is really well made, it is weighted just right with neither end feeling more weighty than the other. As it is glass there is a bit of weight to this toy but it is certainly not heavy or cumbersome to use.

In fact it was slightly smaller than I expected, I have another double ended glass toy which is a bit larger than this one, but I don’t feel that this was a bad point at all, it is a lovely size, it just seems to sit nice in the hand, it’s so tactile that once I picked it up I just wanted to hold it in my hand.

This dildo is double ended it has a lovely rounded end and a nice pointed end, both ends feel fantastic when been used both vaginally and anally, the shapes are just perfect for use both ways. The middle of the toy is nice and thick meaning that you can get a good grip on it when using it,  this also prevents you from been able to push it to deep.

As this dildo is glass it is solid, it certainly feels solid when it is been used, I like this in a toy, but it is something that you need to consider if you are letting a partner use the toy on you, there is no give in this toy.

Around the neck on the toy there is a printing it is very light and hard to make out in some light but it says Glassdreams and there are some flowers on it. Not sure that this adds anything to the toy to be honest, the shape of it is what does all the work.

One of the things I love about glass toys is how easy they are to keep clean and to store, there is no chance of them reacting with any other toys that you own and melting and they are completely waterproof, you can even stick them in a sterilizer if you wish.

This dido comes in a clear plastic box with Doc Johnson branding on it, even though it isn’t designed with toy storage in mind you can reuse this box if you are careful when opening, the only downside that that I can find with this toy is the fact that it doesn’t come with its own storage bag.

Overall this is a lovely glass dildo, made by the fantastic Doc Johnson, it is perfect for both vaginal and anal play and it is a lovely toy, especially for temperature play. Its a shame that it doesn’t come with its own storage bag but you can’t have it all.

Don Wands Glass Red Sweetheart Mushroom

While I do tend to prefer pretty and cute sex toys to realistic ones, I am not usually all that into hearts as a design. However, the Don Wands Glass Red Sweetheart Mushroom Tip Dildo from FunWares is awfully cute.

At about 7 1/2″ long, with almost the entire shaft being insertable, and just over 1″ in diameter, the Don Wands Glass Red Sweetheart Mushroom Tip Dildo is larger than I expected. The mushroom tip is a bit over 1 1/2″ in diameter and the flared base is almost 2″ in diameter. It is made of clear borosilicate glass with 1″ hearts in raised glass on the shaft. The hearts are a dark blood red that stand out nicely against the clear glass. I expected the hearts to be smaller and flush to the glass, but I really like the texture of the raised glass against my skin.

Borosilicate glass is the generic form of Pyrex, the same glass used to make oven-safe baking dishes. This type of glass is also used to make high quality sex toys. Borosilicate glass is very strong and almost shatter-resistant. If borosilicate glass breaks, it is far more likely to crack and break into large pieces rather than shatter. However, it takes a serious effort to break or even crack borosilicate glass. I know some people have concerns about using glass sex toys, but no matter how hard you clench down on it, borosilicate glass will not break inside you. No need to fear! In fact, I’ve dropped this glass dildo on the floor from about four feet up and had no problems. Of course, to be safe you always want to check your glass sex toys before use to be sure there are no cracks or scratches.

Glass is an excellent material for sex toys because it is phthalate and latex free, non-porous, hypoallergenic, and totally hygienic. Have I mentioned it is super easy to clean and can be sterilized? You can use soap and warm water, your favorite sex toy cleaner, a 10% bleach solution, and even rubbing alcohol if you can’t stand the smell of bleach. You can also use any type of lubricant with glass, be it water-based, silicone or oil-based.

Another way to enjoy glass toys is sensation play. You can either heat up or cool down glass and it will retain the new temperature for a time. This can add some spice to your normal play. Place the Don Wands Glass Red Sweetheart Mushroom Tip Dildo in a bowl of ice water or hot water and allow it to slowly and safely reach the desired temperature. Never stick your glass sex toys in the freezer or in boiling water. Such abrupt temperature changes can cause them to crack. I find this dildo tends to naturally be on the cool side and that works well for me as I usually prefer cold to heated play.

The Don Wands Glass Red Sweetheart Mushroom Tip Dildo is a pleasure during play. The glass is soft and slick and feels great inside my body. I am such a fan of glass sex toys! The texture of the raised hearts is a nice change and adds to the lovely sensation of the glass. The large mushroom head adds a nice “pop” when I am stroking in and out and gives an interesting tactile difference. First, the larger, smooth head followed by the thinner, textured shaft. Lovely.

While the measurements of this dildo may seem to be on the small side, it actually feels quite a bit larger than one would expect. This is due to the unforgiving nature of glass. As there is no give at all, the Don Wands Glass Red Sweetheart Mushroom Tip Dildo feels much larger inside me than it actually looks. This lack of forgiveness must kept in mind while stroking as well. If I am not careful, the length of this dildo will allow me to bruise my cervix and in the heat of the moment I often will not notice. This issue is easily resolved simply by making sure I grip enough of the dildo in my hand to effectively shorten it.

An advantage of its flared base is that the Don Wands Glass Red Sweetheart Mushroom Tip Dildo can be used for anal play as well. Of course, it’s all about preferences but I love glass toys in my bottom and this one is no exception. Granted, it is a dildo not a plug, so it does not stay inside me without help. However, it is great for thrusting and good preparation for anal sex. As with vaginal penetration, the glass is so smooth and slick it requires less lubricant than dildos of other materials, such as silicone. Just a small amount of lubricant gets it slippery and slidey enough for it to easily slip in and out of me.

The Don Wands Glass Red Sweetheart Mushroom Tip Dildo comes in a totally non-discreet clear plastic bubble pack, so beware. Included is a small sample of Wet Silicone lubricant, a padded storage pouch, and a Don Wands Glass Care Card. It is very important to store your glass sex toys safely and a padded pouch is an excellent way to do so. I really appreciate that Don Wands includes this pouch in the packaging of their glass toys.

Don Wands Glass Red Sweetheart Mushroom Tip Dildo Pros:
• Glass
• Pretty
• Great storage bag
• Multifunction

Don Wands Glass Red Sweetheart Mushroom Tip Dildo Cons:
• Can bruise the cervix if not careful

I enjoy playing with this dildo. It is pretty and feels good in my hand as well as inside my body. The flared base for anal play is a nice bonus not available on all my dildos. I am a big fan of sensation play and the Don Wands Glass Red Sweetheart Mushroom Tip Dildo is ideal for this. Not only because it is glass, but also because of the raised hearts. I love that I do not have to spend money on a storage bag as one is included. As FunWares has great price points, this dildo is a financially friendly option as well. Other advantages to ordering from FunWares are the discreet billing and fast shipping. Most orders ship out the same day. Quite impressive!

The man masturbator that drains you

The man masturbator that will really blow your mind seems like it is from the future. Learn more about the man masturbator that sucks.

This man masturbator will suck the skin right off of your cock

When I say that this man masturbator sucks I am playing with my words, obviously. I was recently given the opportunity to try out the autoblow 2 (check out the full review here)and I have to say that it really was something worth paying for (even though I got mine free). I was given my toy as a gift at a bachelor party, though, and not directly from the manufacturer, which I think is important to mention right away.

There was a man masturbator drawing at the end of the party. We joked about it all night long. Everyone kept telling the groom to be that he was going to need to keep it for himself since everyone knows that women stop sucking the cock as soon as they get married. He assured us that she had already stopped blowing him months ago so we didn’t have to worry about that. We had a lot of laughs and a few more drinks while the strippers were there, and then I found out that I had won the prize.

When the cab dropped me off at home with my new man masturbator I didn’t think that I was going to use it. I was planning on showing it to my girlfriend and having a good laugh, but she wasn’t home. I found a note on the refrigerator that she went out with her friends to do some shopping and decided to crash at her friend’s place. I could only hope that they were having hot lesbian sex while I was left home alone as drunk as possible.

That is when I realized that I could use the man masturbator to have a good time even though I was all alone. I got it out and read the instructions. Thankfully I had the right sized cock for the model that was given to me. I used some of my woman’s lube and got ready to get off. I didn’t think it would be that good but if you could have seen the look on my face (there is a mirror next to the bed) you would have known that the toy was mind-blowingly good.

Within just a few moments of using the toy I was writhing in pleasure. I couldn’t hold myself back and I was filling to toy with my spunk almost immediately. The girl on the porno hadn’t even gotten through the dancing scene that is so typical in porn videos today. That means that there wasn’t even any sex action on the screen before I was all finished up.

To my embarrassment I fell asleep with the thing still on my dick. It feel off when I got soft, but my girlfriend came home and had a good laugh as I was lying there in a heap with the man masturbator and a wet spot on the bed.